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									                          Villa Rica High School
                      2010-2011 Dress Code Proposal
                             January 14, 2010
                  Submitted by: Dennis K. Brown, Principal
                       The VRHS Leadership Team

Students at Villa Rica High School are expected to dress in a manner that is supportive of
a positive learning environment that is free of distractions and disruptions. There is a
direct correlation between student dress and student behavior and academic achievement.
Appropriately dressed students behave appropriately. Students will be expected to
observe modes of dress, styles of hair, and personal grooming that support “A Premier
Learning Environment” at VRHS.

Any form of dress, hairstyle, or makeup which is considered contrary to good hygiene or
which is distracting or disruptive to the educational process will not be permitted.
AT VRHS; therefore as styles change, so may restrictions. Parents are asked to assist the
school by regularly monitoring their student’s dress.

Student Dress

Shirts: Male
        Colors: Shirts may be any color. Solid colors, plaids, and stripes are acceptable.
            All shirts must have a collar that is attached to the placket. Example: polo
               style shirts, button-down collared shirts, or a tailored dress shirt.
            Only the top two buttons of any shirt may be unbuttoned.
            All shirts must have sleeves that extend over the shoulder cap to the top of
               the bicep. Sleeves may be longer.
            Turtle neck and mock turtle neck shirts are acceptable.
            Length must reach past the waist band, but no longer than the finger tips
               of the student when the student’s hands are at his side.
            Manufacturer logos must be integrated into the fabric of the shirt and no
               larger than a quarter. No writing or other logos of any style may appear on
               the garment.
            Sweaters and sweatshirts may be worn if a collared shirt is worn
               underneath. V-Neck and Crew Neck are acceptable. The colors and styles
               of the sweater must match the above criteria. Sweatshirts must be solid
Shirts: Female
            Female shirts, blouses, sweaters, and sweatshirts must fit the same criteria
               as the males with the following exceptions;
                   a) Female dress blouses may differ in collar style as long as the
                       blouse is not revealing. No cleavage may show.
                   b) The shirt or blouse must be to the length to continually cover the
                      top of the pants or skirt. No midriff may show.
                   c) No tank tops or spaghetti strap tops will be allowed. This also
                      applies to wearing a tank top or spaghetti strap top over another
                      shirt. This style will not be allowed.
                   d) No undergarments may show either through the fabric or be
                      exposed by the fabric. Modesty must be preserved.

color tee shirts will be allowed for PE classes only.

        Colors: Khaki (various shades from stone to camel) or black is acceptable. NO
            Boys must wear slacks of the approved style and colors. Shorts must
               comply with style and color for pants. No denim shorts allowed.
            Girls may wear pants, skirts, or capris of the approved styles and colors.
               Length of capris and skirts must extend BELOW the knee.
            Tights worn under any skirt will not be considered as part of the length
               requirement. Skirts must comply with the length requirement.
            Corduroy and flat cargo style pants are acceptable.

        Don’ts: Pants with colors or designs on the pockets or legs; oversized pants (in
        length or width); pajamas, pants , shorts, or skirts with frayed hems; cut-offs; any
        color pants not approved above; gym shorts, sweatpants, wind-suit pants, pants
        with holes, visible zippers, or straps; exposed undergarments.

Athletic Shorts are allowed for PE classes only and must be kept in the locker and
carried to and from PE in a bag.


              No oversize belt buckles
              No belt buckles with graphics or drawings.
              No hats, head coverings, bandanas, sunglasses, or hair picks will be
               allowed on campus during school hours.
              No towels, shirts, bandanas, do-rags, or other objects hanging from pants
               or pants pockets. This includes watch fobs, chains, wallet chains, straps,
              Blankets may not be used as coats
              Bandanas of any color will not be allowed on campus for any reason.
              No body piercing that may be considered a disruption of the learning
               environment. This includes any exposed piercing other than earrings.
               Hairstyles that are designed for shock value and are a distraction will not
                be allowed. This includes colors that are not natural hair colors.
               Bookbags are subject to search by any school administrator or his/her


            Students may wear their choice of outerwear or winter coats; except, trench
            coats are not allowed on campus. However, any outerwear worn inside the
            building must follow the dress code policy.

               School letter jackets may be worn at any time.
               Trench coats may not be worn at any time on the campus of Villa Rica
                High School.
               Sweatshirts must be solid color with no writing or large print of any kind.
                Manufacturers’ logos may be no larger than a quarter and must be
                integrated into the fabric. No large logos or writing will be allowed.
               “Hoodies” may be worn if they fit the criteria of the sweatshirt, however,
                the hood may not be worn on the head at any time inside the building.

               Athletic shoes, dress shoes, Timberland style boots, and cowboy boots are
                acceptable. Sandals and leather flip flops may be worn. No rubber flip
                flops will be allowed.
               No house or bedroom slippers will be allowed.

Spirit Wear

        The only exception to the aforementioned dress code will be on Fridays. Each
        Friday throughout the school year students will be allowed to wear VRHS spirit
        wear and jeans.

        The spirit wear and jeans must comply with the following rules:
            Shirts must be professionally manufactured in the following colors:
               purple, VR gold, black, gray or white.
            Logos on any spirit wear must represent Villa Rica High School and may
               be any size.
            Spirit Tee Shirts will be allowed on Fridays if the shirt meets the
               appropriate spirit wear criteria.
            Jeans may not have holes of any kind. They must fit at the natural
               waistline. No sagging of jeans will be allowed.
            Students not wearing VRHS spirit wear on Fridays must comply with the
               regular dress code for shirts; however, jeans may still be worn.
Game Day Clothing
          All Varsity student athletes will be required to dress in the appropriate
            game-day attire. All varsity male athletes will wear the school supplied
            VR jacket and tie along with a white dress shirt and khaki pants. This is
            not limited to the football team. The administration expects all male
            varsity athletes to wear this game-day attire for ALL home games no
            matter the sport. The head coach will be responsible for insuring all
            players comply.
          JV and 9th grade teams will follow the away contest dress code for ALL
          For male athletes the game-day attire for away contests will be a collared
            game-day shirt, in purple, gold, or white, with VRHS and their sport
            embroidered on the shirt. The student athlete will also wear khaki pants.
          The away attire applies to all female student athletes until jackets can be
            purchased for home contests.
          At no time will a student athlete wear jeans on game day, even if game
            day falls on a Friday.
          No game jerseys will be worn to school for any reason unless approved by
            the principal.

Administration Approved Out-of Compliance Days:

         Upon permission from the administration of Villa Rica High School and the
classroom instructor, students may dress out of compliance for special occasions (field
trips, presentations, spirit week, homecoming, etc.).

The Villa Rica High School administration shall provide exceptions as to not
infringe on sincere religious beliefs or physical disabilities or limitations.
School administration reserves the right to remove a student from class and
request that the student change clothes before returning to class. A student in
violation may be subject to such disciplinary actions as further set forth in
the Student Handbook and Disciplinary Code.

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