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					                                         The Attire
Our 35th Reunion outfit emphasizes once again that for the Class of ’69 there is no such thing as
a uniform, particularly appropriate for Three Days of Peace and Music. In keeping with the
Woodstock theme, we will cherish the environment through heavy recycling. So some of what
you need you probably already have, and the items included as part of the reunion fee are
Spartan. But you can order anything you need or want as an option, we have plenty of class
material left if your vest or jacket has shrunk, and we offer some tasteful new items this year for
those who wish to build a ’69 wardrobe that can actually be worn somewhere else. If you really
want to be properly decked out for Saturday, order the optional black bell-bottoms. Massive
quantities of love beads for wearing and throwing to the multitudes will be handed out at the

                                  The Standard P-rade Rig
For the Men                           For the Women                          For the Descendants

35th reunion T-shirt                  35th reunion T-shirt                   35th reunion T-shirt
Class vest                            Class vest
Black slacks, jeans, shorts           Black slacks, jeans, shorts,           Black bottoms or jams
   or bell-bottoms                       long or short skirt or bell-bottoms
Sandals or sneakers                   Sandals or sneakers                    Sandals or sneakers
Yin yang bandana                      Flower wreath                          35th reunion ballcap
Yin yang sunglasses (optional)        Yin yang sunglasses (optional)
Love beads                            Love beads

                    Optional Clothing Items and Other Neat Stuff

Heavy die-cast yin yang belt buckle – goes with your real clothes, too. Can be worn with the yin
  yang reunion belt or fitted to any 1” belt.
Tasteful black blazer with die-cast yin yang buttons and removable class patch.
Blazer and/or vest of class material – the standard issue.
Yin yang tie, this time with the logo standing up properly.

Yin yang blazer button sets           Yin yang frisbees              Jams for kids and grandkids
Black polo shirt with ’69 patch       Yin yang umbrellas             35th reunion coffee mugs
35th reunion silk scarf               Yin yang hair scrunchies       35th reunion posters

The reunion fee includes the 35th T-shirt, bandana for men, flower wreath for women, ball cap
for offspring and love beads for wearing and throwing to the crowd. Your order will be
packaged in a 35th reunion tote bag and handed out at registration. We will not ship this year
except for special orders of class material.

If you wish to order class material to make something yourself, call Bill or Anne Charrier (301-
977-5511). The cost is $4.00 per yard plus $7.50 shipping and will be handled separately.

The order form enclosed should be returned by March 5, 2004 to permit timely processing.
          Class of ’69 35th Reunion Clothing and Options Order Form
Classmate name: _____________________________________

Please indicate sizes according to the following table:
Men’s vests and blazers – 36-48R, 36-44S, 38-48L Women’s vests and blazers – 4-20, 4-12P
Men’s bell-bottoms – 28-50 plus inseam                  Women’s bell-bottoms – 4-20, 4-12P
Polo shirts and T-shirts for adults – S (28-30), M (32-34), L (36-38), XL (40-42), XXL (44-46)
Jams and T-shirts for kids – S (6-8), M (10-12), L (14-16), XL (18-20)
Portly sizes available in vests and blazers – indicate P after size.
For men’s bell-bottoms be sure to specify inseam length in addition to size.
For belts specify waist size.

Registration Package Items:

Classmate T-shirt size:        _____________                 Spouse/companion T-shirt size: _____________
Adult offspring T-shirt sizes: _____________                 Kid offspring T-shirt sizes:   _____________

Optional Items:                    Item Price        Number           Sizes           Inseam Total Price
Black bell-bottoms                    $30.00        _______           _______________ _____ ________
Class vest (class material)           $30.00        _______           _______________         ________
Blazer (black with ’69 buttons)      $200.00        _______           _______________         ________
Blazer (class material)              $150.00        _______           _______________         ________
Black polo shirt (embroidered logo) $18.00          _______           _______________         ________
Extra 35th T-shirts                    $8.00        _______           _______________         ________
Jams (class material)                 $15.00        _______           _______________         ________
Yin yang belt                         $16.50        _______           _______________         ________
Bronze yin yang buckle                $22.50        _______           N/A                     ________
Blazer button set (3 front, 8 sleeve) $15.00        _______           N/A                     ________
Blazer removable patch                $30.00        _______           N/A                     ________
Additional ball caps                   $9.50        _______           N/A                     ________
Additional bandanas                    $6.00        _______           N/A                     ________
Additional wreaths                    $12.50        _______           N/A                     ________
35th reunion silk scarf               $37.50        _______           N/A                     ________
Scrunchie                              $5.00        _______           N/A                     ________
Yin yang sunglasses                    $6.00        _______           N/A                     ________
Yin yang umbrella                     $12.50        _______           N/A                     ________
Yin yang frisbee                       $4.00        _______           N/A                     ________
Yin yang tie (silk)                   $19.00        _______           N/A                     ________
35th reunion coffee mug                $5.00        _______           N/A                     ________
35th reunion poster                    $5.00        _______           N/A                     ________

Total order                                                                                      ________

Enclose check payable to “Princeton University Class of 1969” and send with order to:

Bill Charrier
11601 Springridge Road
Potomac, MD 20854

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