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The 50 Million Pound Challenge
Encouraging African-Americans to unite to collectively drop 50MM pounds.


The 50 Million Pound Challenge is an amazing way for the African-American community to unite and overcome the vastly growing health crisis of obesity. Headed by Dr. Ian Smith, known for his Fat Smash Diet and role on Celebrity Fit Club, and partnered by State Farm Insurance, The 50 Million Pound Challenge's goal is to bring African-Americans together to collectively lose 50 million pounds during the next two years. To date, Dr. Ian' s fight against obesity has helped people lose more than 1.1 million pounds- and the number just keeps rising.

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Promotes healthy diet and exercise Provides tools and information to lose weight and improve your health Socially unites the community Although The 50 Million Pound Challenge is targeted toward African-Americans, all events and programs are not exclusive to African-Americans. Anybody can participate regardless of social/ethnic background Dr. Ian Smith is a well-known and trusted weight loss expert


A consultation with a physician should be scheduled prior to starting the program


The 50 Million Pound Challenge provides vast information related to dieting, healthy eating habits, and balanced meals. The program shares some of Dr. Ian's simple tips and

guidelines for eating healthy. He points out that it does not require drastic changes to your diet, just smart replacements for some of the more unhealthy items, as well as smarter portion control. Your diet should include:
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Fruits Whole- or multi-grain breads Low-fat or skim dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt Lean protein sources like chicken, turkey and beef Vegetables, just be conscientious of how you're preparing them. Also, stay away from those are too starchy like white potatoes. Make healthy beverage choices like water, 100% juices and herbal tea without sweetener Eat breakfast and don't skip meals


The 50 Million Pound Challenge also provides information about exercise - anything from simple walking to jumping rope. You should commit to some cardio exercise 3 times a week, about half an hour each session, and steadily increase that to 5 times a week for 40 minute sessions. You're advised to go more slowly if necessary, as long as you keep a consistent schedule that you're comfortable with. Try to make two days a week focus on strength training, in half hour sessions. EXPENSE

All 50 Million Pound Challenge programs and events are free of charge. CONCLUSION

The efforts of Dr. Ian Smith and The 50 Million Pound Challenge will clearly be a historic movement and hopefully greatly improve overall American health. This program has received ample praise and attention in the news and media, as well as on blogging and consumer sites. Taking advantage of this program is a fantastic way to improve your body and health and live a longer, happier life. You're encouraged to increase your exercise schedule by about 10% every three weeks.

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