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CEDS Committee Meeting


									                              CEDS Committee Meeting
                                    February 16, 2007
                              RiverWinds Community Center

                                     Members Present
Bob Law, Woodbury                            Jennifer Mauro, One Stop
Sue Miller, Clayton                          Tiffany Grandison, CDBG
James Gayman, Rowan                          Patricia Knobloch, Franklin Township
Ed Campbell, Pitman                          Jacquelyn Love, Deptford Township Chuck
Romick, Gloucester County                    Joe Villari, Woodbury
Andy DiNardo, WIB                            Joe Delmar, Woolwich
Linda Scancella, Newfield                    Allen Magid, Gloucester County College
Danae Croce, GCIA                            James Watson, East Greenwich
Kathy Farinaccio, WIB/Comcast                Michelle Giuliani-Shirey, GCED
Marc Kamp, Paulsboro                         Lisa Morina, GCED
Linda Scancella, Newfield                    Marlene Z. Asselta, SNJDC
Joseph Frattali, GCED                        Bill Flemming, Woodbury
Jerry Velazquez, Triad Associates            Michael Zumpino, Triad Associates
Steve Kehs, Triad Associates                 Fred Keating , GCIT
Anne Henry, National Park                    Rhone Carr, GCCC

This meeting was called to order at 8:35 a.m. by Lisa Mornia, Director of Economic
Development for Gloucester County. After she asked everyone to introduce themselves she
moved on to the approvals for the previous minutes. The minutes for January 16, 2007 were
approved in a motion given by Chuck Romick, seconded by Jacquelyn Love and approved by
the entire Committee.

At this time Ms. Morina turned to floor over to Mike Zumpino of Traid Associates. Mr.
Zumpino welcomed the members and thanked them for coming out in the harsh weather
conditions. Mr. Zumpino gave a brief recap of last months meeting topics which included:

      Strengths and Weaknesses as it relates to the demographic make up of Gloucester
      Different types of industries in Gloucester County, focusing cottage industries such as
       agriculture and the oil refineries
      Aging downtowns
      Transportation issues associated with the increase in population over the last decade

Before Mr. Zumpino introduced the Market Analysis, Ms. Morina pointed out that the full
CEDS document will be posted on the Gloucester County Economic Development website
and it is very important and useful to post this information to attack businesses thorough the
web. Mr. Zumpino continued his presentation by introducing Dr. Perniciaro, also of Traid
Associates for outline the Market Analysis for the CEDS Committee.

Dr. Perniciaro began by explaining the content of the document as it is divided into four
    1) The Current Economy
    2) Economic Trends
    3) Recommendations for enhancing growth in key sections
    4) Summary and Conclusions

Starting with section 1 The Current Economy, Mr. Perniciaro noted that Gloucester County’s
current economic climate is such that the housing prices have increased, residential; income
levels have also increased and poverty has decreased.

He also mention that Gloucester County need to be an importer of money and spoke about
industry as it relates to creating wealth to the county. These dollars need to come from
outside Gloucester County and this factor opens the door for more tourism driven industry.

Dr. Perniciaro spoke about private sector employment including manufacturing and the retail
trade market; he continued the talk about the high average pay wages in the manufacturing
and oil refinery sectors. He also mentions other employment sectors in Gloucester County
that are on the rise such as healthcare, administrative waste service, retail and
accommodations and food services.

At this point Mr. Perniciaro asked the committee to turn their attention to pages 8, 9, and 20
of the Market Analysis prepared by Triad Associates as he explained development pattern in
the county, wages by municipality, and new growth areas and patterns with corresponding
charts included in the market analysis.

Before going any further, Mr. Zumpino asked Dr. Perniciaro to discuss the economics trends
as it relates to the manufacturing industry. Ms. Morina added that there is a linkage between
manufacturing and job growth and attraction, as well as a linkage to new development. Dr.
Perniciaro agreed with Ms. Morina and noted that manufacturing has not declined in
Gloucester County as it has in other counties and to help insure that it does not decline we
should make the effort to get a better understanding of industry characteristics and their
proximity to their customers.

Mr. Perniciaro continued to discuss other private sector industry such as professional
technical services and healthcare retail which have seen an increase in growth in Gloucester
County. On the down side Gloucester County does not have a technical research industry
base and south jersey as a region has a lack of those types of cottage industries. South Jersey
also lacks in the field of research facilities and Gloucester County only holds the lower end
jobs in the technical research sector. On a positive note, Dr. Perniciaro added, the
development of South Jersey Tech Park at Rowan University is the first step in attracting
higher levels jobs in the technical and research fields.
Ms. Morina added to Dr. Perniciaro comments by remarking that Gloucester County is on the
cusp of capitalizing on what the Tech Park has to offer as it relates to creating a life science,
research and technical job base, and economic development in the county. She added it also
ads to quality of life issues and the idea of living near where you work.

Dr. Perniciaro agreed and added that Gloucester County is also on the cusp of a changing
economy, and that we are now competing against the housing make which is still thriving in
Gloucester county he says we have to ask the question; Are we going to change and grow
effectively or, are we going to build a bunch of houses? He also spoke about the diversity of
the county and how it related to growing industries in the region.

At this time he had the committee turn to pages 22, 25, and 28 of the Market Analysis and
briefly discussed growing industries according to the state, job vacancy rates, and
transportation issues.

Dr. Perniciaro opened the floor to any question before continuing. Sue miller, Business
Administrator for the Borough of Clayton asked if it is important to note the movement
trends in Gloucester County as it pertaining to our aging population. Deptford Township
added that she feels there is a trend of people moving to Delaware. Dr. Perniciaro felt that
both issue were worth tracking.

The topic changed to retail as Mr. DiNardo, Director of the Workforce Investment Board for
Gloucester County asked if by increasing the retail job sector we would be in fact under
employing more people in the retail sector. Mr. Perniciaro replied that is why your need
diversity in the retail market, so there is not an increase of under employed in that sector. He
added the with the growing number for retail jobs there should be a retail certification
program offered at County Colleges and it should be more career oriented.

At this time there were no more question so Mr. Zumpino recommended we more on to talk
about the reformatting of the goals and objective of the CEDS. Mr. Kehs noted that he would
like to include more tourism related goals into the CEDS. And again reiterated that we are
still taking project proposal form and would like to get as many as possible by next meeting,
Mr. Zumpino and Ms. Morina agreed.

Since there was no further business to discuss at this meeting Ms. Morina announced the next
meeting to be held on March 16th from 8:30am until 10:30am at RiverWinds Community
Center in West Deptford Township. This meeting was adorned at 10:15 a.m.

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