Coldplay members. short ppt by kevarene


  The four
              Chris Martin
  He’s the leader of this amazing band. Chris is the lead singer, but also
    plays the piano for Coldplay.
He was born in Devon, England, on the 2nd of March, 1977. He had four
    younger brothers, making him the eldest child. He was also raised
 in Devon and began learning
and playing music from a
young age. He then attended
the University College London,
 where he met his band mates.
           Jonny Buckland
Jonny Buckland was born on the 11th of
  September in 1977 in London, England.
He began playing the guitar at 11 years of
  age. And so, after
meeting the others,
he became the lead
 of Coldplay.
       Guy Berryman
 Guy, who is now the band’s bass guitarist,
  was born on the 12th of April in 1978.
 He began playing the bass
 guitar when he first hit
 his teenage years, at 13.
Guy, had been studying
architecture in University,
 but dropped it after
 realising his true career
in music.
             Will Champion
 Will Champion was born on the 31st of July, 1978. He is from
   Southampton, Hampshire in England. When he was
   younger, he grew up
 learning the guitar, and also
 played the piano, bass and
tin whistle! However, when
Coldplay was formed, he
quickly learnt how to play the
 drums and therefore became
 Coldplay’s drummer.

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