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Optimal Infotech Pvt.
Ltd. is the leading
professional Information
Technology           firm
dedicated to assisting
Garment            Export
organizations           in
deploying     high-impact
Enterprise      Resource
Management System –
VisualGEMS           that
delivers unprecedented
levels of manageability
and adaptability.

VisualGEMS leverages
the power of 32-bit
windows            based
computing environments
(Windows NT, Windows
95/98), enabling users of
VisualGEMS to take full
advantage of the unique
business benefits that
windows based solutions

                       A Total ERP Solution For

A Product Of :

VisualGEMS is architectured on a coherent high level strategy based on a robust technology
framework offering a truly state of the art integrated enterprise resource management solution.

VisualGEMS keeps your operations tuned to very those standards of business management that
your customers operate in and your competitors dream to achieve.

Technology Features:

   VisualGEMS is a proactive event driven Enterprise Resource Management System.
   VisualGEMS maintains on-line data updating across all modules.
   Works on 32-bit window based architecture providing optimum utilization of available
    computing power and excellent data warehousing.
   Capable of tight inter-module integration for end-to-end information sharing.
   Produces high quality documents / reports with optional color printing.
   Offers connectivity to a range of backends (RDBMS such as Oracle, & MS-SQL).
   Provides E-mail connectivity for online paperless transmission of Documents & reports.
   OLE compliance for export of documents and reports in MS-Word and MS-Excel format.

Application Features :

   Supports Export orders with multi-style, multiple delivery lots & Multiple PO’s.
   Generates accurate Order wise material plan, production plan & shipment plan.
   Provides instant re-work of material requirement plan to changing customers needs.
   Sketch / photo of garment can be stored with orders, style bank or measurement chart.
   Generates consolidated material requirements plan for multiple orders with summary.
   Provides on-line stock control resulting in reduced raw material & garment inventory.
   The material receipts are automatically allocated order wise based on material plan.
   Controls Purchase Ordering based on approved material plans with comprehensive decision
    support aid from past purchase data.
   Provides a built-in editor to customize the document formats as per needs.
   Features Interactive Reporting interface for easy customization of the presentation formats
    With user defined column positions, column titles and sorting on desired columns.
   Provides authorization system of material purchase and issues for cost control.
   Locking of approved or confirmed cost sheets & BOM’s to prevent unwanted alterations.
   Special features (Yarn Working) for knitted garments merchandising.
Functional Building Blocks of VisualGEMS:

                           VisualGEMS – Garment Export Management System
        Merchandising Management

        Export Order         Purchase                Inventory              Production
        Management           Management              Management             Management

                                             Financial Management

                                             Financial             Packing Credit             FDBP
                                            Accounting              Management              Management
     Commercial Management

      Shipment               Quota
     Management            Management

                                                        Optional Modules
              Import L/C
             Management                  Messaging & Alert             Early Warning              HR &
                                         Reporting Services               System                 Payroll

                                     VisualRetail         Advance Production              Standard Minute
                                                               Planning                     Value (SMV)

                                           Standard Modules
                                                 Export Order Management:

               Purchase                             Export Order & its tracking Buyer wise, Style wise,
                                                     Merchandiser wise, Order Status wise, etc.
                                                    Tracking of order wise sample approvals (pending, delayed, due, etc.)
          Export        MERCHANDISING                against the target dates.
          Order         MANAGEMENT                  Material Requirements planning (fabric, accessories, and yarns) from
                                                     per piece consumption.
                                                    Order wise estimated costing (budgeting).
    Inventory Production                            Also tracks measurement charts, standard consumption & Sketches.
                                                    Backward working of Grey Fabric & Yarn requirements from
                                                     Finished Fabric consumption.

Purchase Management:
    Generation of Local & Import Purchase Orders for fabrics accessories & yarn from the material
     Requirements planing done (single order or consolidated) in the Export Order Management stage.
    Tracking of deliveries against the P.O.s. & monitoring overall purchase against the export orders.
    Tracking confirmation from Supplier.
Inventory Management:
       Receipt / Issue of materials against the Purchase Orders, Export Orders & Job Work Orders.
       Tracking of stocks: daily inwards / daily outwards / ledgers / location wise / party wise.
       Tracking of returns from factory, processors as well as to suppliers & buyers.
       Tracking garments made, shipped, balance & rejects order wise / style wise in quantity or ratio.
       Stock Transfers (between orders & locations ) and Adjustments.

Production Management:
       Production planning.
       Generation of Production Orders against Export Orders & tracking of Garments made.
       Export Order wises production monitoring at user defined operations points.
       Tracking issues to the factories & material reconciliation at the end of production.

Quota Management:
       FCFS applications & allotment of new certificates.
       Invoice wise quota endorsement, Revalidation,
        Transfers, Proof of Shipment, Quota Recredit etc.
       Tracking of Bank guarantees, quota requirements,
         Availability, used, balance, expiring.                                                    Shipment

    Shipment Management:                                                                     Import L/C Export L/C

        Generation of packing list, custom invoice, shipping bill,
         Commercial invoice & bank documents.
        Calculation & tracking of Duty drawback against shipments.
        Tracking of realizations, short shipments etc.
        Multiple packing lists allowing buyer wise formats.
        Export Sales Registers.
        User defined reports.
                                              Import L/C Export L/C:
                                                 FCFS applications & allotment of new certificates.
                                                 Invoice wise quota endorsement, Revalidation,
                                                 Transfers, Proof of Shipment, Quota Re-credit etc.
                                                 Tracking of Bank guarantees, quota requirements,
                                                 Availability, used, balance, expiring.

         Financial                           Finance Management:
                       MANAGEMENT                Bank, Cash, Purchase & Sales Accounting.
                                                 Receivables, Payables, General Ledger, Trial Balance, &
                                                  Bank Reconciliation.
Packing                                          On Line Balance Sheet / P&L with drill down to
 Credit                                           transactions.
                                                 Consolidated Statements for group of companies (P & L,
                                                  B/S, Funds Flow etc).
                                                 Sales, Purchase Summary Reports.
                                                 Integration with Inventory and Export invoice (draft).
                                             Optional Modules
                                            Early Warning System
                                                Setting Order wise Time Action Charts.
             Early Warning                      Person wise Activities Report for Period.
                System                          Proactive reminders based on time action charts.
                                                Raising Crisis Warnings.

Advanced Production Planning (APP)
   Defining Factory Capacity based on Standard (Basic) style.
   Capacity calculation based on Holidays & Planed Overtime and desired                    Advanced
    efficiency level.                                                                       Production
   Allocating Orders to factories based on criteria such as no of machines, daily           Planning
    output or production span.                                                                (APP)
   Graphical Order Allocation Chart for monitoring allocations.

                                            Messaging & Alert Reporting Services
                                                User to User & User to Group Messages across the network.
              Messaging &                       Message broadcast to all logged in users from Server Console.
             Alert Reporting                    Event reporting in the form of messages to defined users or
                Services                         groups based on predefined rules and lives data.
                                                Message logs to track viewed messages.

Visual Retail
   Finished Garments Sales & Distribution module.
   Tracking Stocks with Retailers based on Unique Stock & Sale Model.
                                                                                           Visual Retail
   Billing Based on Actual Dispatch or Sales Feedback.
   Retailer wise Sales & payable tracking.
   Tracking Most sold Style.

                                            Standard Minute Value (SMV)
               Standard                         Breakup of Production operations for a style into Multiple.
              Minute Value                      Operation wise Time Breakup for small activities.
                 (SMV)                          System generated SMV, Machine & Operators Requirement.

HR and Payroll
   User defined heads for Earnings and Deductions with user defined formula &
    conditions for each head.                                                                 HR and
   Detailed record of employees particulars with history.                                    Payroll
   Integration with Accounts and HR.
   Print Pay slip, schedules and Salary statements.
Benefits of using VisualGEMS :

   Minimize risk by working with professionals having experience with over 300 Garment Export
    Organization's computerization across 6 countries.
   Gain direct access to outstanding Information Technology solutions expertise.
   Use proven technology based solution, which is complete, robust and easy to use.
   Single solution covering all requirements offers standardization of working systems, enables
    Shorter learning times & reduces overall cost of ownership.
   Maximize the returns on your hardware and software investments.
   Fully protect your investments in the software by working with OPTIMAL who has long term
    commitment to the Garment Exports Industry.
   Continuous upgradation of your software keeping your I.T. Systems at the forefront of
   Introduce tested business practices and operational procedures followed by industry leaders.

Scalable Architecture of VisualGEMS:

VisualGEMS offers scalable architecture, which is easy to configure & implement. Scalability lets
your Information Management System grow with your business & remain tuned to your current

The key scalable parameters are:

   Preferences of backends starting from the entry level MS-Access to top-of- the-line Oracle
   Preference of starting with a single Module and expanding to cover full suite of 10 Modules.
   Start with entry level 5 User license and grow to enterprise wide 20, 30 or unlimited user

VisualGEMS Configurations & Platforms :
Considering different organizational scope and sizes, and their varying needs, VisualGEMS is
available in 3 different configurations:

A. Standard Version comes as a stand alone single user license. This configuration can be used
   on Pentium computers having Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 or NT and minimum of 64 MB RAM.

B. Professional Version comes as a single-site with 5 / 10 / 15 or more User license. The
   professional version can run on Windows NT or Windows 2000 server and Windows 95 / 98 /
   2000 / XP clients. Minimum configuration for client platform is Pentium computer with 64 MB
   RAM and local hard disk.

C. Enterprise Version comes for multiple sites (two or more locations) with 5 / 10 / 15 or
   more user license across the locations. Various connectivity options can be customized
   to suit specific Requirements. Online connectivity could be provided by Leased lines or
   VPN or web enabling. Offline Data sharing between sites is managed with special
   Import / Export tools.
OPTIMAL is a dynamic young organization engaged in promoting software products and
services using latest technologies to wide spectrum of corporations for over 10 years. The
quality & technology of the products reflect OPTIMAL's ability to produce & deliver world
class software solutions.

OPTIMAL has identified Garment Exports segment as one of the thrust areas and has
build up core competency in providing state-of-the-art ERP solutions with long-term
commitment to Garment Exports Organizations.

OPTIMAL's strength is derived from the core team of highly innovative, quality conscious
& dedicated software team, which is steered by enterprising and professionally qualified
management & ability of the team to listen to customers needs.

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