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					The Barn Builder
 Volume 1, Issue 1            Winter 2006
                      Happy New Year!
  With this first issue, the Board of Directors of The Barns of
Rose Hill will begin reporting to the citizens The Barns of Rose
Hill will serve.
  We’ll use this newsletter to keep you informed about the
exciting developments in our campaign to restore the two dairy
barns in Berryville’s Rose Hill Park to serve as a center for
community, culture and the arts.
  We will introduce ourselves to you in a "Neighbors" column.
Thus, if you have any questions or suggestions — any thoughts
at all — you will know who of your neighbors to approach. All
of us who sit on The Barns of Rose Hill board, whether newcomer
or native, live here. We share a love of this community and its
culture and wish to preserve the barns as a testament to Clarke
County’s ‘breadbasket’ landscape and Berryville’s small town
past. We also share the belief that the arts enrich and empower,
that there is cultural value in a child’s finger painting as well as
a chamber music concert.
  We believe the citizens of Clarke County and the northern
Shenandoah Valley deserve a flexible-space community center
to accommodate the diverse interests and tastes of the people who
support this restoration effort.
  This newsletter will highlight Yousaf Sheikh, owner of Karakul
Carpets, who will be giving a presentation on the Timeless Art of                Design donated by
Hand-knotted Oriental Rugs on Sunday March 5. The Board is
very appreciative of Yousaf’s interest and support.                      Bluemont graphic artist John Burns
                                             Yousaf started going to his grandfather’s warehouse for training
                                          in the business of hand-knotted Oriental rugs in the eighth grade
                                          after school. From 1976 to 1980 Yousaf was in charge of the export
                                          and design departments in the family business. In 1980 he went to
                                          Saudi Arabia to open an Oriental rug store where he spent two years.
                                          He returned to Pakistan in 1982 and opened a third location of the
                                          business in Lahore.
                                             In June 1988 Yousaf and his wife, Samina, and their 5 months
                                          old daughter came to the United States. In November 1988 Karakul
                                          Corporation began importing oriental rugs and leather garments to
                                          wholesale to retailers from Avon, Conn. to Williamsburg, Va. In May
                                          1992 the family moved to Berryville from Fairfax, Va. Karakul
                                          Carpets relocated from Tyson’s Corners to Main Street, Berryville, in
                                          September 1993. In April 1994, after repeated inquiries from the
                                          Berryville-Clarke County Chamber of Commerce, Yousaf opened the
   Yousaf Sheikh - Karakul Carpets doors of Karakul Carpets to the general public.
Yousaf has become very involved in his community. He serves on several boards, the Berryville-Clarke
County Chamber of Commerce, Berryville Main Street, and the Clarke County Rotary Club of which
he is Vice-President and chair of the Barns of Rose Hill committee.
      Page 2                                         The Barn Builder
                              The Barns: A Reality Without A Roof
             We wish to be a community presence while we gather construction funds and
           therefore have not let the lack of our own space prevent us from sponsoring events
                        and concerts that will some day take place in The Barns.

                                   In May, we show-cased and sold the work of
                                a Richmond, Virginia potter, Steven Glass
                                (resident potter with the Virginia Museum
                                of Fine Arts), at a reception at Milton Valley
                                Farm, the home of Diana and Kelly Kincannon.
                                  This successful event netted almost $8,000!

  The fifth annual Berryville Barns Festival was held in Rose Hill Park on Saturday September 10th.
Jane Radford and Tanya Bittenbender put on this zero-waste community festival, the only one of its
kind. In fact, 2004’s festival compost was used on the Rose Hill Park flower beds!
  The crafters were of jury quality and the entertainment superb. The children’s corner had a magician
and face painter. Rose Hill board member (and County Supervisor) Barbara Byrd sketched portraits.
The old milking parlor in the big barn was a theater-for-a-day where children sat on hay bales and
watched vintage cartoons. It was a taste of future attractions.
                                               On Sunday September 11th, Front Royal’s Frank
                                            Jurney, the biggest bluegrass fan of all, helped organize
                                            a day of name-band bluegrass in Rose Hill Park.
                                               The Bluegrass Festival was dedicated to the firemen and
                                            rescue workers of 9/11 and marked Delegate Joe May’s first
                                            sight of the barns in action.
  And thanks to the generosity of Powhatan School combined with Chip Schutte’s musical connections,
The Barns of Rose Hill sponsored two outstanding BLUES performances in the school auditorium.
  July 22, Scott Ainslie from Vermont and Rob Soper from San Francisco, Blues and Jazz instructors,
were the featured artists, and they had the house cheering and whooping.
   October 15, Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Paul Rishell, with
his mellow voice and acoustic guitar combined with Annie Raines on
harmonica to bring the house down.
          If you missed any of these BLUES events in 2005
                    you will have another chance
               to hear the best of the BLUES in 2006.
                              Volume 1, Issue 1                                     Page 3

                  $$$ And Thanks $$$
   We also intend to use this newsletter to thank you for
your help. It has been a great year since the September
2004 formation of our non-profit corporation: The Barns of
Rose Hill Inc. We have raised almost half a million dollars
in contributions and pledges in amounts from $25 to
$250,000. In one active year, The Barns are one third
funded. That’s the good news. But we will have to do twice
as well in 2006 if the barn doors are to open, as is our goal,
to coincide with the 400th anniversary of Jamestown’s
colonial settlement in the fall of 2007.
         Clarke County Rotary Club Lifts Barn Joists
  Diana Kincannon, President of the Barns’ Board, stood
between Rotary President Brad Snowden and Yousaf
Sheikh, Chairman of the Barns project committee to accept
the Rotary’s commitment of $25,000.00 over the next five
years. For a public service group of the Rotary’s leader-
ship and community standing to assist with the Barns’
restoration is a boost and will help achieve the September
2007 operational deadline.
  Thanks to the Clarke County Rotary membership who
support this vision of a center for community, culture and
the arts.
           Strong Response To Fund-Raising Letter
   On October 30th more than one thousand letters
went out appealing for financial help. Responses poured in,
reflecting the value of this project and the generous sup-
                                                                The Barns of Rose Hill, Inc. is a 501(c)(3)
port of our citizens here in Clarke County, in Winchester
                                                              non-profit organization. Contributions are
and beyond. Two donations came from New York!
                                                              tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.
Contributions total over $10,000!
                                                                Please make your check payable to:
                        Federal Funds                                     The Barns of Rose Hill
 And the biggest news of all, our Congressman, Frank Wolf          P.O. Box 738 Berryville, Va. 22611
(R-10th), came to Berryville’s Town Council Chambers on
Monday, December 12th to raise our barn rafters with his               The Barns of Rose Hill:
announcement of $250,000 in federal funds for The Barns         A center for community, culture and the arts
of Rose Hill. Our Congressman said he was “impressed by                      Board of Directors
the wide range of groups and organizations supporting the                        President
project and [was] pleased to help make it a reality.”                        Diana Kincannon
The Congressman reported that these funds were secured                           Directors
on November 30, 2005 when the president signed the                      Susi Bailey Bret Burzio
Transportation-Treasury-Housing Appropriations                      Barbara Byrd           Deede Cady
conference report. The source of this grant is a federal fund   Wendy Clatterbuck         Elaine Dennison
pool set aside for community development projects, such as          Richard Farland        John Friant
The Barns of Rose Hill restoration.                              Wilson Kirby           Suzanne McKown
              Thank you, Congressman Wolf!                                     Bob Randolph
 The Barns of Rose Hill                                                             ORGANIZATION
                                                                                     U.S. POSTAGE
        P.O. Box 738                                                              BERRYVILLE, VA.
                                                                                  PERMIT NO. 3097
Berryville, Virginia 22611

                                * * * Upcoming EVENTS * * *
                                                             Sunday March 5 - 5PM
           The Barns of Rose Hill              Presentation by Yousaf Sheikh, Karakul Carpets
                      and                               on the history of oriental rugs and
             The Battletown Inn                          weaving techniques in Pakistan.
            most cordially invite you                   Emmanuel Parish Hall in Boyce.
                       to                                        Sunday April 30
               a Fine Banquet                        Presentation by Smaranda Branescu
                  celebrating                            international costume designer
            George Washington’s                   on her costumes for Shakespeare productions
                274th Birthday                                    Friday May 19
          Wednesday, February 22                         Theater Comes to Berryville
             At 7:00 in the Evening                    Kate Campbell Stevenson presents
    The Battletown Inn & Gray Ghost Tavern                “Women: Back to the Future
    102 W. Main Street, Berryville, Virginia           Role Models for a New Generation”
                                               2 performances at Johnson-Williams Middle School.
      Spirits & Authentic 18th-Century Fare
Mr. Washington will be attending.              For more information on any of these events please
Costumes if convenient.                          contact The Barns of Rose Hill - 540-955-7091
                                               Website under construction:

    “The Barns of Rose Hill: a center for community, culture and the arts”

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