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					                                                          Contact:   Nadine Love

"Changing Worlds with Love"

                         TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW



Nadine Love:    Hello.

Marie Shurey:   Hello.

Nadine Love:    Hello MJ, and welcome to you. Welcome.

Marie Shurey:   Thank you.

Nadine Love:    MJ, please would you share a little bit about your background, and
                how you came to be particularly interested in working with motivated
                people who are ready for that next step.

Marie Shurey:   Well Nadine, where do I start? My background professionally is very much
                in training and development, and adult education. I‟ve been all of my life,
                even from when I was really little, always very interested in doing things
                differently than other people did them.

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                                    TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW
                              BETWEEN NADINE LOVE AND MARIE SHUREY

                So I could say I‟ve got a lot of transitions and transformations in my own life.
                For example, I was the first child in my family, my extended family, to do the
                Dutch – because I‟m Dutch – the Dutch equivalent of what would be a HSC
                here in New South Wales, and the first one to do a University degree.

                I was always very interested in, from when I was quite young, with anything
                that had to do with social justice, and social awareness, and that kind of
                arena. Then when I was older, travelling the world, and eventually moved to
                Australian in whenever it was, 1995 I think. So I‟ve been doing often all
                kinds of things that, in my own life, where I was on the cusp of doing
                something new and exciting, and something that most people didn‟t do and
                said to me “I wish I could do that”, like having a baby when I was thirty-nine
                years old.

                I really love using my own experience and my own knowledge, and all the
                stuff that I‟ve learned over the years from the things that I did, and from the
                things that I‟ve studied, to actually work with other people who are interested
                in the same things, and like “What else is possible in life”, “What else can I
                do, what else?”, “Okay, here is where I am, now what is next”. I really love
                that. I love working with people that way, and it gives me great joy actually
                to do that.

                To have people experience their own power to live a life that they love, that‟s
                probably the best way how I could put it.

Nadine Love:    MJ it sounds like you have done some amazing and some very
                courageous things in your life. It sounds wonderful.

                What was your greatest motivation for spending your time, energy and
                resources to become someone so very well equipped to helping others
                to become better versions of themselves? And what does that give
                you MJ?

Marie Shurey:   That‟s a great question. I think my inspiration more than anything else,
                interestingly enough, goes a long way back to my own mother who was not
                at all an adventurous woman like I am, because she was a widow at thirty-
                six with five young children, and she always supported us to completely do
                what we thought we were capable of, even though she wasn‟t able to do it
                for herself. She always very much believed in us, all her five children, to be

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                                   TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW
                             BETWEEN NADINE LOVE AND MARIE SHUREY

                as you just called it, the better versions of ourselves. She lived by the motto
                that if you have to, or if you must, you can do anything, just because you
                choose to, in the end.

                So for me, what motivates me is if I can make that kind of difference to
                another human being, that will have filled my life. That‟s what it gives me, is
                to walk away with every day of my life, I feel extremely blessed every time
                I‟ve actually been able to work with somebody, either as an individual client,
                or in training and development work that I do, the workshops and seminars.
                To see people really take those next steps, to see people have „Ah-ha
                moments‟, to see people go “You think I could do that, I never thought about
                it that way?”. Those are my favourite, favourite words when people say
                them, and it gives me a total sense of joy and fulfilment, knowing that I‟m on
                purpose in what my life is all about.

Nadine Love:    MJ you have such a great capacity to make things happen in response
                to a challenge, don’t you? I wonder if you can tell me about that.

Marie Shurey:   Right. Well which one do you want? Plenty of them there.

Nadine Love:    There are.

Marie Shurey:   Let me use a fun one. For example, when my now husband, then boyfriend
                obviously, asked me to marry him, which was all very romantic, but very
                unplanned. We had actually just decided we were going to go and fulfil our
                dreams and not only travel through Australia and New Zealand, but actually
                go an live there. So we got our residency, and on the day that we got the
                residency he also asked me to marry him.            Which actually we never
                discussed. It was like what we got a spur of the moment proposal.

                That was fun, but then we had problems because we had just been
                travelling and spending lots of our savings over the last year when we were
                doing all the fun stuff all around the planet, and we only had a very limited
                time, because when you get access to this country as an immigrant, they
                give you a particular date that you have to be in the country by. It was like
                about nine weeks from the day that he proposed to me, and we obviously
                wanted to get married in Holland so that we could celebrate it with our family
                and friends. My husband is English, they had to come from a different

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                                     TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW
                               BETWEEN NADINE LOVE AND MARIE SHUREY

                So people thought that was impossible. I‟m sure that people listening to this
                think “You couldn‟t possibly manage a wedding in eight weeks, and make it
                all work”. Well we actually did, and I love that. I love how you can do
                something outrageous and say “Okay, well we‟re going take this all and see
                how it ends”, and just set ourselves a very clear goal, and then start to
                create the resources around us, and ask people, and have conversations
                with people.     One of the things I firmly believe, you know that there is
                always, always, always people who want to assist, or people who are very
                keen to contribute and make a difference and do what they want to do.
                Everybody wants to help, if only they are asked.

                That‟s one of the things that happened. I asked one of my friends if she
                could be my impromptu wedding planner, which probably hasn‟t even been
                invented in 1995 – I can‟t actually remember – and she actually took that on
                with a vengeance. Out of that – and she‟d never done anything like that
                before – but out of that she saw her own potential to actually be an
                organiser of big events. That‟s still, fifteen years later, that‟s still what she
                does for a living, and making a very good living out of it too. You never
                know what kind of difference that you make.

Nadine Love:    That’s a wonderful story, and a great set of strategies and beliefs MJ.
                I’m hearing that you believe that people are out there who want to help,
                and then of course you create that.

Marie Shurey:   Yes, absolutely. So that‟s one of many examples. I‟m kind of one those
                people who probably steps up to the plate best if I‟m challenged.

Nadine Love:    MJ what exhilarates you?

Marie Shurey:   Oh, lots of stuff. What exhilarates me more than anything else is to see
                people around me blossom and grow, starting with my own family, with my
                own beautiful twelve year old son, and my mother, my loved ones, my
                family, my husband and my child, and then my people, the people that I
                work with.

                What exhilarates me is a client emailed me this week and said to me… you
                know, we talked about the issues that she had with one of her children, and
                we did some work using NLP techniques. I emailed her and said “How are
                you going with…” [the name of the child], and she emailed me back, she

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                                    TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW
                              BETWEEN NADINE LOVE AND MARIE SHUREY

                said “Only until you asked me the question I realised that we had a problem
                before that”. I like that, that exhilarates me. You know, that‟s exciting when
                that happens. So when people really move through like a whole new space
                of the things that they didn‟t even know were possible, let alone consider,
                that‟s awesome.

                What also exhilarates me is to hang with my friends, particularly with my
                women friends. I love my friendships. It exhilarates me to spend time with
                them and have great conversations.

                I really like speed actually, that exhilarates me. Riding my bike – I am Dutch
                after all, right – riding my bike really fast down a hill, which we do have here,
                that exhilarates me. I think I‟m a bit of a speed queen really. Don‟t worry, I
                don‟t speed in the car.

                I love studying, I love reading, I love learning new things, and I love meeting
                new people. So anything new and exciting exhilarates me.

Nadine Love:    What are your top three most resourceful beliefs?

Marie Shurey:   The first one would probably be that there is always a way, and that I can
                find it. That became the motto of Sourceful Transition, my company, there is
                always a way, and we can find it.

                Another belief is, that I hold very dear and I think that makes a huge
                difference, is that I always believe that people are magnificent. They may
                not always show up magnificent, but they are magnificent, and full of
                possibility and potential.

                What would be the third one? The third one would probably be that I know
                that I‟m not alone, that there‟s always people around me, that I always have
                access to a higher source of spirit, or whatever I want to call that, that I‟m
                taken care of, and that I need [0:09:52] to be taken care of, and that I can
                take care of others in the same manner.       That‟s what I think would be my
                top three at the moment.

Nadine Love:    MJ you have a very distinctive approach to coaching and training, and
                I’m just wondering what defining life experiences have shaped your

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                                   TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW
                             BETWEEN NADINE LOVE AND MARIE SHUREY

Marie Shurey:   In recent history in my life, it probably had a lot to do with the big changes
                that I made myself when I decided to make some really big decisions in my
                adult life around moving to Australia, and leave everything that I knew
                behind, and leave all the challenges that that brought with us. That has
                been very defining, knowing that I could do that, and actually could build a
                whole new life, effectively from scratch, which has given me a whole new
                insight in what‟s possible, what human beings can actually achieve, which I
                probably wouldn‟t have believed twenty years ago either.

                Another thing that was very defining is some of the studies that I‟ve done
                myself, some of the personal development work where I really got to see
                how important that it is to keep ongoingly investing in oneself, and learning
                more things about how human beings work, and then have the capacity to
                actually pass that on to other people. Of course, that‟s been very defining.

                Another thing that‟s been very defining is some of the challenges I had to
                overcome from when I was much younger, some unpleasant situations in
                my childhood that I needed to learn to deal with, and come to grips with, and
                let go of. Which is probably one of the most important things, also, that I –
                coming back to the beliefs – that I took on the belief that you can actually get
                complete with the past and move on to the future, and not have to look back.

                I think that would be a couple of the defining things there, that would have
                made the difference. The way how I approach coaching and training is very
                much on a very personal point of view with people using my knowledge and
                my wisdom, and my own life experience, and all the stuff that I‟ve learned,
                but bringing that always back to „Anything is Possible‟, because I do it
                myself. Walk the talk, in other words.

Nadine Love:    You’ve made some amazingly brave choices in your fascinating life. I
                wonder if you’d be willing to share a couple of experiences,
                particularly in regard to the impact on your life of some of the choices
                that you have made?

Marie Shurey:   Well one of the choices that I made, like late in a woman‟s life, at thirty-eight,
                to actually have a child after all. I did have one at thirty-nine. That actually
                gave me a completely new shift on what life is actually all about, and again
                what‟s possible, but also what‟s available on the level of connection with
                people. Your own child is something that you can‟t compare with anything

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                                   TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW
                             BETWEEN NADINE LOVE AND MARIE SHUREY

                else, but also the whole thing about I was actually very grateful that I was an
                older mother, because I had all my life experience, and I have done lots of
                great stuff that I can not only pass on to my child, but also just let go of and
                move into this new phase of life.

                The same [0:13:34] happened when we moved to Australia. That‟s a big
                thing to do when you‟re in your mid thirties, and leave everything that I know
                behind and start again from nothing. That was a very big choice to make,
                and I‟ve had major consequences as well.

                More recently a really big choice that I made, about four or five years ago,
                was to actually start my own business.        I‟ve always been employed by
                somebody else, and there‟s the cushiness and the safeness of that, let that
                go for building my own little empire. That had a big impact on my life as far
                as my lifestyle, which I love. You know I don‟t have to show up somewhere
                at nine o‟clock, and I can work in my pyjamas if I‟m on the phone with
                somebody, if I want to, which is great. You know, it‟s had a big impact again
                on seeing, and trusting, and believing, and experiencing that I was capable
                of that which gave me an opportunity to actually again pass that on to other

Nadine Love:    You have a wonderful, wonderful capacity to see the potential in
                someone, and to create transformation. Can you tell me about that?

Marie Shurey:   I think the most important thing that I want to say about that is the greatest
                gift lies in actually being able to listen to somebody, to really, really listen
                and be present. That‟s when people‟s magnificence can come forward, and
                then listen with the intention to bring out that best, that leadership, that
                highest intention in somebody else just from being present, and then from
                asking some high quality questions using a whole variety of techniques that
                I‟ve become familiar with over the years.       Then also the importance of
                sharing insights and stories about what I‟ve experienced, working with all the
                different people that I work with, which really helps other people to see
                what‟s possible for them.

                I think the most important thing is actually just acknowledge somebody in
                who they are by really listening to what they have to say, and then asking
                some questions that make them look maybe in a different direction as what
                they‟ve ever looked. A bit like – if I can use an analogy – it would be like if

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                                   TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW
                             BETWEEN NADINE LOVE AND MARIE SHUREY

                somebody would go on a big journey, like on a trip, they would have a tour
                guide showing them the direction. They would have a tour guide who could
                show them a lot more distinctions and things that they could look at, then
                they could see if they just went on their own. I would imagine being in
                Rome, for example, one of those amazing cities in the world, but there‟s so
                much to see. If you have a tour guide who can actually tell you you should
                look there, and go down that alley, you will see something that you wouldn‟t
                have seen.

                That‟s how I see my role, and that‟s how people often tell me as well, that
                that‟s how they experience it, because of the quality of the questions that I
                can ask using everything that I‟ve learned, they can actually start looking
                differently. Their perception changes in the way how they look at things,
                and hence they see different things and experience different things, and try
                out different things. Then I encourage them very much and actually go and
                do something with it in their real life outside of the conversations that we
                have, or the trainings that we do, because that‟s where the difference gets
                really made. I think that‟s the other thing what I really think is important to
                create transformations, actually take action and live life was bigger than you
                thought was possible, and see what happens.

Nadine Love:    In living life bigger MJ, there must have been challenges, and I’d love
                to know what have been your three greatest challenges over the years.

Marie Shurey:   Well my biggest challenge in life so far must have been a couple of years
                ago when my son was nine, fell really, really ill, and we for a while didn‟t
                know what was going on with him. The good news is that he‟s fine now, but
                he‟s had an ongoing challenge in his life that might come back again.
                Seeing my own child… look at it this way Nadine, I was pushing a nine year
                old in a wheelchair to a hospital because he couldn‟t walk any more, and
                nobody knew why. That must have been the low point of my life.

Nadine Love:    Oh absolutely MJ. It’s hard to take oneself there. Having a little girl
                myself, it’s unthinkable isn’t it that you would have to wheel your child.

Marie Shurey:   Exactly.   Now thank goodness everything turned out fine.         He has this
                challenge, but it‟s fine. We all became much more loving and powerful
                people out of it in the end because the preciousness of life became so
                extremely tangible in our family.       So that was definitely the biggest

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                             BETWEEN NADINE LOVE AND MARIE SHUREY

                challenge, and that I had to live up to. You just take it on. That‟s when my
                mum‟s word about „When you have to, you can do anything‟ became very

                Another challenge that was I think was about living – particularly the first few
                years I was in Australia – living so far away from everybody that was dear to
                me, apart from my husband and a few people that I knew in Australia, but
                there weren‟t very many. Living so far away from everybody that was near
                and dear to me, and everything that I knew. You would think like Australia,
                Europe isn‟t that different. Well trust me, it is, as you know from experience.
                So that was a real challenge to kind of find my place in a new society, in a
                country where they didn‟t speak my language, where I always – and still do
                – sound different, where people make jokes about stuff and you don‟t know
                what they‟re talking about because you don‟t have the history. That was a
                challenge, and now it seems completely different, fifteen years later, but it
                was definitely a challenge.

                Then another challenge probably would have been something that I‟ve
                carried on all through my life, it‟s when I lost one of my parents. My dad
                died actually when I was only very young, at six. I was six years old, and I
                really see that that has always been a challenge in my life, to see how
                [0:20:14] we need to be, particularly when I was younger, to deal with the
                missing of somebody that important in my life, and the consequences it had
                for our family. My mum never remarried, and it made me also into a very
                strong person knowing that one can deal with those kind of challenges,
                because I saw it in my mum, and then I saw it in myself.

Nadine Love:    So what was it in you MJ, that helped you to transcend the loss of your
                father so young, and then, as you’ve described, wheeling your son in a
                wheelchair – and I know it turned out well – and also managing that
                change of country the way you have with such grace, and integrating
                now and contributing so much to society here in Australia. What are
                the qualities that you have that you feel have been important in making
                the most of what you’ve chosen or been dealt?

Marie Shurey:   I think the most important thing would be, people would probably call it
                tenacity. I‟ve got this thing like I never give up. Somebody called me once

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                                      TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW
                                BETWEEN NADINE LOVE AND MARIE SHUREY

                I‟m like fox terrier, not letting go of the pants. I‟m only a tiny person, so that
                kind of fits.

                I keep looking for myself and for people around me, so how else could you
                do this? What are the solutions? What are other ways? There must be a
                way, I just don‟t know where it is yet. I think I just don‟t give up.

                The other thing is, I think over the years I became actually quite good and
                comfortable with asking for help, and asking for assistance, not just only
                from individuals, but also from books and things that I‟ve read, and things
                that I‟ve studied, and CDs I listened to, and programs that I attended. So
                there kind of is curiosity around what do other people do. Also like, I need
                some help here. It‟s okay to not know, and it‟s okay to not be able to do
                things all by myself, or by oneself. I think that would probably be the most
                important things that helped me through those experiences, you know.

                For example with Reece‟s illness, I interviewed anybody and everybody
                about all kinds of alternative approaches to make him, have him be well
                again, and it worked. It took time, but it worked. That would be a great
                example of that I suppose.

Nadine Love:    That’s great curiosity too, that’s a feeling of getting really curious and
                sustaining that to motivate you to be driven to actually find a
                satisfactory solution.

Marie Shurey:   Yes. Yeah, yeah, I think that‟s definitely the case, definitely. It makes me
                also… I can walk the talk there, and say to people “Let‟s look what else is
                possible for you, because I do it ongoing in myself”.

Nadine Love:    Yes you do, yes you do. So what was it in each of those cases that
                turned your experience around for you MJ?

Marie Shurey:   I think with my son‟s illness it was very much the ongoing, keep on going,
                looking for other things, and just never ever giving up, and finding it in the
                end, different ones.

                In moving to Australia, it was really a capacity to just also let it be, because I
                didn‟t give myself time. I allowed that to unfold, and throw myself totally into
                it. In the first year that we lived in Australia, I had a full time job in a new job,

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                             BETWEEN NADINE LOVE AND MARIE SHUREY

                in a new organisation which of course I never worked in, speaking a
                language that was not my native tongue, even though I spoke it quite well,
                but it‟s tiring I remember. Took on a major leadership development program
                training that I was doing, and fell pregnant. So it was not like… I was like
                let‟s go and do this the full hog. I think that‟s probably what turned my
                experience around as well, because I became, real quickly, associated with
                lots of different people, and lots of different things, and had lots of things to
                work towards, and a future to live into, called a baby.

Nadine Love:    What are your two favourite quotes of the moment? I know that you
                love to read MJ. What are your two favourites for the moment?

Marie Shurey:   I wrote one yesterday, let me see if I can find it. There it is. It says “Judge
                your success by what you had to give up to get it”. I love that one. I don‟t
                know who said it actually, the quote didn‟t say that.

                The other one is something that one of my mentors called Sharon Pearson
                says all the time “Change is about choice, and not about chance”. I love
                that too, because we always do have choice. If I can actually bring that on
                in my training and coaching, get that message across to people, that we
                always have a choice, that would be my job is done.

Nadine Love:    If there was something that might have made a difference to you by
                knowing it, what would it have been, and what would you like to share
                with others right now?

Marie Shurey:   I was thinking about that the other day. If I‟d known when I was like a child,
                or when I was a young teenager, like how much choice we actually have,
                like how much actually we do create our own reality, like how we can really
                [0:26:12] at [0:26:12] if you understand what I mean with that, in our life, that
                we can take responsibility. Actually I‟ve been always able to respond to the
                situations around us, and we always have a choice, like how we relate to
                them. My life would have looked very different. I‟m very grateful that I got
                that insight and learned all these things when I was in my late twenties, early
                thirties, when I started really working the field. You know, I‟m completely
                clear that my life would have looked very different if I would have had that
                knowledge, that wisdom at a younger age.

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                             BETWEEN NADINE LOVE AND MARIE SHUREY

Nadine Love:    Sorry MJ. Did you want to say something else about what would have
                made that difference, knowing about that choice?

Marie Shurey:   I probably could have impacted my own life more powerfully, and may have
                had even more say over where my life was going to go at a younger age. I
                probably would have been able to make a difference to more people,
                because I think that‟s the crux of the message, is that. So if I had been able
                to know that earlier, then more people‟s life could have potentially been
                influenced. It‟s totally fine the way it went, because I had to go through this
                journey to come to this conclusion.

Nadine Love:    What is your greatest personal triumph?

Marie Shurey:   Well that must be getting complete with a relative in my family who I had
                quite an abusive relationship with when I was a child, and actually
                addressing that and getting that complete, and moving on from there. That
                was the biggest thing I‟ve ever had to do in my life, and every time when I
                have to do something difficult, or something that I find challenging,
                something that I‟d rather not do, that I always think „Well I could do that‟.
                That‟s definitely my biggest triumph.

Nadine Love:    What does it give you MJ, to have achieved that?

Marie Shurey:   What does it give me? Actually that was probably the most defining moment
                in my life, and I totally got that I can always, always, always choose, no
                matter what had happened, and that I can be completely responsible for
                how I respond to the events in my life. That is invaluable. It‟s very, very
                powerful, and very, very, very helpful, also again to pass on to other people,
                particularly to other women who have been through similar situations.

Nadine Love:    What would be your personal motto?

Marie Shurey:   Well I love the motto that I‟ve chosen for my company “There is Always a

Nadine Love:    Yes. There is always a way. Based on your own personal experience,
                and your experience of working with so many others, what matters
                most to you?

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                             BETWEEN NADINE LOVE AND MARIE SHUREY

Marie Shurey:   What matters most to me is my connection and [0:29:29]. Of course, first of
                all my own dearest and nearest loved ones and my own family. What really
                matters most to me is that I can go out and make a difference and help
                people – to assist people would probably be a better word – to really start
                believing in themselves, and just go for it, and play life big and at its fullest
                pendulum. Trust themselves.

                So I do that with my child, I do that with my husband, I do that with my
                friends, and I definitely do that with my clients. Life‟s too short to play it
                small. I love that quote which they say comes from Nelson Mandela, but
                you know it doesn‟t really, apparently, where they talk about our biggest fear
                is that we actually are bigger than we really think that we are. I wish now I
                had it in front of me, but I hope you know which one I‟m talking about.

Nadine Love:    Yes. From A Course in Miracles originally.

Marie Shurey:   From A Course In Miracles, exactly. You know that it‟s our… when we let
                our light shine, other people can let theirs shine too… you know, inspiration.

                So my biggest joy is when other people embrace their own greatness, and
                their own capacities, and just stop playing life so bloody small – excuse my
                French – and play big. I love working with people who are up for it, and that
                definitely gives me my biggest fulfilment. That really matters most to me. I
                do that everywhere where I go.

Nadine Love:    MJ, you’re absolutely amazing, really inspirational.           I know that so
                many people have benefited by connecting with you professionally,
                working with you, and also socially. So how can people find out more
                about what you do, and where you are?               How can people find out

Marie Shurey:   Well first of all I‟ve got a website where people can come and see a little bit,
                although I must say, I find websites kind of hard to explain what one does,
                because it‟s such a personal thing. There are some great stories on the
                website, so by all means people can go to the website.             The website
                address is

Nadine Love:    So

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                             BETWEEN NADINE LOVE AND MARIE SHUREY

Marie Shurey:   Correct, yeah. Then I always love… people can leave their details there and
                they‟ll get some nice things sent to them, so they get a bit of sense about
                how we work, what we do around here. They can also leave their details
                and I can get in touch with them and they can talk to me more personally. I
                am also more than happy for people to call me on my mobile phone which is
                0414 987 876. So that‟s another easy way to get in touch with me.

Nadine Love:    So that’s 0414 987 876.

Marie Shurey:   Correct.

Nadine Love:    And you’re quite happy for people to phone you on that number MJ?

Marie Shurey:   Yes I am. When I‟m not here, leave a message and I can get back to them.

Nadine Love:    Fantastic. So MJ will get back to you on 0414 987 876. Would you like
                to say a last word MJ, to wrap up?

Marie Shurey:   Well it‟s been great to make the CD, and hopefully make a difference to
                people by explaining who I am and what I do. I‟m very much looking forward
                to making more difference to more people in more capacities, particularly
                those people who are really ready to take their lives and their businesses to
                the next level. If I, in any way, shape or form, can make a difference the
                way I‟ve done to other people – which you can find out a lot more about on
                my website as well, there‟s lots of testimonies there – then I‟d love to have
                an opportunity to contribute, because that‟s what my life, in the end, is all

Nadine Love:    Thank you so much MJ. So we can totally go on to your website at
       to check out what other people have
                said about working with you, and you also have been generous
                enough to leave a cell phone number, 0414 987 876.

                MJ, it’s been a privilege, and an honour, and a delight as ever to talk to
                you today. Thank you very, very much.

Marie Shurey:   Thanks Nadine. Catch you later.

Nadine Love:    Thanks MJ. Take care.

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                             TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW

Marie Shurey:   Bye.

Nadine Love:    Bye.


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