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                                  Why Hawaiian Wedding is like Wedding in Paradise?
                                                             By Timory Koch

   Hawaii is stunningly beautiful and marriage here is an ultimate way for a couple to start life together.
The entire idea behind a destination wedding is to go away from home, feel the fragrance of flower lei
on a beach swept with sea mist, and get fascinated by light and seductive rhythms of aloha while
exchanging your vows for a lifetime. Hawaii is a treasure of natural heritage. It is excellent decision to
get married in Hawaii. Hawaii offers dazzlingly beautiful backdrops for beach weddings. There are
great choices for a romantic ,memorable and a wonderful wedding like it could be a Kauai wedding, a
Maui wedding, an Oahu wedding and more. All the islands in Hawaii are enriched with wide variety of
flora, fauna and scenic beauty which makes them an ultimate place for wedding.

Indeed, one would never find a more incredible location like the glorious Hawaii for wedding. Hawaii is
blessed with all the goodies a wedding locale must have. The pleasant weather, beautiful beaches and
not only that the amazing aloha spirit are bound to make it an awesome experience. Moreover, after
having all such goodies if the wedding is planned well it is like gold and that too with fragrance.

If you are planning a wedding in Hawaii you need to be well-prepared for some extra planning. You
would have to make travel and hotel arrangements, will need to obtain a marriage license and find a
wedding officiates in Hawaii who is not your home. The entire series of task can be real daunting.
Hence, instead of doing all this it would be wise to research Hawaii wedding planners first who would in
turn coordinate and plan for the entire wedding.

Planning a wedding on a beach and that too a Hawaiian beach is one of the most passionate ways of
expressing your love and engaging in a commitment-that you will always be there for each other. No
matter what time of the day is that a beach wedding in Hawaii creates a magnificent atmosphere. The
sounds of the waves and the soft and mild breeze sparks romance in the hearts of couple and add an
essence of everlasting love among them while two souls exchange vows with love and sincerity in their
hearts. And the best thing is that you don’t have to invest on decoration as the outstanding and
marvelous natural beauty of Hawaii is always appreciated and admired by everybody. However to take
care of all the responsibilities of your wedding in Hawaii it is a wise decision to hire a wedding planner
so that you can concentrate on each other, have complete peace of mind and enjoy the day at the

A wedding day is that memorable and pious day of life that the couple is going to remember always
with love no matter where it took place. However, if you want the essence of romance and love of the

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

wedding day to be everlasting then you must opt for a breathtaking and amazing wedding in the
exuberant green paradise, on the gorgeous beach near the romantic and intoxicating waterfall in
Hawaii. This would be an ultimate thing the couple would enjoy and would remember forever. And, this
big day of your life is going to be the start of enthusiastic beginning and endless happiness in your life.

Timory has a unique gift for connecting with people and helping them open up to the camera, and open
up to their own inner beauty. Couples enjoy working with her as she really brings out in the photos the
love and tenderness they share in their relationship.

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                                                Hawaiian Wedding Themes
                                                       By Karen Lincoln

Choosing a wedding theme that reflects both the personalities of a bride and groom can be the first of
many wedding planning decisions that create division amongst a couple. When one person would like
a relaxed ambiance and the other would like classic and elegant, meeting half-way can seem
impossible. Hawaiian wedding themes can be just the right answer. Choosing beautiful tropical
Hawaiian blooms and authentic dining and entertainment are just the start of the many ways to plan
Hawaiian wedding themes.

Creating a Hawaiian Ambiance

 While a beach wedding location might be the perfect place for Hawaiian wedding themes, it isn’t
always possible depending on the timing and the actual venue of your event. However, with a few
special touches, you can create a Hawaiian escape for you as well as your guests. As your guests
arrive, you can have the groomsmen and bridesmaids provide a traditional Hawaiian greeting of lei’s
made from fresh flowers or from paper flowers in coordinating colors.

 Your color palette and lighting can be additional ways to create your Hawaiian theme. There are bright
pinks, purples and yellows along with many shades of green to use throughout your flowers and
fabrics. Using white candles inside hurricane lamps with sand and small shells or even using floating
candles in water colored to remind guests of ocean blues is another way to continue your Hawaiian
themes. Depending on your wedding site or reception location, you may even consider using tiki
torches for lighting.

Unique Hawaiian Decorations and Entertainment

 Depending on the style of your Hawaiian wedding theme, you have many ways to represent the
culture with your own personality. You could consider having a wedding cake in the shape of a
volcano, complete with hot lava colored icing. The many types of tropical Hawaiian fruit can also be
used as centerpieces, table gifts for your guests or used in beautiful floral arrangements. There are
many food artists who actually carve fruit into flowers, animals or anything you can probably imagine.
You can feature fruit in floral arrangements as well.

 Your guests may be expecting a luau for a reception with a typical buffet of fresh fruits, roasted pig
and of course tropical drinks. What they might not expect is Hawaiian entertainment, such as live
musicians, hula dancers or Polynesian dancers who can perform a traditional high energy dance.
Dancers trained to use fire in their performances may also be an option depending on the policies of
your reception site. You could also consider taking Hawaiian dance lessons to wow your guests with
your culturally inspired first dance.

 When you think you have to choose between elegant and relaxed for your wedding celebration,
consider a Hawaiian wedding theme. You can surprise your guests with authentic Hawaiian
entertainment or be a little more understated and choose to simply have a wonderful Hawaiian menu
including fresh tropical fruits, roasted meats and tropical drinks. Your Hawaiian wedding theme is the
perfect opportunity to show your personalities and create an evening to remember for both you and
your guests.

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