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               December 2003
Spectrum is back! Yes, dear readers, this ship is afloat once again, and with a new captain
aboard hopefully not even the roughest seas can keep this baby from sailing. OK,
enough nautically themed metaphoric b.s. After some deliberation, much discussion and
perhaps a tad procrastination, Spectrum is back in the publication circus and is here to
stay. With that said, it needs to be acknowledged that it could have never have happened
without the assistance and patience of certain people (see below). I must raise my sea
cap to all the contributors who have helped the good ship Spectrum this issue. Thanks
for all your hard work and dedication.
This publication can’t survive alone with just the same people churning out the same
things over and over, so please consider contributing something to us, anything really.
Why not admit that we are desperate and are willing to publish anything we can get our
grubby little hands on. Well, perhaps we haven’t sunken that low yet, and I’d sure as
hell like to avoid that. I know there’s stuff going on out there and we wanna know about
it, document it, photograph it, write about it, publish it. So pick up a pen or poise your
mouse and start clicking. Send us your ideas, thoughts, sketches, stories, rants, reviews,
bitching, gigs, photos or comics. Spectrum is Bendigo’s only non-affiliated street press
that gives young writers this sort of artistic freedom. And best of all it’s FREE. See you
in 2004 J
Faithfully your captain,

Editor: Claire R Dulloo
Contributors: Rhett Butler, Claire Dulloo, Emily Faulkner, David Hosking, Hans
Jansen, RantMan and Beck Sutton.
Thanks to: Davels for making this, Beck for her unwavering support and all her
scrumptious help with the editing, Corey & Joel (my predecessors), Jacques Soddell,
Owen, Frank Costanza, Lica, Ed, The Cat Empire, Phil Martins, Vikkie for being cool,
Mr Brown, Asher and Theo for not chewing up my manuscripts and to all the staff at
CD&E for believing in us. And some Extra-Big-Spesh-Thanks to: Nadia Reid, Lizzie
Rockefeller & Bendigo Arts Alliance.
Cover: RantMan [photo: crd]
Printed by: Bendigo Copy Centre, Allans Walk, Bendigo.

2                                                                                Spectrum
      The Violet Protocols
Since their beginning in 2000, four-piece Bendigo
band, The Violet Protocols (TVP), has made a
strong impression both locally and in Melbourne.
The original outfit comes together with Phil Martins
on guitar and vocals, Dave Turpie on guitar, vocals,
and piano, Gary Bishop on drums, and Trevor Daly
on bass. The band’s influences include Something
for Kate, Powderfinger, Paul Kelly, Tumbleweed and
Third Eye Blind.

Dave Turpie has been a part of the local music
scene for about 14 years and has contributed to a
number of bands including Maine, Berth, Jettison,      The Violet Protocols latest CD, Vast Expanse of
and Meester. As well as The Violet Protocols, he is    Limestone Nothingness
also the drummer for Bendigo-based blue grass
funk band, Clumpy Bogg, and local cover act, The       What makes the journey of TVP so amazing is
Fat Bastards.                                          that every project they undertake is self-funded.
                                                       Phil has designed and crafted every CD that TVP
In 2000 The Violet Protocols recorded the six          has released, and plans to do the same thing next
track EP, Care Factor, which was inspired by Phil      year with the release of their new album. ‘We sold
Martin’s overseas adventures. The recording            every copy we made of Limestone, so that was
features emotive melodies like the aggressive,         very encouraging.’ People can still order copies
Power Tripping, and the hauntingly sweet, Chinese      through TVP’s website.
Tea. ‘Chinese Tea seems to be a favourite of many      The band is due to start recording an album
people’, says Phil, ‘there’s nothing like a soppy      in January. Copies will be available at gigs and
love song.’                                            through the website, with the band looking into
                                                       distributing nationally through record stores. The
Vast Expanse of Limestone Nothingness followed         song writing is shifting into a new phase, one that
in 2003 featuring tracks that had evolved into a       will no doubt carry fans along into a fresh and
balanced mixture of rock and pop. This album           exciting period for the band.
offers eight original songs (plus a hidden track
on some copies). It’s clear that such bands as         ‘You can expect a lot more rock this time,’ Phil says
The White Stripes, Feeder, and even The Beatles        of their upcoming release.
had an influence on the material. With Dave and        Check out some tunes at:
Phil co-writing the album, a diverse sound was          
produced both musically and lyrically. If you like     Or hit ‘em up at:
the catchy sound of ‘progressive pop’ coupled           
with meaningful lyrics, then this album is for you.

Spectrum                                                                                                  3
 Belly Dancing: Seduction or                    seen as an act of worship.
                                                The same undulating stomach movements
     Something Deeper?                          were used in early Middle Eastern and
                                                Mediterranean villages to aid women in
               Beck Sutton                      childbirth; even today similar techniques
                                                are taught in pre-natal classes.

W       hen we think of belly dancing we        Belly dancing was first introduced to
        cannot help but see the images          America in the Victorian era when the
of popular culture—a fat sultan puffing         morality of the day wouldn’t even allow
away on his opium pipe as silk-clad             people to say the word ‘breast’ when asking
beauties writhe for his attention; adorned      for the white meat of a chicken. Needless
women hustling up a sideshow in a smoky         to say, it was an instant success and people
Middle Eastern restaurant, Britney Spears       flocked to see it. Its appeal peaked in the
and Shakira wiggling it out in glitzy film      70s with the sexual revolution.
clips. The line between artful dancing and      Anyone who sees belly dancing cannot
stripping seems to have become very thin.       mistake it for anything else. It is designed
But this form of expression was originally      solely for the female body as it involves
performed for a very different reason than      complex movements of the hips, chest,
that of the Hollywood character and pop         and abdominal muscles. The feet are
idol of today.                                  traditionally kept bare as a symbol of
To understand the real reason why Western       woman’s connection to Mother Earth.
women gather in scout halls to learn this       Since the import of this ancient dance
ancient Eastern dance, we must go back          to the west, the media has adopted it to
to the earliest times when people had just      portray the power of women over men.
begun to establish themselves on the land.      Perhaps we should see it as less a display
Back then people depended upon the              of sexuality and more a celebration of
seasons for their survival; if the rain         femininity.
didn’t fall the crops wouldn’t grow and the
animals died. This is why they worshipped
a deity that symbolised abundance and
new life—the Mother Goddess. To keep on                 ~Kashmir Belly Dancers~
                                                Explore how this ancient artform can
her good side they’d supply offerings—the
                                                strengthen your muscles and your inner
fruit of the field, fat cows, and sometimes,    seductress:
even people. We imagine a young maiden
strapped to a bloody stone waiting for the      Beginners and Intermediate Classes:
knife to fall, but in reality, a woman better   Mon 11am-12pm, Bud Hall, Heathcote
                                                Mon 7-8.30pm, Community House, Maryborough
served her goddess alive and performing
                                                Tue 7.30-9pm, Loddon House, Wedderburn
sacred dance in the temple. Because the         Wed 10-11.30am VRI Hall, Bendigo
Mother Goddess’s fertility was symbolised       Wed 6-8pm VRI Hall, Bendigo
by the stomach from which all new life          All Welcome J Call 0408 176 505 for
comes, these dancers would leave their          more info.
bellies exposed. Men were not supposed
to witness this dance at all because it was

4                                                                                Spectrum
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre                      The original has 5 young people getting
                                                 lost whilst traveling through the dusty back
Reviewed by Rhett Butler                         roads of Texas. They stumble across a
                                                 creepy old house and fall prey to its freaky
Slasher films have been around for a long        inhabitants, one of which—the aptly named
time and their formula hasn’t altered much       ‘Leatherface’—wields a chainsaw and wears
since their heyday in the 80s. It’s simple,      masks of human skin. Jessica Biel, probably
really: take a bunch of sexed-up, dope-

                                                 better known as ‘that chick from 7th Heaven’
smoking teens; throw them in an unfamiliar       leads the cast as the kick-ass heroine Erin and
setting; chuck a mask-wearing, seemingly         is really the only recognizable face in a cast
invincible, ever-looming stalker into the        of relative unknowns. Erin is accompanied
mix, complete with his or her weapon of          by her friends who bite the dust early on,
choice and some serious anger issues, and        leaving her to outwit and outrun Leatherface
you have yourself the perfect recipe for some    and his family of slack-jawed yokels for the
slice ‘n’ dice fun.                              last half of the film.
Though the Friday The 13th and Nightmare         Does the 2003 revamped version live up
On Elm Street films have, over the years,        to Hooper’s original? Hardcore TCM fans
established themselves as two of the more        will answer that with an emphatic ‘no’,
predominant series of the horror genre, it       but it’s rare that a remake is ever as good
was in fact Tobe Hooper’s 1974 macabre           or better than its predecessor. The grainy,
psychodrama—The           Texas     Chainsaw     documentary-style images that gave the
Massacre— which introduced the ‘teens            original such a raw, claustrophobic and
vs. psycho killer’ concept to the film world.    disturbingly real look have been replaced
Inspired by serial killer Ed Gein, this low-     with crystal-clear, high-tech visuals. The
budget, masterful little film influenced what    cinematography in the remake is quite
became known as the ‘slasher films’ of the       stunning, however the original’s bluntness
80s. Flash forward 30 years and we have the      is one of its best qualities. To see this aspect
inevitable remake of The Texas Chainsaw          missing from the remake is a real shame
Massacre.                                        as it definitely detracts from the viewing
Remakes are risky business, especially when
you’re dealing with a cult classic such as       Although it doesn’t have a hope of reaching
the original TCM. The bar of expectation         the cult status of its original, The Texas
is set rather high. Hell, you only have to       Chainsaw Massacre is a fine remake and
take a look at Gus Van Sant’s lamentable         not nearly as bad as some critics may
re-imagining of Psycho to see just how           have you believe. Admittedly, some of the
damaging a remake can be in the wrong            mysteriousness of the original is missing
hands (having said that, Hitchcock’s Psycho      from this edition, with guts and blood
should never have been tampered with, full       replacing a lot of the more effective implied
stop). Thankfully, Marcus Nispel has crafted     violence utilized by Hooper in his original,
a better-than-average modern version of          but flaws are to be expected. Overall, it’s not
Hooper’s grisly cannibalistic tale, remaining    a bad little film; it certainly decapitates the
true to the basic premise of the original,       Psycho remake.
whilst also peppering it with a few other plot
elements to keep it fresh.
Spectrum                                                                                       5
undue noise
                  [a series of evenings of music by mainly local
                  experimental musicians]

Did you know that Bendigo regularly hosts evenings of contemporary
experimental music? No? Well read on and find out more.
undue noise was created by Jacques Soddell, a lecturer in Microbiology at
La Trobe Uni. Jacques is also the host and producer of a fortnightly radio
program on community radio station 3CCC-fm, broadcasting from Bendigo.
‘Possible Musics’ is usually on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 10pm-midnight.
Presented since 1983, the program covers a range of experimental, avant-
garde and innovative musics. Jacques has long had a passion for avant-garde
and experimental compositions and he conceptualised the idea of undue noise
in 1999. The forum has since showcased a variety of local experimental
underground/electronic musicians from Bendigo and surrounding areas. These
include the eccentric Koba No Gomi, Atbash Cipher,, Soft Black Stars
and Jacques himself.

undue noise is the only music event of its type in Bendigo and that we know of in
Victoria. It takes place i n the Old Fire Station onView Street once every two months.
Anyone is welcome to perform and any given night may bring an extensive
variety of sounds, instruments and ambiance fused together with electronics
and improvisation.
undue noise will go ahead again next year, with some Melbourne acts appearing
as a well as local ones. Check the website for upcoming dates in 2004.

For more information or to join the email list contact:

Or hit:

And for possible musics go to:


6                                                                            Spectrum
           Photograph by Hans Jansen

Spectrum                               7
                                  heart and soul of the band. He

blink-182                         likened making music to ‘life
                                  blood’. The band that you see
                                  today may have kept its name,
                                  but the members and the music

                 Self Titled      are much changed from early

Emily Faulkner                    Gone are the fun catchy tunes,
                                  although long-term fans will
I say this often, but did         smile when hearing some of
anyone fall in love with blink-   the guitar riffs that are
182 back in the day of Helen      reminiscent of their earlier
Razor’s ‘Dear Boy’ segment on     work. The first single released
Triple J? From their humble       from this latest recording,
beginnings in 1994 blink          Feeling This, has all the
has become a very profitable      makings of a teen anthem.
commercial success.               Standout tracks are I Miss
                                  You, Down and the heartfelt,
Like so many artists this         Always.
year, this new offering marks
a move away from the old sound    All Of This, presents vocals by
in favour of a new edgier         Robert Smith—a rather strange
one, all the while keeping        and dreary addition to a
the childish antics that made     mismatched collection of songs.
them so popular for their live    What were you thinking, Robert?
performances.                     There’s nothing wrong with this
                                  song but it’s misplaced, that’s
In punk circles, just as Linkin   for sure.
Park were labelled as ‘New
Metal’, blink-182 has been        This album will no doubt bring
lumped with the tag ‘Pop Punk’.   in a whole new audience and
Despite the stigma attached,      alienate some old schoolers
as far as pop goes it isn’t       along the way. It doesn’t
that bad. It’s probably this      possess the energy that is
very label that encouraged the    present on their old recording—
band to move toward a grittier    or maybe I’m just a sucker for
sound, not unlike Boxcar Racer    Garage punk and Indie labels—
(Tom and Travis’s other musical   but it’s not too shabby and
endeavour.)                       will definitely grow on you if
                                  you give it a chance.
Scott Raynor (now drummer for
Grimby) originally formed         [blink-182 Self Titled is
blink-182 back in high school;    released on Geffen Records]
he invited Mark and Tom into
the band only to part ways
following the release of Dude
Ranch. Although you will be
lucky to find him in the blink
history books, Scott was the

8                                                         Spectrum
RantMan : Inside the Mind of a Social Misfit.

So, I’m in a car. I’m the passenger. ‘Coz I don’t drive. I always sit on the left-
hand side of the car. Even if it’s in the back. I must be sitting on the left-hand
side of the car, or I just don’t feel right. Driver pulls up behind another car at
intersection. Lights in front of us are flashing. At about 3.8 flashes per second.
Nice and fast. Then this other car, the car that is in front of that first car (it’s
an old car, and older cars have slower flashes) is flashing at 2.1 flashes per
                                second. They are not in synchronization. I can
                                  see the reflection of Driver’s lights in the shiny
                                    back of the car in front of us. And we are not
                                      in synchronization either. None of the cars
                                         in the line up are in synchronization. And
                                        this is the problem with the world today.
                                       All of this talk about unity across
                                       countries. I find it strange that so
                                       much talk goes on about unity across
                                       the nations, across the waves, but no
                                       one seems to care for the unity of our
                                       country. The unity of the people in this
                                       town where I live.
                                     I want a new law. A new paradigm for all
                                    flashing lights in this country. It’s got to be
                                    cycles per second (plus or minus 1 percent)
                                        or nothing! This corresponds with 127
                                            beats per minute, the tempo of
                                                music that optimally agitates the
                                                heart rate while dancing. This
                                                 is why so many great songs
                                                  from the disco and techno
                                                   eras are all at this speed. It
                                                    is the tempo that makes you
                                                    happiest. Slow enough that
                                                     you can tap your feet, and
                                                     dance easily too, but fast
                                                     enough that you can get
                                                      pumped up, and feel the
                                                      energy that the artist is
                                                      trying to impart upon you.
                                                      Unity is flashing lights.
                                                      If that fails, increase the
                                                      unity between yourself
                                                       and someone else by
                                                       flashing them.

Spectrum                                                                          9
        Street Racing - The cheap and legal way                                  Need For Speed:
                                David Hosking                                     Underground

                                                                                   Publisher: EA Games
     he latest in a long series of       about getting the gear changes right
     titles under the Need For Speed     (no auto transmissions here) and
(NFS) banner from EA Games,              knowing the best time to hit the        Pros
is Underground, a street racing          nitro can help. I found the difficult   • Great graphics and
game inspired by films such as The       part was getting the revs right for     gameplay
Fast and the Furious. Even at first      the initial launch as the lights go     • Lots of custom car
glance, it’s obvious that this release   green.                                  options
is yet a further advance on the          In drifting, you earn points for        Cons
previous NFS, Hot Pursuit 2. The         getting your car sideways. Liberal      • No LAN play
graphics and game-play have been         use of your accelerator foot and        • very linear underground
enhanced greatly and the game has        handbrake lever is essential.           “story” mode; have to win
                                                                                 every race to advance
kept me entertained for hours.           Refined skills are required because
Rather than being simply a racing        the slightest touch on a wall will      Available
game, there are a few extra elements     lose your current drift score.          on PC, Playstation2, Xbox,
                                                                                 and Gamecube at your
to keep things interesting. In           As usual graphics are a step up from
                                                                                 local games retailer now
underground mode, you embark on          the previous NFS release. Motion
a “career” in street racing, earning     blur and reflections make the game
money, and the right to more cars        attractive, using the latest PC and
and upgrades as you win more             console hardware.
races. Upgrades to performance,          Game-play is smooth and has a
such as engine mods, addition            good feel, something that has been
of turbos, better tyres, and even        missing on occasion in the NFS
nitrous oxide injection give you a       series. NFS HP2 did a good job, but
boost as the competition from the        Underground seems to have gone
AI (computer controlled) drivers         one better again in terms of physics
becomes tougher. Style points            and the handling of the cars.
unlock upgrades in both the visual       Online play is available enabling
and performance enhancement              competition with players around the
catalogues. The more visual              world, however LAN play is sadly
upgrades you make to your car the        missing, something that many PC
higher your reputation becomes.          owners will find objectionable.
This gives you a bonus when it           Another great game for car racing
comes to awarding style points after     enthusiasts, even appealing to the
each race; earned for such things as     general gaming community with the
powerslides and near misses with         street racing and custom car genre.
oncoming traffic.                        Not one for simulation enthusiasts,
There are five types of racing events:   it’s definitely an ‘arcade’ game,
drag, drift, knockout, circuit and       sticking with the NFS paradigm.
sprint. While the knockout, circuit      Naturally it includes a warning to
and sprint races will be familiar        keep the racing on the track, or in
with anyone who has played the           this case, on your PC/console.
NFS series in the past, the new          The lack of LAN play was a big
drag racing and drifting events          minus for me, but an otherwise
are totally new. In drag racing, it’s    impressive game.                            Overall 8/10

   10                                                                                         Spectrum
Golden Vine:           Every Tuesday Night        Jam Night
                       Saturday Dec 20th          McAlpine’s Fusiliers
                                                           – CD Launch
                                                           w. Damien Neil
                       Wednesday Dec 24th         Ethanol, TH3, & Resident
                       Friday Dec 26th            Surrender Monkeys
                       Sat Jan 24th 2004          The Violet Protocols

Hopetoun Hotel:        Every Friday Night         Original local bands

Brian Boru:            New Years Eve              Shivoo

Open Stage Night:      Old Fire Station, View St Open Stage on the 1st Friday
                       night of every month. Call: 5447 7690 to book a spot

Boundary:              Sunday Dec 14th 4-7pm      Matt Chapman
                       Sunday Dec 21st 4-7pm      Ethanol

Star Cinema:           Kids films during Jan; Hildegarde and Finding Nemo
                       Check website for updates:

Honey Fluffer          Vocals & acoustic guitar solo act.
                       Busks in McCrae St most weekend nights

McAlpine’s Fusiliers
     Fri Dec 19th      Railway Hotel, Castlemaine
     Jan 10th          Great Ocean Hotel, Apollo Bay
     Jan 17th          The New Albury Hotel, Albury

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