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									Women’s Tennis Apparel Guide

This article will give you an idea when you are buying or investing
different tennis apparels for women. As we all know that Tennis Apparels
for women come first in every lady tennis players before they concentrate
with their practices. This article will be concentrating only of Nike
and Adidas trademarks of tennis apparels for women with their suggested
prices to give each viewer an insight how much to invest in your
preferred sports.

If you are very fanatic with Nike products, you can select the following
materials as your primary skirts:

(1) Nike Women’s Personal Best Running Skirt, this adventure knit skirt
can shake up your running routine, a versatile option that can be use for
running or tennis. It features an internal compression that allows the
women tennis player for excellent mobility, coverage and comfort because
of the materials they used. A 92% ultraviolet protective and 8%
polyester spandex circular knit skirt for only $30.00 per skirt

(2) Nike Women’s New Power Skirt Holiday 2007-127806-404, a classic power
skirt with a great modern look into 1-inch lower on the waist that
inspired from the best selling Cardio Capri with wide waistband,
flattering fit and internal compression for a direct striking hit for
only $18.95

(3) Nike Women’s Refined Border Skirt Holiday 2008-255760, can serve up a
great game of this 13.25-inch Dri-FIT skirt with internal compression
shorts to perform you well for winning experience and in the side slits
which gives you a greater range of movement for only $25.00 each

(4) Nike Women’s Day Skirt Summer 2009-337582, this jersey skirt with
build-in under short, satin piping with elasticized waistband together
with self-fabric pleats at the border for only $60.00

(5) Nike Women’s Border Skirt Spring 2009-327034 features with an inner
short, a contrast color and laminated waistband for your comfortable
playing fit to keep you cool from their Dri-FIT fabrication for only

(6) Nike Women’s Border Team Skirt-242081 is a 13-inch pull-on skirt
attached with internal compression short and a trim at the side and edge
of the skirt and side slits for a wide range of mobility for only $50.00
each. You can also select variety of winning experience against sweat
through the Nike Women’s Core Compression Short-279741 for only $14.00
each and the Nike Women’s Tempo Track Short Spring 2009-211646 for only
$19.00 each.

If you are an Adidas trademark concern lady player, you can try the
different skirts, I am going to mention:

(1) Adidas Women’s Competition Short Summer 2008, this 86% nylon and 14%
spandex pull-on skirt with attached short tight and a pleated bottom edge
of skirt to increase your movement experience for only $15.00 each
(2) Adidas Women’s Competition Short Winter 2009 is a 12-inch 100%
polyester pull-on lightweight wrap style skirt with an attached inner
short to enhance big movements in the hard court for only $31.00 per
piece. You can also try investing some of the Adidas way like the Adidas
Women’s Princess Short Spring 2009 for only $21.95 together with the
Adidas Women’s Classic Tennis Slip Spring 2009-E15996 for only $15.00 and
also the Adidas Women’s Basic 3 Stripes Tobago Short for only $35.00.

Whatever your choice of trademark, either Adidas or Nike, still a winning
experience in your winning performance for great freedom of movement for
its durable and cool that can absorb sweat to lead your way a perfect
sweet spot on your tennis racket because of your right Tennis Apparel
choice. Hit the ball with your big freedom of movement of the Adidas and
Nike way skirt and shorts.

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