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									                            Full Name: Alexander John Barnfield       DOB: June 1983
Alex Barnfield              Address: 46 King Street, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2DL
Curriculum Vitae            Contact:

University of Hull (2002 – 2006)

      MSc in Games Programming                    - Distinction
             Relevant Modules:
                 Real Time Computer Graphics                     - 88%
                 C++ Programming and Design                      - 79%
                 Advanced Graphics                               - 74%
                 Project: Shader Based Lighting Models           - 74%
                 Simulation and Distributed Systems              - 70%

      BSc (Hons.) Software Engineering            - First Class
             Relevant Modules:
                 Virtual Environments and Advanced Graphics      - 85%
                 Graphics and User Interface Design              - 83%
                 Advanced Software Engineering                   - 79%
                 Project: Fractal terrain generation             - 68%

Masters Dissertation:
A flexible shader based rendering engine and a simple first person shooter testbed. Special
attention was paid to lighting techniques and a fast refraction effect. Implementations were
completed for both HLSL and GLSL.

Computer Skills:

    Programming languages:
      C++, C, Java, and C#
    Programming Technologies:
      OpenGL, Direct3D, Wii/Gamecube GX Graphics Library, HLSL, CG and GLSL
      Wii/Gamecube AX Audio library, OpenAL, FMOD
    Source Control using Perforce, SVN and CVS
    Knowledge and experience of assembly languages and microprocessor architecture
    TCP/IP programming
    Multi-threaded programming using the Win32 API
    Path finding
    Familiarity with a variety of software including Paint Shop Pro, Word, Excel and Access.
Work Experience

Free Radical Design - Game Programmer, (January 2007-Present)
Responsibilities include implementing and maintaining hardware level systems for an undisclosed
project and platform, as well as adding various gameplay and GUI elements.

Holiday jobs during university included database creation, table waiting and bar work.

Sport, Recreation and Interests
Beyond computer and console games, I enjoy playing tennis, cycling and studying the Japanese
language. During the holidays I enjoy hiking, especially in the Swiss Alps, however my last holiday
was spent touring Japan.

Additional Information
I have worked as part of a programming team in both my BSc and Msc, this included acting as
graphics programmer for a 3D cel-shaded puzzle game which for both the PC and Gamecube.
I completed two years of Japanese whilst at Hull (2004-2006), during which I acted as student
representative. I am currently taking a third year of Japanese at Nottingham Trent College.
Since high school I have contributed to fan-made add-ons in roles including co-producer, director,
mission scripter and graphics programmer.

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