PTO General Meeting by mifei


									                               PTO General Meeting
                              Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Present: Jenni Carlson, Louella Joyner, Laura Bronzo, Nina Weiss, Heather Fitzgerald,
Mr. Bowen, Mrs. Andress, Karen Betancourt, Tara Carrigan, Fawn Albert, Denise
Bartynski, Trieste Blasko.

President’s Report
    Family Fun Night- Bingo made a profit. Discussed new ideas for family fun night
       including more movie nights, assemblies such as reptiles or science, picnic and
       playground night.
    Coat Drive- 98 coats and 4-5 bags of scarves, gloves/mittens and hats were
       collected and donated to the Caring Place.
    Box Tops- Mrs. Stettler’s classroom won the contest. Students can still bring in
       box tops. For every 1000 box tops a class collects they receive a popcorn or ice
       cream party. The individual winner will receive a gift card.
    Skating Parties- Parties went well and made a profit of $189. Parents like having
       them in between sports seasons.
    Book Swap- 650 books were donated to Cleveland School after the book swap.
       With money left over from Christmas goodie bag drive T-shirts, sweatpants and
       underwear were purchased for the nurse. This event is a lot of work behind the
       scenes and Cleveland was considered a good adoption.
    Spiritwear- Would like to see a spiritwear sale. Need to find a new vendor.
    Bagels for Testing- Changed the menu this year. Seemed to be well received by
       students. Had bagels 3 days, also had pop tarts, dry cereal and graham crackers.
       Clean up was easier on non-bagel days.
    Ice Cream Social- Positive feedback. Kids had fun.
    Talent Show- Had a huge turnout. Nice to see more boys participating.
       Discussed having canned food drive with it next year. Parents recommended
       having the piano on the stage. They also liked having rehearsal time.
    Basket Raffle- Jeanine and Laura did a great job. Raffle made approximately
       $5600 which is an increase over last year. Issues discussed include more supplies
       needed, more volunteers needed beforehand and the wait was too long to collect
       baskets after raffle.
    Cash Bingo- went well.
    Kits Kaboodle- Assembly held on March 30. Kids seemed to enjoy it.
    Yearbook- Yearbook is done and in publishing stage.
    Market Days- Not doing well as fundraiser. Discussed giving it one more year to
       see if volume picks up. There are some people who order regularly.
    School Store- Needs chair for next year. Mr. Bowen would like to see it
    Birthday Table- Goes well. Kids excited about it.
    Green Committee- Cartridges donated going through Staples and cell phones
       being donated to Special Olympics via Parkettes.
    Air Products Assembly- Being held April 9.
      Olympic Day- Being held May 29. Mr. O’Brien is organizing the event.
      5th Grade Bowling Trip- Paid for by the PTO.
      Carnival- Being held May 30. First meeting was last night. May be cancelled if
       there are not enough volunteers.
      Senior Scholarship- Giving 2- $250 scholarships to PHS seniors who attended
       Schnecksville Elementary.
      Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week- Coming up. Each day teachers and staff are
       given a small gift. Luncheon will be held on Thursday of that week.
      5th Grade Celebration- Being held June 10.
      PTO Officer Elections- Ballots going home at the end of April.

Teacher’s Report
    Basket Raffle/Talent Show- Big hit with the kids. Kudos to all who helped. PTO
      and parents thanked the teachers for coming and supporting the students and
    Connect ED Emails- Some hard copies are not making it home with students.
      Mrs. Andress said there could be a substitute that day or that some teachers are
      unable to get to their mailboxes before the end of the day.
    Kits Kaboodle- Teachers like it.
    Skating Parties- Good idea to change them to Fridays.

Mr. Bowen’s Report
   Thanked parents and volunteers for their time and for volunteering. Good events
      make good learning experiences for the students.
   Green Committee- Would like to create a parent green committee to help make
      the school greener.
   Volleyball Game- Melody Terrano is chair of the volleyball game on April 24.
      Proceeds to benefit 2 Down Syndrome charities. Students selling friendship
      bracelets. Pep rally being held the same day. So far 19 have signed up to play
      which is the most staff involvement. Staff having bake sale.
   Smartboard Demo- Mr. Bowen will give demonstration of the new whiteboard at
      the next general PTO meeting on April 28.
   Connect ED Emails- Any fliers must go through Nina Weiss to be sent as links to
      the PTO website. Will try to do one email a week. Currently can only include
      internal communications. Trying to include external organizations such as sports
      and other extracurricular activities.

Next General PTO meeting on April 28, 2009.

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