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Dave Weeden

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					                              Dave Weeden
                          President, Kitsilano Consulting, Inc.


Summary of Professional Skills
     Specialist in Windows and .NET application development and data access
     Specialist in front/backend eCommerce and database technologies
     Expert in data structures, manipulation and transforms
     Advanced software architecture and development experience
     Extensive local, wide and remote network administration experience
     Advanced knowledge of Internet security
     Excellent written and oral communication skills
     Superior technical troubleshooting abilities
     Extremely rigorous module and system testing always performed during development
     Prototypes, progress reports and open communication channels ensure that work performed
      always meets or exceeds client needs

Professional Accreditations
     Microsoft Certified Solution Developer: Since June 2000
     Microsoft Certified Professional: Since February 1998

Technical Skills
     Languages & Related Technologies
          o   C/C++, C#, STL, ATL, Visual Basic
          o   Java Servlets, Applets, Applications and Swing
          o   UML, MFC, ActiveX, OLE Automation, OpenGL
          o   TCP/IP, SMTP/POP3, .NET Remoting, COM/DCOM, CORBA, RMI-IIOP
          o   Fortran, Prolog, Pascal, Basic, Assembly
          o   Visual SourceSafe, CVS
     Operating Systems & Related Technologies
          o   Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003 and MS DOS
          o   Linux, Unix, Solaris, AIX
          o   Windows NT/2000/2003 Domain and Active Directory Administration
          o   Exchange 2000/2003 Administration
          o   Microsoft IIS and DNS Administration
     Databases & Related Technologies
          o   SQL Server, Access, Oracle, Postgres
          o   SQL, ADO, ADO.NET, OLEDB, ODBC, JDBC

     Development Software
          o   Visual Studio 5.0/6.0, Visual Studio .NET 2000/2003
          o   Visual Age for Java, Forte for Java, Sun One Studio, NetBeans
Areas of Study & Interest
     Database Management Systems
     Internet Technologies
     Cryptography/Internet Security
     Distributed Systems
     Communications/Wireless Applications
     Operating Systems
     Artificial Intelligence
     Biomedical Software
     Robotics

     Founder/President: May 2000 - Present
      Kitsilano Consulting, Inc.
      Vancouver, BC
           o Design and implementation of custom applications and eCommerce solutions in .NET (C#,
                ASP.NET and ADO.NET), Java, XML, C++ and Visual Basic
           o See Projects for more information
     Senior Software Developer: Jan 2000 - May 2000, Inc.
      Vancouver, BC
         o Implemented and documented an application that maintained a cached file hierarchy
              representing the state of an online auction system. Messages sent by various components
              of the market system were monitored and resulted in changes to the file hierarchy. This
              hierarchy resided on a web server and allowed scalable high performance client access.
         o Designed, implemented and documented an application that sent configurable messages
              to other components of the market system. The main use of this application was for
              initializing the state of cached file hierarchies.
         o Designed, implemented and documented a real-time notification system allowing users to
              monitor auction system events such as bid, trade and player activity. Users could specify,
              modify, and constrain the events they wished to receive. Notifications were viewable
              online and could also be received by email.
     Senior Software Developer: Aug 1997 - Jan 2000
      Liberty Integration Software, Inc.
      Vancouver, BC
          o Designed and implemented an OLE DB database driver for accessing PICK based multi-
                value databases. Multi-value data was presented to OLE DB consumers in
                hierarchical/chaptered rowsets, preserving its multi-dimensional structure. Conformance to
                a new technology and internal multi-threaded optimization techniques resulted in this
                driver significantly outperforming its ODBC predecessor.
          o Designed, implemented and documented an application for defining multi-value table/file
                metadata required by the OLE DB driver. This application provided an invaluable mapping
                service, as PICK based databases do not normally provide table metadata. In addition to
                creating and modifying metadata, users were able to view a hierarchical graphical preview
                of their metadata mappings without committing/saving their changes.
          o Designed and implemented an ActiveX component that produced XML documents from
                relational and multi-value database queries/tables. An XML document could be produced
                from any database query or table with a primary key (provided an OLE DB driver was
                present for the database). Multi-value database query/table record substructures were
                preserved and XML document content could be written to a multi-value database table.
          o Designed and implemented command line programs for sending and receiving email. The
                programs served as a bridge between external email systems and a client's proprietary
                internal messaging system.
          o   Designed and implemented a multi-component interviewing system for Image
              Engineering, a client specializing in studies quantifying brand image and identity.
                      Interview Builder
                       Used to create interview scripts.
                      Interviewer
                       Conducted interviews designed to gauge consumer brand perception. An
                       interview consisted of a series of instructional screens with numeric entry,
                       multiple choice, fixed-sum multiple choice and slider questions.
                      Importer
                       Translated the interview script and associated interview response files into a
                       format compatible with the BlackBox.
                      BlackBox
                       A third party application that performed applied statistical and sparse data
                       astrophysical data processing.
                      Report Writer
                        Created printable reports and charts for presentation purposes. Results of the
                        BlackBox were used directly and in combination with the results of invoked helper
                        programs. The helper programs used the results of the BlackBox to perform
                        further statistical processing.
          o   Designed, implemented and maintained a network for Image Engineering.
          o   Designed, authored and maintained four websites for Image Engineering. Interactive site
              features included user account creation and authenticated file transfers. Account creation
              was supported by an NT service accessed through a multifunctional ActiveX wrapper
              component. Outgoing email functionality of the component was used for emailing
              generated account information and also for notifying the website administrator that a new
              registration had occurred. File acceptance and enumeration functionality of the component
              was used during file uploading and downloading.
     Programmer/System Administrator: June 1996 - Aug 1997
      Sacré Consultants Ltd.
      Vancouver, BC
          o Developed raster to vector conversion software for automating the translation of hard copy
              engineering drawings to digital format.
          o Designed and implemented a multiple site wide area network.
          o Onsite and remote network administration.

     Image Engineering, Inc.

          o   Designed, implemented and hosted a C#/ASP.NET/XML/XSD/SQL Server based online
              interviewer. This second generation interviewer included enhanced versions of all
              elements of the original interviewer as well as new image based questions, branch logic
              and list looping. The client has extensive keyword and category metadata associated with
              a database of over 15,000 coded images. This allows inferences of user personality and
              behaviour from their image selections during an interview. Both the script format
              consumed by the interview engine and the results it produced were implemented in
              XML/XSD, allowing efficient standards based representation of scripts and results.
          o   Designed and implemented a C#/XML/Excel converter component that converts the
              results of the new online interviewer to any of the following formats:
                        Excel tabbed format for industry standard data table analysis
                        BlackBox format for further processing and custom report generation
                        Image frequency format for inferring user perceptions from image selections
          o   Designed, implemented and hosted a C#/ASP.NET/SQL Server user registration system
              for users to participate in the online interviews.
       o   Designed and implemented a participant invitation system to send email invitations to
           registered and non-registered users.
       o   Designed and implemented a C#/SQL Server administrator application for the interviewing
           system. The administrator application provided a central interface for maintenance of
           interviews, participants, invitations and images used by the above interviewing system.
       o   Performed automated and manual repair of damaged and incomplete data files for various
           Image Engineering branding studies.
       o   Created an application for Image Engineering that performed various Excel and Sp1 file
           conversions. An Excel matrix is a two-dimensional data representation with embedded row
           and column headings in the first column and row. A segmented Excel file has only column
           headings and has a special column denoting the market segment from which the
           respondent originated. Sp1 files are one of the proprietary BlackBox output matrices. The
           following conversions were supported:
                   Segmented Excel -> Sp1
                   Segmented Excel -> Excel Matrix
                   Excel Matrix -> Sp1
                   Sp1 -> Excel Matrix
       o   Rewrote one of the Image Engineering helper programs leveraged by the Report Writer.
           This program used BlackBox results and applied statistical algorithms to determine the
           "distance" of a brand from a set of base brands. The output of this helper program was
           used by the Report Writer to create Premium Distance reports.
       o   Enhanced and corrected issues with Image Engineering's Interview Builder.
       o   Enhanced and corrected issues with Image Engineering's Importer.
       o   Continued administration, support, maintenance and evolution of Image Engineering's

   ComSourceOne, Ltd.

       o   Designed and implemented a sophisticated MDI-based C# multi-lingual, multi-currency
           financial application (English/Japanese and USD/Yen). The application generated finance
           and lease quotes for heavy equipment. Extreme accuracy was involved as the application
           dealt with very large sums of money.
       o   The calculus based calculations allowed sales representatives to generate uniquely
           identified quotes that gave split rates of return and automatically generated payment
           schedules. Calculation factors included net present value, internal rate of return, sales
           tax, asset taxes and insurance. Each of the costs decayed over time according to strict
           business rules.
       o   Payments could be entered and the rate of return calculated or a rate of return could be
           entered and the payments could be calculated. A mixture of calculated and fixed
           payments was also supported.
       o   Full color reports could be generated and printed for each quote.
       o   Data and configuration files were represented in industry standard XML.

   Singular Inversions, Inc.

       o   Designed and implemented a C#/ASP.NET/SQL Server fee based web service for online
           processing of image modeling files created by their existing FaceGen software (auto-
           rendering of 3D models of human faces from a 2D image). Assisted in enhancing
           FaceGen to collect and submit authentication and image data to the web service using
       o   Designed and implemented a C#/ASP.NET/SQL Server administrative system to manage
           users and their image processing credits. The administrative system also provided credit
           and system usage reports on a per user basis.
       o   The C# web service processed authentication and submission requests and placed the job
           data in a SQL Server database after validating and decrementing user credits.
       o   Designed and implemented a C# Windows Service leveraged by the C# web service to
           monitor and manage jobs submitted by the web service. In order to distribute the intense
               image processing load, image jobs were submitted via asymmetric .NET remoting to a
               pool of available machines where actual job processing occurred. Upon asymmetric
               callback to the Windows Service, the job was closed, the result emailed to the user and
               the pool of available worker machines updated.

     Liberty Integration Software, Inc. / GAeXpress, Inc. / FusionWare

          o    Implemented core functionality upgrades to Java based enterprise server application
               (functionality similar to BizTalk). Enhancements included SMTP action support, job
               queuing, administrative process control (worker thread management) and versioning
               support for documents that defined the execution context (similar to CVS and SourceSafe)
          o    Created architectural documentation for the OLE DB database driver. During the handoff
               to Liberty's parent company (GAeXpress), documentation was vital for developers and
               personnel involved with driver support, maintenance and enhancement.
          o    Corrected high priority issues with the OLE DB database driver that arose from customer
               and business partner requests.

     QuoteMedia, Inc.

          o    Designed and implemented a JSP/Oracle user registration system that allowed over
               20,000 direct and affiliate users to register and maintain profiles and permissions for a
               variety of basic and premium online stock analysis tools.
          o    Recipients of real-time stock data had to complete a series of stock exchange agreement
               forms prior to receiving real-time data. The system collected agreement and credit card
               information before interfacing with underlying agreement and payment gateway sub-
          o    Ongoing requests for change and enhancements were conducted while maintaining data
               integrity and service for existing users.

     Michael C. Sack
      President, Image Engineering Inc.
      "Dave Weeden is the rarest of software developers/technical professionals. His work is always on
      time, of the highest quality, and he can communicate with normal human beings about their needs
      and how the software meets these needs. Most impressively, he genuinely cares about how his
      work impacts his clients. When you combine this attitude and commitment with a very high skill
      level and a creative approach to problem solving, you get someone who performs in the manner we
      all hope for and seldom receive.
      My organization has spent over $1 million on software development projects over the past five
      years where Dave has headed the development team. In my view, this was the first money that
      was ever well spent by the organization on software since we opened our doors in the market
      research/data processing business over 15 years ago. We have been hiring developers for that
      entire period.
      Please feel free to contact me if you have specific questions at (502) 228-1858."

     Robert Houben
      Formerly: Vice President of R&D, Liberty Integration Software, Inc.
      "Dave Weeden was my senior Software Developer at Liberty Integration Software, Inc. and while
      there took on some of the most challenging software research, design and implementation projects.
      One example of this was the OLE DB driver, which required reverse engineering the ATL templates
      for OLE DB that Microsoft provided so that we could continue to use them, yet produce metadata
      dynamically (which they were not designed to support).
      Dave always strove for excellence, and was always finding ways to improve the design and
      implementation of the products and projects that he worked on. His customer support skills were
      second to none. His customers were always satisfied with the work done."
Formal Education
     University of British Columbia: 1994 - 1996
      Vancouver, BC
      B.Sc., Computer Science Major
     University of Victoria: 1992 - 1994
      Victoria, BC
      Studies focusing on computer science
     Trinity College, University of Toronto: 1988 - 1992
      Toronto, ON
      B.Sc., Human Physiology Major, Physical Anthropology Minor

Professional Conferences
     Sun Headquarter Briefing: Java 2 Enterprise Edition
      Menlo Park, CA
     Microsoft TechEd 99
      Dallas, TX
     OLE DB for OLAP launch
      Redmond, WA