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									                                                                                              Press Release Contact Information:
                                                                                                                     Ronald DiIorio
                                                                                                          2949 Hartford Ave ste. 3
                                                                                                           Johnston, Rhode Island
                                                                                                                       USA, 02919
                                                                                                              Voice: 401-934-0200
                                                                                                               Fax: 401-934-0230
                                                                                                             E-Mail: Email us Here
                                                                                                        Website: Visit Our Website Adds Sony PSP Skins to Its Industry Leading Skins Line the world leader in console skinning, shakes the industry with it's hot new Sony PSP line. We've added
hundreds of new original designs to our already world renowned skin arsenal.

  / - Providence, RI, April 11, 2005 - is proud to announce one of it's
newest additions to the fast growing skinning world. Thanks to, the hottest handheld gaming console
ever released just got hotter. We have taken our world leading XBOX , PS2 , Gameboy Advance SP , Gamecube , Nintendo
DS, iPod 4G , iPod Mini and iPod Shuffle skin designs and enhanced them to create hundreds of new Sony PSP designs.
These skins cost effectively customize the look of your Sony PSP without voiding the warranty. All of Designerskins
products are made with heavy duty 10 mils high res vinyl and then glossy acrylic coated for a superior look, feel and

Designerskins .com headquartered in Providence, RI is a world leading company in gaming console skin modifications. To
date Designerskins features over 1200 innovative designs for over 17 gaming systems and accessories. Systems to date
cover Microsoft XBOX , Sony PS2 , Nintendo GAMEBOY Advance SP , Nintendo GAMECUBE , Nintendo DS, Sony PSP,
iPod 4G , iPod Mini and iPod Shuffle .

We are the worlds largest distributor of skin products both in retail and wholesale markets within our industry. Our unique
products have been recognized and featured in many nationally distributed gaming magazines such as OXM, XBN and
XBM. Our products are also sold worldwide in some of the worlds largest retail and video game chains such as Best
Buy(tm), EB Games(tm), Game Crazy(tm), Gamestop(tm), Radio Shack(tm), Toys R Us(tm), to name a few. Our products
have also been featured on several cutting edge shows such as MTV's Pimp My Ride(tm) and TechTVs Judgment Day(tm).
Our products have been sold worldwide to over 30 lands. Designerskins is one of the original pioneers in the console skin
market since 2001 and has been pushing the envelope in skinning products ever since.

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