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									                                  CURRICULUM VITAE

Name                                       :     Dr T P Bhat

Date of Birth                              :     July 5, 1945

Present Residential Address                :     D-1/ 1420,
                                                 Vasant Kunj
                                                 New Delhi- 110070

Present Office Address                     :     Institute for Studies in Industrial Development
                                                 Narendra Niketan, I.P.Estate,

Present Designation                        :     Professor

Educational qualification                  :

BA        Economic          Karnataka                 1966        First Class & Gold
                            University                            medallist

MA        Economic          Karnataka University      1968        First Class & Gold
                            Dharwar                               medallist as also National
                                                                  Merit-scholarship holder

Pre Doctoral Degree in Economics               Jawaharlal Nehru               1972

Ph.D ,International Economics                  Jawaharlal Nehru               1979

(Subject of the Thesis: Non-Tariff Trade Barriers in Cotton Textiles: A Study on the Quota
System, with special reference to India, School of International studies, JNU, Fellow of
Reserve Bank of India at JNU)

A. Work Experience                         :        Nearly 25 years in Chamber of
                                                    Commerce, 5 year in ASSOCHAM. Over
                                                    20 years experience in the Federation of
                                                    Indian Chamber of Commerce and
                                                    Industry (FICCI).

                                                    Editor: WTO Update, Bi-Monthly
                                                    Periodical of ASSOCHAM and FICCI.
B.            Pr ev i o us Ex p er i en c e :

     1 Professor, International Economics, Amity Business, School, NOIDA
     2 Consultant, ICRIER, New-Delhi
     3 Deputy-Secretary General, ASSOCHAM, New-Delhi
     4 Secretary, Indian National Committee of International Chamber of            Commerce
     5 Secretary, FICCI, In-Charge of

                  International Organization Division and International Organization such as
                   WTO, GATT, UNCTAD, IMF, and World Bank.
                  Division of Economic Affairs, inclusive of finance and banking, industry and
                   international trade, research and development
                  The Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chamber of Commerce Industry
                   (CACCI)-Regional Apex Chamber
                  Affairs of SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI)
                  Indian-ASEAN Business Cooperation Committee

         i)        Head the Department of

                   Economic Affairs,(Banking, Finance, Economic Planning and Foreign
                   International Affairs (inclusive of Foreign Trade)

C.             Over the year, visited the USA, Canada, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium,
                the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, ASEAN and SAARC Countries, Morocco,
                New Zealand, Taiwan and Australia as Member-Secretary of the Trade and
                Industrial Delegations.

               Worked as Secretary to the Steering Committee of the 10 th Conference of
                International Chambers of Commerce (ICC), held in the month of March 1995,
                (attended by 240 foreign and 500 Indian delegates)

               Worked as consultant on SAARC Trade Co-operation to SAARC Secretariat in
                Katmandu, Nepal

Participated in:

    SAARC consultative committee (1999)
    EC-SAARC Interactive dialogue at Brussels (1994)
    Regularly for four years, in the dialogue between the GATT and ICC as business
    Several International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) Conference and Congress as
     Raporteur and speaker in several International Bureau and Chambers of
     Commerce’s (IBCC) Session.
    Large number of conferences at home and abroad as speaker
    In the past-in-charge of Joint Business Councils:
       Indo-US
       Indo-Canadian
       India-Japan
       India –Korean
       India-China
       Indo-Sri Lanka
       Indo-French
       Indo-Italian
       Indo-Netherlands
       Indo-Swedish
       Indo-Finnish
       Indo-Malaysia
       India-Bangladesh
       India-Portugal
       India-USSR
       India – Indonesia
       India-Singapore

D. Research Associate, Economic and Scientific Research Foundation, New Delhi from
   June, 1973 to June 1975

E. Lecturer in Economic, Lal Bahadur College, Sagar Karnataka State for nearly two

F. Given Course/Lecturers on International Economics at:

      IFS Trainees, Indian Foreign Service Training Institute
      Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi
      India-International Centre, New Delhi
      Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi
      Reserve Bank of India, Bombay
      School of International Studies, JNU, New Delhi
      Indian Academy of International Law, New Delhi
      Department of Economics & Commerce, Marathwada University, Aurangabad,
      Department of Business Economics, South Delhi University, New Delhi
      UNCTAD/ITC Trainees from the least developed countries, New Delhi
      Indian Forum of World Affairs, Aurangabad, Maharashtra
      Indian Society of Afro-Asian Studies, New Delhi
      Department of Economics, Karnataka University, Dharwar, Karnataka State
      Indian Friendship Society, Paris
      School of Economics, University Chicago

Range of Activities

 Participated in Round Table Conferences, National & International seminars and
 Given Radio Talks on “Developments in International Economics, Indian Foreign
  Trade and Industrial Policies”
 Given several T.V. interviews on contemporary international economic issues such as
  emergence of trade blocs, GATT Round of negotiations, WTO and its implications,
  relevance of NAM in the post cold war era, SAPTA and its scope in enhancing intra-
  trade in South Asia.
 Examiner of M.Phil and Ph.D. Thesis in :

   i) School of International Studies, JNU
   ii)    Department of South Asian Studies, University of Madras
   iii)   Karnataka University, Dharwar
   iv)    University of Bombay
   v)     IIT, Delhi

 Consultant on Research Project Evaluation to:

     i)      Indian Council of Social Science & Research, New Delhi
   ii)       Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations, New Delhi
   iii)      Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi
   iv)       West European and Far Eastern Centre of JNU
   v)        Madras Institute of Development, Madras
   vi)       Institute for Economic and Social Change, Bangalore

Member of:

         Indian Council for World Affairs, New Delhi
         Society of Afro – Asian Studies, New Delhi
         Centre for Regional Affairs Studies, New Delhi
         Centre for Public Affairs, New Delhi

Member of Research Advisory committee at:

    Centre for West European, East Asian and International Economic Affairs, School
     of International Studies, JNU, New Delhi
    Indian Society of Academy of International Law, New Delhi
    South Asian Regional Affairs Institute, New Delhi

   - Participated in Electronic media discussions on variety of subjects on behalf of
     the chambers.

Published papers – 91

   i) Foreign Journal

      World Competition, Law & Economics Review, Geneva
      Confederation of Asia – Pacific Chamber of Commerce and Industry
      (CACCI) Journal

   ii)     Articles in published Books
   iii)    Indian reputed journals

          Foreign Trade Review
          Man and Development
          India Quarterly
          Journal of Parliamentary Studies and Contemporary Affairs, New
   IV)     Economic News Papers

         The Economic Times
         The Financial Express
         The Business & Political Observer
         Business Standard

         Broad Areas of Publication are:

    WTO related Issues such as IPR, Market Access, agriculture, non-tariff barriers
     and Dispute Settlement Body etc.
    Trade Blocks
    Global Issues in Finance
    Multilateral trade negotiations
    Bilateral Trade and Investment Issues
    European Economic Union, USA, Japan, China and Pakistan
    Multilateral Institutions such as the World Bank, IMF, IFC, SAARC, NAFTA and
    Indian Industry, Distributive Trade, Planning and SSI sector
    Industrial Finance and Technology
    Foreign Trade Policy

N ew D elhi                                                      (T P B hat )

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