Kailua Intermediate School (DOC) by mifei


									                               Kailua Intermediate School
                                     PTSA Meeting
                              Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1. Meeting called to order by President Heather Parker at 6:20 pm. Introductions were

2. Secretary’s Report – August meeting minutes approved with no corrections. All in favor,
   no opposing.

3. Treasure’s Report – Ray not present tonight, however Ms. Chase has donated $755 from
   the book fair that was just held in August. Great big Mahalo!

4. Membership Report – Renae reports that we have about 80 members so far this school
   year. Will be having a membership drive again. More on that to follow at the next

5. Fundraising Report – Diana Baldwin

       a. Entertainment Books – 50 books sold so far, hard to get a hold of some of the
       b. Snack Truck and Dance Sales – made $90 so far from the snack truck and $160
          from the dance. Student counsel to start selling drinks at the dances, which must
          be a of health choice. NO SODA and must be 100% 50% fruit juice.
       c. Reminders regarding Box Tops and eScrip – still collecting, drop box located in
          the office.
       d. Recycling Drive will be next Thurs/Fri morning Sept 27 & 28 before school
          starts. If any club would like to sponsor/help with this, PTSA will donate the
          money earned to their group/club.
       e. Looking into a fundraiser selling 711 coupon books. If any club/team would like
          to do this to earn money, now’s your chance.
       f. Also, will be looking into selling Christmas trees as a fundraiser.

6. PCNC – Mary reports that the newsletter isn’t ready for assembly yet and will let us
   know if she needs helpers. T-shirts sales still going. We do have a price break for those
   students that can’t afford the shirts. They’re $1 for short sleeves and $3 for long sleeves
   with a maximum purchase of 5 per semester. Must check with Mrs. Mulcahy for approval
   first. Shirts will be contracted out next year.

7. Curriculum Coordinator – Karen would like to get some kind of a treat for good behavior
   for the students in mandatory study hall. She also would like to give those students who
   passed the standards something as well. Once she decides she’ll ask for assistance from
   the PTSA.
8. Student Activities – Nancy expressed thanks to all that volunteered at the Welcome Back
   Dance. The students all had fun, even with the strict enforcement of rules. The yellow
   ribbons worked well on the Day of Hero’s and the ribbons will remain on the fence until
   the students return from intersession. We will repeat this again next year. We had about
   40 students in attendance. The school band played and the color guard was present.
   Student Council elections are coming up and the students are campaigning. Leadership
   team will be going to camp next week. “Be Cool Don’t be a Fool” Assembly will be next
   week and Kaneohe HPD Officers to come and speak to the kids about drugs and alcohol.
   PEP and the drill team will be performing. Honor Roll Assembly to be held on Oct 30 at
   9am for the 7th graders and Nov 2nd at 12:30pm for the 8th graders. October 29th is a
   waiver day and October 24th will be the Flu Shot clinic (watch for more information).

9. Administrative report – As mentioned earlier, Education Works will be handling the sales
   of our school shirts. Parents will be able to buy on line, at the store or at school on
   designated days. There will be a spring sale to try and unload our stock before the start of
   next school year. Announcements will be going out to our feeder schools and a notice
   will be in the school newsletter. Mary will start sending emails to parents for up and
   coming events/activities to help parents stay more in touch with their children. The
   addition of the fence has been received well by the community and Lanikai/Kailua
   Outdoor Circle. We’re getting a donation of hibiscus to plant along the fence and
   community groups have stepped up to volunteer as well. The planting will take place
   during Make a Difference Day scheduled for October 29th 27th. Communications have
   been cleared up with CSSG-3 and we have their commitment for the year.

10. Presidents Report – Heather Parker

       a. Make a Difference Day – October 27
             i. Things to do: planting, pour concrete by the tree, painting of side walk,
                touchup railings, touchup painting in the café, clean curtains in café,
                basketball court painting of lines. There will be a planning meeting on
                October 9th at 6pm in the library.
       b. Newsletter update
       c. Team/Club updates

11. Old Business

       a. Furniture issue still needs to be resolved. Need a list of what is needed. Mary to
          send email to Sgt MJR Duval (CSSG). I believe we can still get items from the
          DOE surplus.

12. Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm, with the next meeting scheduled for October 15, 2007
    at 6 pm.

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