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									                                        Embassy of India

Press Release No.10/2006                                                       August      24,2006

Vilnius is host to the second regional conference on Indology for Central and Eastern

             A Conference on Indology, in which scholars from twelve Central and Eastern
European countries are taking part, has commenced in Vilnius on 23rd august and will last till
26th August. The Conference is organized by the Indian Embassy in Warsaw, concurrently
accredited to Lithuania, in collaboration with the Centre of Oriental Studies in Vilnius University
and is supported by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations. As many as 35 scholars from
various Central and East European countries including Poland and Lithuania, where Indology
has a strong tradition in the cities of Warsaw, Crakow, Poznan,Wrotslaw, Vilnius and Klaipeda
are presenting papers, and are engaged in serious discussions on the future direction of Indology
and mutual cooperation to strengthen linkages. Dr Vohra, from the Philosophy Department of
Delhi university was one of the keynote speakers along with the Indian Ambassador to Poland
and Lithuania, MrAnil Wadhwa and the rector of Vilnius University, Mr Judokas. The Indian
Ambassador also hosted the participants at a welcome reception attended by a cross section of
diplomats in Poland, representatives of the ministries of foreign affairs, economy, Vilnius
University as well as businessmen. Speaking at the opening of the Conference he expressed the
hope that all institutes where Indology was being taught in central and eastern Europe would
make a special effort to ensure that Indology studies kept in tune with the times, and was made
more contemporary and relevant, by linking ancient Indian studies to the contemporary world.
India, he stated, was changing quickly, and it was important not to get mired in re-analyzing the
past     without       linking      them     to     the     current      scenario     in     India.

             Participants will discuss how to start cooperative projects like standardized
publications for the teaching of Indology, exchange views on how to make Indology studies
more attractive, and how to start exchange programmes between teachers and students not only
with each other's universities but also with Indian universities. They will analyze the difficulties
faced and their possible funding solutions, and the ways in which they could use modern tools
like the internet to keep abreast of developments in each other's centers of Indology. The Head of
the Centre of Oriental Studies at the Vilnius University, Prog. Bernorius, a Sanskrit and
astronomy expert, stressed that there were immense possibilities of collaborative projects with
India for which funding from the EU would be available. The next Indology conference for the
region will be held within the year, possibly in Sofia.


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