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					                              Shepherd Park News
                              A quarterly newsletter for the residents of Shepherd Park,
                              Colonial Village and North Portal Estates                                                !
                                                                                                 SAVE       pril 10
                                                                                                                   , 7 pm ing
2007 Vol., Issue 1                                                Tue sday, A unity Mee ool.
                                                                                                           February / March
                                                                                                       mm ntary Sch 2007
                                                                                             SPCA erd Eleme
                                                                                             at She
Time to Become a Member!
                                 By Baruti Jahi.                                                  In this Issue:

    The Shepherd Park Citizens Asso-      the roughly 1000 neighbors who at-          • Membership Application         p. 2
ciation (SPCA) 2007 membership            tended SPCA events this fall.               • SPCA Budget                    p. 3
drive is currently in progress. Our           We encourage all businesses and         • Poetry is All Around Us        p. 4
membership drive is our biggest fund-     community organizations that have an        • The Sweet Sound of
raiser, and is vital to our successful    interest in Shepherd Park to join via         Shepherd Strings               p. 5
community outreach programs such          our business/community organizations
                                                                                      • Potluck Party in Photos        p. 6
as our annual picnic, the famous gar-     memberships. To learn more about this
den tour, yard sale, and community        opportunity please visit our website at     • Inside the Washington
meetings designed for neighbors to               Ethical Society                p. 8
learn more about issues affecting our         We’ve also formed committees            • Do You Know Your ANC?          p. 9
community.                                with volunteers to plan new activities.     • Manoukian Brothers move
    Membership dues fund these            However, your involvement is critical         to the Neighborhood            p. 10
fantastic events and gives mem-           to our success, and we need to hear         • Slowing Down Speeding          p. 11
bers additional benefits such as          from you!
discounted yard sale registration,            So far 200 neighbors have re-
garden tour ticket, and t-shirts/         newed or joined SPCA for 2007, and
sweatshirts.                              with your continued support we’ll          year basis and the dues are only $20 a
    SPCA would like to continue to        reach our goal of 600 members for          household. If you have not already
build a stronger community by en-         the 2007 membership campaign.              renewed your membership, please fill
couraging your involvement with our       SPCA membership is open to all who         out the application on page 2 and send
community activities. In particular,      live in the neighborhoods known as         your membership dues for 2007. For
SPCA is making special efforts to ex-     Shepherd Park, Colonial Village and        those individuals who have not joined
pand the involvement of our business      North Portal Estates. Together, this       SPCA, I’d like to welcome you into
community organizations and increase      represents 1500 households, and our        our community association, and I look
the participation of the 1,500 house-     goal is to reach out to all of them.       forward to your involvement with
holds of Shepherd Park, as evident by     SPCA membership is on a calendar           SPCA this year.

                           Spring is in the Air...
    OK, it may be not quite yet, but it’s never too early      Look for sign-up details in
    to start cleaning out your closets for the next            the next Shepherd Park
    Shepherd Park Community Yard Sale                          News. If you'd like to
    on June 2 and 3!                                           help with the planning,
    Neighbors set up shop at their own homes, in a clus-       contact Pam Satterfield
    ter of homes, or at Shepherd Elementary School.            (291-4865) or
    Each location pays a $10 fee ($5 for Shepherd              Jennifer Mulveny
    School); SPCA takes care of the rest of the cost.          (248-4641).
    SPCA members save $5 on registration.
                                                               Photo: Beth Allaben
PAGE 2                                              S HE P HER D P ARK NEW S                            FEBRUARY / MARCH 20 07

            Become Involved and                                                          SPCA Board of Directors
                                                                                                  Baruti Jahi, President
              Join SPCA Today!                                                                    904-7307
                                                                                               Joan Hoyte, Vice President
                                                                                             Jane Davis Adams, Treasurer
         SPCA Membership Application                                                         Stephanie Benton, Secretary
 Name:______________________________________________________                                Delegates to the Federation of
                                                                                                    Civic Associations:
           ______________________________________________________                                       Tom Black
                            Please list all adult household members                           291-4791
 Address:_____________________________________________________                                       Noreen Conway
 email:____________________________ Phone:_____________________                     
                                                                                                     Enjoli Timmons
 Signature:_________________________                                                     286-7731
                                                                                                   At-Large Members:
                                                                                                       Dan Nathan
         I want to join SPCA and live in the area bordered by Eastern Avenue on the
         north, Aspen Street on the south, Georgia Avenue (west side) on the east,                   Alex Kincannon
         and Rock Creek Park on the west.                                                                541-9440
         I don’t live in the neighborhood, but would like to be a community       
         supporter of SPCA.                                                                          Cynthia Prather
         Add me to the Shepherd Park email group.                                             882-7419
                                                                                              Delegates to the Federation
                                                                                                of Citizens Associations:
 $_____Dues: $20/household $_____Contribution                          $_______TOTAL               Marilyn Sneiderman
 Please make your check payable to SPCA.                                                   679-0353
                                                                                                     Rosalyn Wilcots
 What SPCA activities would you like to help with?                                                    Angela Martin
         Serving as a Block Captain                   SPCA Newsletter (writing arti-     Appointed Member to the Board:
         Orange Hats                                  cles, taking photos, labeling)                   Margie Odle
         (day and evening patrols)                    Partnership with neighborhood              726-6415
         Potluck (January)                            schools, community organizations         Immediate Past President:
         Garden Tour (May)                            or businesses                                  Dwayne Toliver
         Yard Sale (June)                             Other:                             585-8852
         Picnic (June/July)
         Halloween activities (October)               _________________________
                                                                                                Contact the Editors!
  Let us hear from you! Please share any comments, ideas, or concerns for                  Whether it’s a letter to the editor,
  Shepherd Park Citizens Association:                                                     info on a community event or an ad,
                                                                                              we’d love to hear from you!
  ____________________________________________________________                                       Beth Allaben
  ____________________________________________________________                      882-2609
                                                                                              Maggie Häusler (Layout)
        To join SPCA, please fill out the above application and mail it together with                Sekou Biddle
 your check to: Shepherd Park Citizens Association, 7838 Eastern Avenue,         
 NW, Suite D-103, Washington, DC 20012-1303. Thank you!                                                726-2872

                                                      Lopez General Painting Inc.
                    Interior / Exterior Painting, Gutter cleaning. 15 years of DC/MD/VA experience. Good references in
                  Shepherd Park. Free estimates. Contact Francisco Lopez at 301 209 7282 or
FEBRUARY / MARCH 20 07                                S HE P HER D P ARK NEW S                                             PAGE 3

              Proposed SPCA Budget                                                            Mark Your
                   2006 - 2007                                                                Calendar...
                                                                                  for the 3rd annual SPCA Garden Tour
                                                                                  on Sunday, May 20. Contact Gloria
  SPCA Projected Revenue                                                          Owens at 236-1986 if you'd like to
                                                                                  help plan this year's tour.
  Membership Dues                                                   $ 9,000       The photo below (by Beth Allaben)
  Newsletter Ads                                                    $ 6,200       shows one of the gems of the 2006
  Garden Tour                                                       $ 1,500       tour.
  Business Membership Dues                                            $ 750
  Yard Sale Registration Fees                                         $ 600
  Membership Donations                                                $ 300
  T-Shirt/Sweatshirt Sales                                            $ 250

  Total SPCA Revenues                                             $ 18,600

  SPCA Projected Expenses

  Newsletter Publication Expenses                                   $ 5,900
  Picnic                                                            $ 5,000
  January Holiday Potluck                                           $ 2,000
  Garden Tour and Garden Tour Grants                                $ 1,500
  Membership Drive                                                  $ 1,000
  Yard Sale
  Community Grants
                                                                      $ 600
                                                                      $ 400
                                                                                  You Want to Know...
  SPCA Corporate Filings                                              $ 300       more about what’s going on in the
  Halloween Parade                                                    $ 275       neighborhood? Join the email group by
  Website Hosting                                                     $ 125       sending a blank email to:
  Total SPCA Expenses                                             $ 17,100        or contact Beth Allaben at
  Surplus to SPCA Reserve                                          $ 1,500         Daytime, evening and weekend childcare.
                                                                                   Parents, are you feeling overstretched and in
                                                                                   need of some "me" time or wishing for a date
  The SPCA Board will be finalizing this budget at their March                     night? If so, call Shepherd Park resident Enjoli
  board meeting. Please let SPCA President Baruti Jahi or any                      (722-7541) or email
  other board member know of any comments you have on the                                        for experienced, personable and
                                                                                                 trustworthy childcare service.
  proposed budget by February 28. Contact information for all of                                 Serving Shepherd Park families
  the board members is on the opposite page.                                                     since 2004.
                                                                                                 References on request.

      Free Home Energy Audit                                                     Your Neighbor and
     The DC Department of the Environment has part-                              Neighborhood Real Estate Professional
  nered with Honeywell Corporation to provide, at no
  cost, Home Energy Rating System audits to single-                              5034 Wisconsin Avenue NW
  family homeowners in DC. Whether attempting to                                 Washington, D.C. 20016
  save dollars, cut your carbon footprint, or prepare a                          202-326-1300
  home for a renewable energy system, energy audits                    
  make tremendous sense, especially when they're free!        Bonnie Randolph
  For more information contact Willie Vazquez
  at or call 673-6750.                  202-829-7774
 PAGE 4                                       S HE P HER D P ARK NEW S                                    FEBRUARY / MARCH 20 07

                      Tom                                      Poetry is All Around Us
     Tom is a long, lanky and lost soul                         Poem and Comment by Harold Confer.
         he lives in a group home
      a block away from our house.                  As a follow-up to the article          and gratified that this poem just
                                                about the Holly House by Baruti            came tumbling out (‘Finding My
     Every day he walks down our hill,          Jahi in our last issue, the vital minis-   Voice’ p. 265).
         destination: McDonald's                try the Holly House serves has not             We have lived in Shepherd Park
      or some other urgent journey.             gone unnoticed or unappreciated            for the last 35 years but I have only
                                                by many of us.                             been writing poetry for the last 3
       Every morning for a year or so
                                                    Years ago poet Harold Confer           or 4 years.
          I spoke to this stranger,
                                                wrote the poem                                              Many of my poems
      "Good morning," I would assert.
                                                printed on the left                                      are triggered by people
      For almost a year he walked by,
                                                inspired by one of                                       or events I touch every
           giving not a glance nor
                                                Holly House’s resi-                                      day. Thus many are
                saying a word.
                                                dents. It appears in his                                 born in Shepherd Park.
           And then, one morning                first book of poetry,                                    Examples         include
            much like all the rest              “Finding My Voice.”                                      ‘Wonder,’ (Ibid., p.
                 he stopped.                        When we asked                                        246) and ‘Latching On
       Slowly, as if with great effort,         Mr. Confer to com-                                       and Then Letting
    he turned his head in my direction.         ment on his poem, he                                     Go,’ (Ibid. p. 259).
            Suddenly, he smiled.                wrote us the following                                   I have been a fire
          "Hi," he said, "I’m Tom!"             note: “This poem comes from the            fighter, teacher, civil rights lobbyist,
                                                first of my three books of poetry.         and home improvement contractor.
   Surprised at his response, I replied,        Every poem is ‘triggered’ by some-         I have been a volunteer and leader
   "Good morning, Tom. I’m Harold."             thing: an event, a sensory memory,         of international voluntary work-
  He slowly turned and pointed toward           a turning point in one's journey.          camps for the last 50 years. This
   the direction from which he came;            This one was triggered by Tom's            will likely be the topic of my next
 on the other side of the Brown’s house.        sudden and unexpected response             book.” Read other poems at
     "That's my house," he asserted.            to my greeting. I was so surprised
      I told him I knew where he lived
         he smiled like the sun, rising.
       Then Tom resumed his journey             Help Clean Up our Part of the Potomac!
         still locked in his dark world                                          By Pat Bailey.
        no more words forthcoming.
                                                   The 19th Annual Potomac River           school (volunteer hours author-
                But it was enough.              Watershed Cleanup will be on Satur-        ized), and religious groups to join in
                  I was thrilled.               day, March 31, and Sunday, April 1.        this one-day effort in our neighbor-
            This 30 year-old stranger           This year’s cleanup will take place        hood. Contact Pat Bailey (291-9055
           is now a stranger no more.           at over 300 sites in DC, MD, VA,           or if
              I do not know the nature          PA and WV – all part of the lands,         you can help.
          of the life he lived to bring him     or watershed, that drain into the               Pat Bailey is a Ward 4 Representa-
               to living in this darkness.      Potomac. The event is sponsored            tive for the DC Soil and Watershed
            I don't know if we will ever        by the Alice Ferguson Foundation.          Conservation District Community Advi-
            go beyond simple greetings             Our neighborhood location will          sory Committee (DC SWCD) under
                  but I do know this:           be the Fenwick Branch of Rock              the District Department of the Envi-
            He who was lost and alone           Creek, which runs between East             ronment. The DC SWCD's mission is
             has been found and is glad.        Beach Drive and West Beach Drive.          to provide opportunities to District
                   His name is Tom.             We are looking for Shepherd Park           residents and schools for environmen-
                                                volunteers and community, scout,           tally friendly outreach programs.

                                              MOSHE’S AUTO CARE
What? An Honest Mechanic! Call for an appointment or friendly advice..... Check out our "Good Neighbor" specials
          301-588-4445 — — 9200 Talbot Ave Silver Spring, MD 20190
FEBRUARY / MARCH 20 07                                   S HE P HER D P ARK NEW S                                          PAGE 5

           The Sweet Sound of Shepherd Strings
                                      Article and Photos by Sekou Biddle.
    If you want to know about the Students are also learning how to                  was several steps ahead of the re-
state of instrumental music in our follow direction from their instructor,           corder that I practiced in elementary
schools, pay a visit to Shepherd Ele- and then how to lead their peers               school. So if you want to see an ex-
mentary on a Monday. There you will when they practice together.                     ample of great things in our schools,
witness what I saw on my visit with       As I left the first graders practicing     pay a visit to the Music Room one
Ken Giles, the music teacher at Shep- that afternoon, I was struck by the            Monday and listen to our future
herd Elementary: more than 100 hun- soundtrack that they provided. This              neighborhood virtuosos.
dred students de-                                                                        To learn more about the strings
veloping their skills                                                                program, including ways to support it,
with the violin.                                                                     please contact Ken Giles at Shepherd
    The violin pro-                                                                  Elementary at 576-6140. To learn
gram began three                                                                     about classes for children ages 4½-19
years ago with a                                                                     at the DC Youth Orchestra (located
$5,000 investment                                                                    at nearby Coolidge High School) con-
in a stock of violins.                                                               tact Mr. Giles or call the DC Youth
Today Mr. Giles                                                                      Orchestra Offices at 723-1612.
instructs more than
one third of the
students at Shep-
herd Elementary
during his six violin
classes held every “Kennedy Center, here we come!”
Monday. Additionally,
he leads a class of third and fourth
graders in a guitar class on Monday
and a class of first graders in violin on
Tuesday during the aftercare program.
    Mr. Giles shared with me that the
violin program gives students oppor-
tunities to practice the reading and
                                                                            l at
writing skills they develop during                                    schoo
                                                               rhood y
classroom instruction. This program                      ighbo entar
                                                   ur ne        m
is also a great opportunity for stu-          ort o pherd Ele Night"
                                          Supp She
                                                             a rlo         m
dents to learn other important life                    te C          9, 7 p
                                                "Mon ay, May 1 details!
lessons: self discipline formed by prac-             rd           re
                                               Satu tch for mo
tice and the virtue of working to-                 W a
gether while playing in an ensemble.
                                                                                                   “Excellent, you’re doing great!”

                                                                                Shepherd Park
                                                                               Christian Church
                                                                                    Disciples of Christ

                                                                           The Church with the Heart of a Shepherd
                                                                          Worship Services          8:30am &11am
                                                                          Sunday School             9:45am
                                                                     7900 Eastern Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20012
                                                                        Phone (202) 882-3367 Fax (202) 882-3770
PAGE 6                                                       S HE P HER D P ARK NEW S                                FEBRUARY / MARCH 20 07

                                                                                                                 New Y
Thanks! helped make
to all neighbors who                                                                                                                 Photos by Ra
this a great success:
Alexandra Kincannon                                                                                                                    and Carlto
Warren and Bette Strudwick
Diana Snowden
Joan Wilbon
Ann Riley-Jahi and Baruti Jahi
Beth Allaben and son, Ben
Dwayne Toliver
Rosalyn Wilcots and sons, Darius and Jared
Carol Bracey
Doris Collie
Doris Spruell
Marianne Scott
Marilyn Sneiderman and niece, Hayley
Liz McNichol and daughter, Alex
Cynthia Lee
Judith Coward
Barbara Ewell
Sherri Keene
Rosemary Reed Miller
Sekou and Cara Biddle
Noreen Conway
Cynthia and Sam Prather
Gina Winstanley
Enjoli Timmons
and to those whom we may have missed!

 We Ship Any Size, Anywhere!                                                                        Termite & Pest Management
                                                                                                    We are better than all the rest
                                                                                                     7410 Georgia Ave., NW 202 882-6565

$2 Off Ground or Overnight Shipping                                                Number #1 with a "Superior" rating according to the
           Offer good with this coupon. One customer per coupon.                  Washington Consumers Checkbook for service and quality.
                7838 Eastern Avenue                                               We are also registered with the "Better Business Bureau"
         MD/DC line (near Silver Spring Metro)
                                                                                      with our pledge of customer care and satisfaction.
             Just off of Georgia Avenue
           (202)722-0442 · M-F 9-6, Sa 10-4
                                           Purchase do-it-yourself products at our new online store!
        FEBRUARY / MARCH 20 07                                 S HE P HER D P ARK NEW S                             PAGE 7

                                           The “Key Bridge Trio”
                                            (from left to right: Marc

Year’s                                 Feldman, Dan Nathan, Roger
                                              Rosa) loves playing for
                                         Shepherd Park, where they
                                              have their biggest fans.

rty                                                                                                     SPCA President
                                                                                                        Baruti Jahi
 aj Choudury                                                                                            greeting the
on Smith

               Now serving Shepherd Park
                        Save Up to 25% on
               Auto, Home, Life & Business Insurance

                                                                              Andres Becker
                Madhavan Chakravarthi, President                  Additions, Renovations & Remodeling
      · 202.265.4922                          Office: 240 277 6770 Cell: 240 498 0500 · 24/7 operation & great service                    Email:
PAGE 8                                        S HE P HER D P ARK NEW S                                   FEBRUARY / MARCH 20 07

         Inside the Washington Ethical Society
                                 By Jonathan Harwitz. Photo by Raj Choudury.
    You have probably driven by the an international assistance program                attributing worth to all and eliciting
Washington Ethical Society (WES), at that sends teens and adults to El Sal-            the best from each other. WES wel-
7750 16th Street, countless times. Re- vador to bring resources and assis-             comes anyone striving toward this
cently, you may have noticed a new tance to poor villages.                             ideal, regardless of religious affiliation
chain link fence and signs of construc-         Ethics is at the heart of all relig-   or one’s own spiritual beliefs.
tion. What is an “Ethical Society” any- ions, and philosophically, at WES;                 The construction that started re-
way, and what are                                                                                           cently on the
they up to?                                                                                                 WES meeting hall
    WES is a liberal                                                                                        was several years
humanistic religious                                                                                        in the making.
community—much                                                                                              The renovation
like a church, tem-                                                                                         will ensure handi-
ple, or mosque—                                                                                             cap accessibility,
committed to being                                                                                          add      additional
a diverse congrega-                                                                                         meeting and staff
tion.                                                                                                       space, and create
    We celebrate                                                                                            a more beautiful
weekly services (11 am                                                                                      presence on 16th
on Sundays; all are                                                                                         Street.
welcome), have a                                                                                                 Please come
Sunday school to                                                                                            visit us and share
help children learn                                                                                         your ideas of
to be kind and fair,                                                                                        how WES can be
and conduct wed-                                                                                            of more service
dings and other                                                                                             to our Shepherd
celebrations.                                                                                               Park       commu-
    WES actively                                                                                            nity. For more
promotes         good                                                                                       information, see
                         The construction on the WES meeting hall.
works locally and                                                                                           our       website,
internationally and offers classes, how people act and treat one another     , or call us at
some academic, some more prag- is more important than a particular                     882-6650.
matic, about acting ethically in today’s belief about the divine—in other
society.                                    words, “deed before creed.”
    Signature programs include a com-           WES is a supportive community              Jonathan Harwitz is a Shepherd Park
ing-of-age program to help teens tran- where people strive to become their             neighbor and a member of the Washing-
sition successfully to adulthood, and best selves and better the world by              ton Ethical Society.
FEBRUARY / MARCH 20 07                                S HE P HER D P ARK NEW S                               PAGE 9

                           Do You Know Your ANC?
                                                By Sekou Biddle.
    Your ANC commissioners are
elected officials who represent our                                                Advisory Neighborhood
community on a broad range of issues                                                   Commissioners for
relevant to the neighborhood.                                                              Shepherd Park,
    “The ANCs are the body of                                                         Colonial Village and
government with the closest offi-                                                    North Portal Estates
cial ties to the people in a
neighborhood. The ANCs pre-
                                                                   Clark Johnson
sent their positions and recom-
mendations on issues to various
District government agencies,
the Executive Branch, and the
Council.”             (Source
   In order for our ANC to fully
function, it relies on the active partici-                                                Brown
pation of the residents. How can you
get involved? Check the map and fig-
ure out who is your commissioner.
Go to meetings, share concerns or
feedback with commissioners, suggest
agenda items, and provide assistance
to the commissioner that represents
you. I hope to see you at the next
   For more information visit                                                              Steve
or contact Gottlieb Simon, Ex-
ecutive Director for the Office of
Advisory Neighborhood Com-
missions at 727-9945 or

    Free Radon Kits                                Clark Johnson, ANC 4A01
     Winter is an especially critical              Jourdinia Brown, ANC 4A02, ANC 4A Co-chair
 time of year for radon pollution        
 because people keep windows and                   Stephen Whatley, ANC 4A03, ANC 4A Chair
 doors closed. The National Acad-        
 emy of Sciences reports that radon
                                             Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4A
 is the second leading cause of lung
                                             7600 Georgia Avenue, NW, Suite 404 · DC 20012 · 291-9341
 cancer in the US, causing about
 15,000 deaths a year.” Request a            Meeting Location:
 test kit at or              Fort Stevens Recreation Center · 13th & Van Buren Streets, NW
 call 535-2302.                              Meeting Date: 1st Tuesday (except July and August) 7:15 pm

                                                    We Ship Any Size, Anywhere!
                                                   7838 Eastern Avenue · DC/MD line (near Silver Spring Metro)
                                                                (202)722-0442 · M-F 9-6, Sa 10-4
PAGE 10                                       S HE P HER D P ARK NEW S                              FEBRUARY / MARCH 20 07

          Manoukian Brothers Move to the Neighborhood
                                  By Walter Kamiat. Photos by Raj Choudury.

   A new arrival in Shepherd Park,         love of rugs are reflected in his           My wife and I have bought many
Manoukian Brothers Oriental Rugs, is       unique, wide-ranging selection of new    rugs from Paul over the years and
a wonderful addition to the neighbor-      and antique Middle Eastern and Cen-      love them. We strongly encourage
hood. As customers at the Adams            tral Asian carpets and kilims. He        you to stop by, welcome Paul as a
Morgan location for many years, my         knows his large inventory well and       neighbor, and make it the first place
wife and I had been distressed when        will patiently help customers pick the   you visit when you’re looking for a
we saw that shop suddenly close. We        right rug.                               rug.
worried. We’d shopped there for
                                                                                            Manoukian Oriental Rugs
years, and become friends with the
                                                                                            7814 Georgia Avenue, NW
owner. We were then delighted when
                                                                                            Mon – Sat, 9 am – 5 pm
we learned that it had re-opened at a
                                                                                            882.7847 (882-RUGS)
new location, 7814 Georgia Avenue,
NW, a few short blocks from our
   Since first visiting Paul Manoukian’s
shop over 15 years ago, I had never                                                               Paul Manoukian
thought of it as a typical Washington
rug store. His collection of Middle                                                               Inside the new store on
Eastern and Central Asian carpets                                                                 Georgia Avenue.
always seemed more interesting than
those at other stores, the prices al-
ways seemed far more reasonable,
and Paul Manoukian – the owner – is
a wonderful, engaging person, who          Manoukian also
makes shopping there a pleasure. Af-       offers rug clean-
ter getting to know Paul, we would         ing and repair
sometimes just stop by to visit.           services and is a
   Manoukian Brothers has operated         certified Orien-
in DC for 85 years and Paul has been       tal    rug    ap-
involved with the business for over 50     praiser. I have
years. Paul says he buys what he           heard from oth-
loves. When I asked him why his rugs       ers that his rug
seemed different from those of other       repair work is
shops, he said that he seeks rugs that     excellent, and
show traditional craftsmanship and         also quite rea-
patterns. His years of experience and      sonably priced.

                                   Ledo Pizza and Pasta
                                    7435 Georgia Ave NW — 726-5336
                     Carry out and Dine in        M-Th 11-10 • F-Sa 11-11• Su 12-9
FEBRUARY / MARCH 20 07                                     S HE P HER D P ARK NEW S                                     PAGE 11

              Slowing Down Speeding                                                       Did You Know...
             By Cynthia Prather. Photo by Beth Allaben.                                it is illegal to post commercial ad-
                                                                                       vertising signs on utility poles,
    Shepherd Park Citizens Associa-         have made calls, attended meetings,        streetlight poles, traffic signal
tion is building momentum in its ef-        and made a personal commitment to          poles, trees, or in the tree box
forts to slow speeding traffic along        drive more slowly down the corridor.       space?
16th Street between Eastern Avenue                                                     You can help by taking down illegal
and Alaska Avenue.                                                                     signs – and if you can’t take them
    As we all are aware, this segment                                                  down yourself, contact the City-
is a beautiful and convenient thor-                                                    wide Call Center to request
oughfare to and from downtown DC.                                                      removal: call 727-1000.
Yet the convenience has its costs.                                                     Candidates for political office are
Medgar Webster, Traffic Coordinator                                                                            required to
of the 4th District Police, estimates                                                                          remove their
there are 2-3 fender benders each                                                                              signs     from
week along the stretch. The latest                                                                             public space
push for safer, slower driving was                                                                             no later than
inspired when a child was struck at                                                                            30 days after
16th and Jonquil back in October.                                                                              the general
    DC police are responding. During                                                                           election.
the past three months, 176 tickets
have been written between the circle                                                           Look Up...
at Eastern and 16th and Alaska. In ad-         For questions or further infor-
                                                                                       the information about DC building
dition, the 16th Street corridor is an      mation, feel free to contact Offi-
                                                                                       permit applications at
integral part of the 100-day plan being     cer Medgar Webster, 715-7417,
finalized by Cathy Lanier, the new
Chief of Police.
    As reported by Officer Webster,
each week for the next several              SPCA would like to thank our              Under “About SPCA” you will find
months officers will focus on one as-       newest business supporter:                     everything you need to know
pect that impacts safety: seat belt us-     Royces Video Rentals                             about the benefits for your
age, cell phone and distracted driver       7445 Georgia Avenue, NW                    business, contact information and
violations, stop sign and red light vio-    202-723-5600                                                   a membership
lations, pedestrian violations (e.g., not                                                                  application for
using the crosswalk), school zone                                                                               quick and
violations, speed enforcement, and                                                                 convenient download.
                                            To learn more about SPCA
alcohol enforcement on Friday and
                                            memberships for businesses and
Saturday evenings.
    Thanks to Baruti Jahi, SPCA presi-      community organizations go to                   SPCA is looking forward
dent, for his conscientious efforts and                              to hearing from you!
to all Shepherd Park residents who
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                                      Shepherd Park Calendar of Events
                                                  connection with Traumatic Brain           Wed, April 4, 4 pm
   Tuesdays, 10 am                                Injury Month, National Museum of          Arts and crafts, ShPk Library
   Storytime for 3-5 year olds and                Health and Medicine at Walter Reed,       Sat, April 7, 11 am – 2 pm
   11 am, Tales for 2s, ShPk Library              782-2200                                  Free health screening and alcohol
   Thursdays, 10:30 am                            Tues, March 6, 7:15 pm                    abuse program in connection with
   Preschool Films, ShPk Library                  ANC 4A Mtg, Ft. Stevens Rec Center        Alcohol Abuse Awareness Month,
                                                  Wed, March 7, 4 pm                        National Museum of Health and
  February                                        Arts and crafts, ShPk Library             Medicine at Walter Reed, 782-2200
    Mon, Feb 26, 7 pm                             Thurs, Mar 8, 7 pm                        Tues, April 10, 7 pm
    Friends of ShPk Library Mtg,                  Identity Theft Seminar,                   SPCA Community Meeting, Shepherd Elem.
    ShPk Library                                  4th District Police Station Community     Sat, April 14, 11 am
    Wed, Feb 28, 7 pm                             Meeting Room, 715-7400                    PSA 401 Mtg, ShPk Library
    Forum for Democratic Candidates for           Sat, Mar 10, 11 am                        Fri, April 20, 5-8 pm
    Ward 4 Councilmember on economic              PSA 401 Mtg, ShPk Library                 Metropolitan Police sponsors Youth
    development, legisl. priorities, transp.,     Mon, Mar 19, 7 pm                         Summit, Emery Rec Center,
    parks and rec. issues, sponsored by           Friends of ShPk Library Mtg,              5701 Georgia Ave., NW, 715-7400
    Ward 4 Dems, Shepherd Elem.                   ShPk Library                              Tues, April 24, 6-9 pm
                                                  Sat, March 31 & Sun, April 1              Ward 4 Councilmember Candidates
  March                                           Potomac River Watershed Cleanup,          Forum, Takoma Park Baptist Church,
   Fri, March 2, 7 pm                             call Pat Bailey to clean up a stream in   635 Aspen St., NW, sponsored by
   Jazz night at Shepherd Elem,                   Shepherd Park, 291-9055                   Neighbors, Inc. and SPCA
   576-6140                                                                                 Fri, April 27, 10 am – 2 pm
   Sat, March 3, 11 am- 2 pm                                                                Metropolitan Police sponsors Seniors
   Free health screening and lecture              Tues, April 3, 7:15 pm                    Summit, Fourth District Police Station
   and WETA movie on the brain in                 ANC 4A Mtg, Ft. Stevens Rec Center        Community Room, 715-7400

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