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Company Overview

Dynamic Animations Systems, Inc. (DAS) is dedicated to the development of distributed,
interactive, and immersive virtual reality applications for training, education, entertainment,
and government systems. Founded in 1995 by experts from the Defense Simulation and
Visualization community, DAS was formed to develop the technology infrastructure and
harness the creative talent to become the leading provider of interactive experiences for
the cyberspace of tomorrow. DAS currently specializes in the development of real-time
distributed gaming and visualization environments for analysis and training applications
supporting both government and commercial customers.
DAS personnel are highly trained in multi-platform interactive visualization, commercial
game development, distributed interactive simulation and DoD High Level Architecture
applications, and have extensive experience in graphical modeling and simulation
development. DAS has experience serving, military, academic, and commercial clients
and has numerous industry partners and associates in key technology areas. We work
closely with these partners to realize the potential of the simulation and training
While leveraging experience gained on previous projects DAS has engineered its own
proprietary visualization and simulation technologies. Our Products Group has a growing
portfolio of commercially available software, optimized specifically for the Windows PC
At the core of the DAS product set is the Apex SDK, a graphics API built using gaming
technology and the DirectX API from Microsoft. The Apex SDK maximizes the power of
the modern PC graphics pipeline, taking advantage of the latest advances in real-time 3D
graphics, including pixel and vertex shaders, while also offering enormous flexibility to the
Built on top of the Apex SDK, the DasIG SDK product is a simulation API that adds
features commonly used by the simulation and training markets. Taking advantage of the
raw power and flexibility of the Apex SDK, the DasIG SDK allows for simulation and
training applications to reach high levels of visual quality using inexpensive COTS PC

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In conjunction with the API products, DAS also provides a set of tools to assist in the
creation of Apex-based 3D environments and effects. The Muon tool provides a graphical
interface to the particle system effects built in to the Apex SDK, allowing users to create
these effects without any programming. The Gaia tool offers a visual environment for
assembling various individual 3D objects, particle effects, and animations into a coherent
scene and saving them out as a single optimized package. The Luna tool provides the
ability to pre-compute detailed static lighting and shadow information for a scene and save
these out into a second texture set for use during runtime. All of these tools are designed
to give the user more control over their applications and speed up the process of creating
and integrating rich art assets into their environments.
Dynamic Animation Systems' Entertainment Group (DAS Entertainment) is dedicated to
bringing DAS Technology to the retail entertainment domain. We are currently developing
Xbox and PC games loosely based on the U.S. Army's Objective Force concepts. By
combining the high performance Apex graphics engine technology with the power of the
Xbox and the real-world game play of Objective Force and other game concepts, the DAS
Entertainment Group is fast becoming a recognized player in the videogame industry.
As a visual systems and gaming solutions provider, DAS is unsurpassed in quality and
capability, and can support customers in the way that suits them best:
   1) DAS can provide turn-key training, visualization or gaming systems to our
   2) DAS can simply license our tools and Software Development kits to a customer if
      that is all they desire; or
   3) DAS can provide custom software and/or artwork development services to help our
      customers meet their goals.
In short, DAS supports our customers in the way that best fits their needs.

Experience At A Glance
DAS provides technical solutions, program management, and subject matter expertise,
tailored to customer needs. The following paragraphs highlight recent experience.
                            Simulation and Training Solutions
National Fire Academy (NFA)
As prime contractor DAS provides state of the art simulation and training solutions at
NFA’s National Emergency Training Center in Emittsburg, MD. The NFA and DAS are
developing the National Fire Academy's on-campus Simulation Laboratory (Sim Lab)
using Apex to provide a real-time 3D graphics intensive simulation environment for
training the Nation’s firefighters and emergency response personnel. Development work
includes design and deployment of a national simulation and training network, which
provides training systems at Government approved locations throughout the United

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States. DAS expertise provides both the firefighting simulation environment and Learning
Management systems elements to maximize training value.

USDA Forest Service (USFS)
Through a partnership with the National Fire Academy, DAS was also selected to support
the training needs of the USDA Forest Service. To support one of these training needs,
DAS is developing a 3D wild land fire fighting training simulator. This training simulator
provides a physically realistic fire propagation model based on fuel types, various
environmental conditions, and the terrain topology. Trainees have the ability to request
resources and build fire lines to hinder and stop the propagation of the fire.

Interactive Multisensor Analysis Training (IMAT)
For the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Carderock Division, DAS engineers are
supporting the development of the Interactive Multisensor Analysis Training (IMAT). The
IMAT system utilizes advanced 3D graphics, scientific visualization methods, animations
and true to life audio designs to represent complex physical relationships and acoustic
phenomena involved in sonar analysis. DAS personnel are directly responsible for the
development of the physics based 3D graphics and scientific visualization capabilities of
IMAT. Based on its success, this sonar visualization and training system has been
chosen by the Navy for implementation as a tactical decision aid for at sea Naval forces,
and is now under full scale development.

Future Naval Capabilities (FNC) program
As a prime contractor, DAS has provided simulation-training development and design
services for the Office of Naval Research in two areas under the Virtual Technologies and
Environments (VIRTE) program. For VIRTE Demo I, DAS directed a project team in the
development of the prototype Virtual Environment Landing Craft Air Cushioned (VELCAC)
trainer – a PC based simulator that can be used for supplementing the training of LCAC
Craftmasters, Engineers, and Navigators in vehicle operations and tactical employment
operations. Among other successes, this effort leveraged DAS’ Apex technology as
licensed to the government to provide revolutionary capabilities in the visualization of the
ocean environment. Under Demo II, DAS provided research and design elements for a
state of the art Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) training simulator for Close
Quarters Combat (CQB) for both US Marine and US Special Operations Forces.

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Synthetic Ranges and Maritime Training Environments
Experienced DAS staff provide military training requirements analysis and simulation
design services to a number of military customers. DAS engineers provide expertise in
requirements generation, design of simulation based training solutions, identification of
technology applications for Naval forces training and mission rehearsal, and analysis of
existing training systems solutions. DAS experience has also been used for development
of training metrics, trade-space studies, and affordability studies.

Grizzly Engineering Training System (GETS)
In support of United Defense LP, DAS developed a real-time dynamic terrain capability
with particle system special effects for the Grizzly Engineering and Training System
(GETS). This capability provided real-time deformation of any arbitrary OpenFlight-based
terrain to simulate earth plowing, blade spoil build up, and obstacle breaching. A unique
feature of the DAS solution was the ability to provide permanent terrain deformation,
enabling real-time re-deformation of previously deformed areas.

The Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel (DCSPER) for the Army has a vision of a “battle
lab” for personnel. This concept will allow DCSPER staff to rapidly conduct analysis on
the policy options to support strategic, policy, and resource issues affecting the U.S. Army
in effectively distributing the enlisted force. DAS, in conjunction with Booz•Allen &
Hamilton developed a simulation of the processes performed by DCSPER and the
Personnel Command (PERSCOM) in manipulating the current Army enlisted force
structure. PERSIM will accurately model the movement of enlisted personnel and the
stresses imposed on the force structure by promotions, accessions, losses, transitions,
and the movements themselves.

Advanced distributed simulation network architectures
DAS has also been involved in the development of the High Level Architecture (HLA)
Runtime Infrastructure (RTI). The RTI is a middleware component for DoD
simulation/training applications, which provides distributed communication and
coordination services and helps promote interoperability. DAS has been involved in the
development of the DMSO RTI-NG since its inception, and continues to provide expertise
for the design, implementation, maintenance, and customer support of RTI-NG. DAS
personnel also provide on-site support for DoD simulation programs, creating customized
RTI behavior as needed and assisting with federation design, test and debugging within
the HLA environment.

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                      Simulation Based Acquisition (SBA) programs
Joint Precision Strike Demonstration
DAS has extensive experience in the support of Simulation and Modeling for Acquisition
Requirements and Training (SMART) and Simulation Based Acquisition (SBA) programs
almost since its inception. DAS gained recognition by developing components for the US
Army Joint Precision Strike Demonstration (JPSD) - the Department of Defense's first
Advanced Concepts Technology Demonstration (ACTD). This project was designed to
simulate coordination of deep strike capabilities that included joint forces. JPSD later
became the test-bed for performing large-scale army experiments with live and synthetic
soldiers. With a force size of 10k entities versus 10k entities, this project set an early
record for massive multi-player wargaming.
DAS’ relationship with JPSD has been a long-term one and now DAS supports efforts
such as the Joint Virtual Battlespace (JVB) program and Airborne Common Sensor (ACS)
program under the umbrella of the Joint Precision Strike Demonstration (JPSD) office.
DAS’ support has been multi-faceted, ranging from Visualization support, to network
engineering, to simulation program management support. DAS was one of the initial
developers supporting the Airborne Common Sensor (ACS) program at JPSD to aid in the
selection of new sensors. And DAS continues to support the Joint Virtual Battle space
(JVB) program, aiding PM FCS and the Lead Systems Integrator (LSI) in the FCS
decision process.

Modeling Architecture for Technology and Research Experimentation (MATREX)

In March, 2003, Dynamic Animation Systems was selected as the Prime Contractor for
the Joint Virtual Battlespace (JVB) STO. JVB merged with the Virtual Distributed
Laboratory for Modeling and Simulation (VDLMS) STO to form the Modeling Architecture
for Technology and Research EXperimentation (MATREX) STO. DAS is the Prime
Contractor for the Architecture and Integration efforts, as well as the Prime for the C3 Grid
component. DAS Prime contract extends through February, 2008. The MATREX program
provides SBA capability to support acquisition decisions for Army transformation.
MATREX efforts initially will focus on capabilities to explore how the Future Combat
System (FCS) contributes to the total capability of the Objective Force and how the
Objective Force plays in a Joint Environment.

The goal of MATREX is to provide the Army with a set of SMART Tools that will support
full spectrum analysis of system designs and operational concepts while reducing risk and
acquisition timelines. MATREX is designed to augment current Modeling & Simulation
(M&S) assessment efforts and provide a cohesive architecture to support applications of
SMART. MATREX is a framework, not a model, designed to integrate existing models into
a robust representation of Battlespace with the highest fidelity digital terrain, dynamic
environmental effects, and physics-based modeling. The MATREX architecture or
framework allows integrated models to pass data between themselves and share a
common synthetic Battlespace. It provides a flexible, robust toolbox for evaluation of

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concepts, technologies, and proposals. Inserting concepts into the MATREX M&S
framework provides data on the operational impact of system trades, concept strengths,
tactics, techniques & procedures (TTPs), and Concepts of Operation (CONOPS) from
entity to Joint Task Force levels. MATREX will conduct end-to-end experiments at entity
level resolution. The unique MATREX architecture allows scenario event impacts to one
model to be observed in other models at various echelons. Just as in a real battle, the
impact of the events in one location can influence the activity in another location. The
MATREX approach to the critical issue of M&S support to FCS and the Objective Force
makes use of the core competencies of many organizations.

The MATREX Program brings together a world class team of M&S experts to include the
Army Material Command (AMC); Research Development and Engineering Command
Components; the Department of Energy (DOE) National Laboratories; the Engineer
Research and Development Center (ERDC); various TRADOC organizations; Joint
Forces Command (JFCOM), and Defense Modeling Simulation Office (DMSO). Several
contractors provide experts and execution support for the program. MATREX also works
closely with the Objective Task Force, Program Manager FCS, and the Training and
Doctrine Command to identify issues, requirements, and conduct experiments.

Warfighting Analysis and Integration Center

While working with the Army Assistant Vice Chief of Staff’s Warfighter Analysis and
Integration Center (WAIC), DAS personnel developed advanced visualization capabilities
for the demonstration and analysis of proposed Army weapon systems for Force XXI and
the Army After Next. DAS was instrumental in creating the Grizzly Virtual Prototype
Master Plan for PM Grizzly to develop a virtual Grizzly. Among the many products DAS
developed for the WAIC were real-time advanced texturing capabilities supporting
analysis of proposed camouflaging techniques, high fidelity databases for 21st Century
Land Warrior Simulation, and a web-based Plan View Display (PVD) for analysis and
review of simulated or live scenarios.

                              C4ISR Systems Development
DAS personnel played a crucial role in the development of the Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Course of Action Analysis (COAA) System
Prototype. This advanced battlefield visualization system prototyped tools for creating and
rapidly analyzing proposed battle plans. By building tools that allow revolutionary ways to
visualize battlefield data, DAS enabled military planners to preview battle situations and
analyze potential outcomes in revolutionary ways.

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                            Driver Simulators and Simulations
DAS supported the development of a driving simulator for ITT-Automotive. The simulator
was a replica of an existing vehicle and responded accurately and in real-time to the road
conditions the player's vehicle was traversing in the simulation. Through the use of DAS’s
Virtual Proving Grounds technology, ITT-Automotive was empowered with a test bed
where they could test the effects of anti-lock braking systems on prototype vehicles as
well as evaluate how design modifications to braking and traction control systems might
effect the handling of different vehicles.

                            Medical Simulation Technologies
Leveraging the experience with ITT-Automotive, DAS worked with industry partners to
engineer a game engine and database for a virtual reality product for HT Medical of
Rockville, Maryland. This game featured a player navigating the human heart and
destroying dangerous obstacles, while viewing the game world through a motion tracked
head mounted display. Further, DAS extended the original product by adding special
effects and play mechanics to improve playability and increase entertainment value.

                          Night Vision Simulation Technologies
Under contract with CECOM/NVESD, DAS personnel were instrumental in developing the
Optimized Synthetic Infrared Interactive Simulation (OSIRIS). This distributed interactive
simulation for night vision scenarios included capabilities for modeling advanced platform
sensors and Dismounted Infantry (DI). To truly simulate a battlefield environment, the
OSIRIS environment featured an integrated Head Mounted Display, motion trackers,
bipedal locomotion device (stair stepper), and real-time weapons tracking, targeting, and

                                   Commercial Gaming
DAS Entertainment can supply your gaming project with an experienced game
development team consisting of programmers and artists from across the industry. As a
registered Xbox, Gameboy Advanced, and GameCUBE developer we are on top of the
latest technology available in the entertainment console marketplace. Our first venture
into the retail gaming marketplace, an as yet undisclosed title to be released in the
summer of '04, is the culmination of two years of engineering and artistic development for
DAS. Our suite of game development tools, especially our level editor technology, is full-
featured and easy to use, allowing our game designers as much creative freedom as
possible to develop engaging and edgy titles.

DAS Entertainment also offers contract art and programming services. We can take a
customer’s game idea and make it a reality for them. We develop game content using a

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variety of industry standard tools, such as 3DS Max and Maya. We have experienced
industry professionals who develop the highest quality models, animations, and levels.

Our Future
DAS is committed to providing outstanding graphics, simulation and gaming products and
services to our customers. Our goal is to work with you to provide a complete solution to
you and your customers in whatever way makes the most sense for you – as a product
vendor, a prototype developer, or the simulation and/or graphics experts throughout your
entire project. With an ever growing presence in the commercial gaming market, DAS is
at the nexus of where gaming and graphics technology meet with the needs of training
and simulation. We are confident that after working together we will become your
graphics partner of choice – the partner that helps you succeed in bringing the full power
of 3D simulation and gaming to your applications and systems.

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