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PPPH Education & Training Programs Recognized
                                                                           Volume 2008 • Issue 1 • May 2008

          H OF                  W
                               A AII

       With the generous support of our donors, the Planned
 Parenthood of Hawaii Education & Training Department is
 growing – expanding services and gaining recognition for the
 quality of the programs we offer.
                                                                                Mayor Hannemann Proclaims May
                                                                                Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month
       In January 2008, Sonia Blackiston, PPH’s Director of
 Education & Training, presented the Sex Ed 101 workshop to
 69 participants from across the state. This basic introduction to
 responsible sexuality education was presented in collaboration
 with Hawaii Youth Services Network (HYSN). The Sex Ed 101
 workshop addresses three basic components of effective
 sexuality education: anatomy and puberty, sexually transmitted
 infections and birth control methods. The Sex Ed 101 workshop
 was designed by PPH’s Blackiston and Razia Zelko of Bay Clinic,             Flanked by staff from a number of Hawaii’s leading teen
 Inc., from Hilo. Overwhelmingly positive feedback was received              pregnancy prevention organizations, Mayor Mufi Hannemann
 from participants, including staff from the Hawaii Department               signed his proclamation on Friday, May 16, 2008. Pictured left
 of Education and Department of Health, family planning health               to right: Sara Jean Banks, Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii
 educators, community-based educators, teachers and other                    (CDFH); Amber McClure, Project Coordinator, TeenLine Hawaii,
 youth-serving professionals.                                                CDFH; Regina Torres-Scarpucci, Hawaii Youth Services Network
       Also, another 55 individuals from across Hawaii participated          (HYSN); Laura Brucia Hamm, Hale Kipa; Mayor Hannemann;
 in an eight-hour training in how to present and use the Making              Sonia Blackiston, PPH Director of Education & Training;
 Proud Choices (MPC) curriculum. MPC is a science-based                      Darlene Tudela, HYSN; Melinda Wood, President of PPH Board
 program that has been proven to change risky sexual behaviors.              of Directors; Jo Ayers, PPH Director of Patient Services; Maggie
 PPH was the first organization to implement MPC in two public               Driscoll, PPH Development Officer.
 schools on Oahu – Ilima Intermediate            continued on page 5

 The APPLE Tree Award                                           In conjunction with the Planned Parenthood Federation of America
                                                           National Conference held in the Washington, D.C., area in March, the PPFA
                                                           Association of Planned Parenthood Leaders in Education (APPLE) bestowed
                                                           their APPLE Tree Award to PPH’s Board of Directors and Barry Raff, our CEO.
                                                           This prestigious national award is presented to an affiliate President/CEO
                                                           and Board of Directors who have demonstrated outstanding support
                                                           and leadership of their affiliate’s education and training programs. Sonia
                                                           Blackiston, PPH’s Director of Education &
                                                           Training, nominated Barry and our Board,
                                                           citing how their support “allowed PPH
                                                           education staff to flourish and become
 Pictured at the PPFA Awards Luncheon left to right:       recognized as leaders of comprehensive
 Sonia Blackiston, PPH Director of Education & Training;   sexuality education” for Hawaii.
 Melinda Wood, President of PPH Board of Directors;             PPH receives little public funding to
 Cecile Richards, President PPFA; Barry Raff, PPH CEO;     support our Education & Training programs.
 and Mark Huffman, Director of Education at PP of          Without the continuing support of our
 Middle and East Tennessee, Chair of APPLE.                donors, PPH would not be able to present
                                                           the MPC curriculum and all the other community-based educational out-
                                                           reach programs. We deeply appreciate your continued interest and financial
                                                           support, and we accept the APPLE Tree Award on YOUR behalf. `
You Are Invited to Leave a Legacy
     Thanks to YOU, our generous donors               arrangements for PPH in your estate.                  their suggestions for and be involved in
and supporters, Planned Parenthood of                 Simply call Sheila O’Keefe, Director of               informational meetings that explain how
Hawaii is set to begin a new program of               Development at 808-589-1156 ext. 225                  anyone can leave a legacy of support for
recognition for a special group of donors.            and tell her of your intent to leave a                the mission and programs of Planned
     The Planned Parenthood of Hawaii                 bequest to PPH. Also, the response                    Parenthood of Hawaii.
LEGACY SOCIETY will acknowledge the                   envelope inside this newsletter has a                      We look forward to recognizing the
commitment of our donors who want                     check box to indicate your intent.                    founding PPH LEGACY SOCIETY members
to ensure the future of the mission and                   Founding members of the PPH                       in our next newsletter.
programs of Planned Parenthood by                     LEGACY SOCIETY are invited to offer                        Please join us! `
making arrangements to include us in
their estate plans.
     YOU too are cordially invited to                   Aloha, Friends of                                     An Open Letter
join these extraordinary individuals
as a founding member of the Planned                     Planned Parenthood:
Parenthood of Hawaii LEGACY SOCIETY.                         Heading up a high net-worth group at
     YOUR commitment to leaving                         Morgan Stanley, I am often asked by clients
a legacy of philanthropic support                       what is the best way to transfer wealth to
by naming PPH in your will helps to                     their children and other family members.
guarantee that Planned Parenthood                       I review appropriate strategies, and then
of Hawaii will be able to care for and                  refer them to estate planning attorneys in
educate young women and teens in                        Honolulu that will carry out their wishes.
Hawaii in the future.                                   I always ask my clients, however, if they
     We would be honored to recognize                   have considered giving a small portion of
your far-reaching generosity and to                     their wealth to a cause that they feel is
include you among the founding                          worthwhile.
members of the Planned Parenthood of                         Of course, children and family are
                                                                                                           Mike Strada, a PPH donor and volunteer, is Senior
Hawaii LEGACY SOCIETY.                                  important, but I often ask clients, “Don’t
                                                                                                           Vice President/Wealth Advisor who heads up the
     Please let us know if you have                     you feel that you could give 5% or 10%             12-member “Team at Morgan Stanley.” Hawaii
named PPH in your will or made other                    of your assets to a cause that might just          Business Magazine, February 2007, ranked Strada
                                                        change the world? Can’t the kids get by            the #1 Financial Advisor in the state. Disclosure:
                                                                                                           PPH’s employee 401(k) program and investment
                                                        with 90% of the assets that you will be
     Please feel free to contact us if                                                                     fund are advised by Morgan Stanley.
                                                        giving them someday?” The answer is
     you would like more information                    usually, “Yes,” as it should be.
     about including PPH in your estate                      I truly feel that the root of almost all the strife in the world today is too many people
     plan. Planned Parenthood of                        chasing too few resources. On the investing side, we say to buy almost anything dealing
     Hawaii is a tax-exempt, nonprofit,                 with food, fertile and well-located land, and water. Why? All of these commodities will
     501(c)(3) organization. Our Tax I.D.                                                   be in more demand as the population grows, driving
     is 99-6012377. This information is                                                     relentless waves of famine, poverty and accompanying
                                                           “...I felt the need              ignorance. On the giving side, we want to encourage
     for general purposes only and is
     not intended as legal or financial                    to do something. generosity, and show people that it makes sense for the
                                                                                            future of their families as well as the organizations they
     advice. PPH recommends that                                  Planned                   support.
     individuals considering a planned
     gift consult with their own legal or
                                                           Parenthood was                        As I’ve thought about these issues over the past
                                                                                            few years, I felt the need to do something. Planned
     financial advisors.                                 the answer for me.” Parenthood was the answer for me. It tackles big,
                                                                                            important, global issues, but works within my
                                                                                            community. It all came together, and that’s why I felt a
        PLANNED                                         $1,000,000 gift to Planned Parenthood of Hawaii was the perfect solution for help
      PARENTHOOD            ®

                                                        change the world for the better.
        OF HA AII
                                                             I invite you to join me in supporting Planned Parenthood of Hawaii with a gift for
               Published twice a year by                today, and with a legacy bequest for the future.
           Planned Parenthood of Hawaii,
    1350 S. King St., Suite 309, Honolulu, HI 96814
            Phone 808-589-1156 ext. 225
                                                        Mike Strada
2    May 2008 Planned Parenthood of Hawaii Newsletter
      Mahalo to Our                                                                                JoAnn & John Sinton   Beatrice Gould                                C. Dudley Pratt, Jr.

                            Circle Donors
                                                                                                   Kathleen M. Spalding  Arien Grabbe                                  Sarah & Duane Preble
                                                                                                                         Bridgette Hahn
                                                                                                   Carolyn & Arthur Staats                                             Virginia Pressler
                                                                                                   Barbara & John Stephan   & David Miller                             Charlys Randall
                                                                                                   Dale Stewart          Dorothy & Norman Hallett                      Heidi Rian
                                                                                                                         Jean H. Hamakawa
                                                                                                   Karen & David Stoutemyer                                            Riches Kahala
                                                January 2007 to March 2008                         Susan F. Thain        Mark Hamasaki                                 Jodie & Arthur Roeca
                                                                                                   Mary & James Tiles    Rousty Harris                                 Mark R. Rognstad
                                                                                                   Kathryn Wagner        Judith & William Hepfer                       Robin Rohr

    Ilima Circle
  (donors of $5,000 or more)
                                 Shirley & David Hartley
                                 The Hartley Family
                                                                Marjie & Will Beaton
                                                                Michael Ben
                                                                                                   Lynne & Joe Wikoff
                                                                                                   Steven Wong
                                                                                                                         John & Kim Holzman
                                                                                                                         Lane Hornfeck-McKay
                                                                                                                                                                       Ingrid & Scott Rolles
                                                                                                                                                                       Linda Ross
                                    Foundation                  Ron Brandvold                      Trudy & Al Wong       Patricia S. Hunter                            Margaret & Alan Rowland
Atherton Family Foundation       Hawaii Women’s Legal           Tim Jay Burns                      Lynne M. Wooddell     Ted Isaac                                     Robert Rudolph
Chamber of Commerce                 Foundation                  Nancie Caraway                                           Lembi James
                                                                                                   JoAnn Yosemori & Grant Ito                                          Mary Rydell
     of Hawaii                   Sanne & Ron Higgins                & Neil Abercrombie             Nancy & Mike Young    Marjorie & Keith Johnson                          & Robert Calvert
Jill Chen & Steven Loui          Mazie K. Hirono                Suzanne D. Case                    Six Anonymous         Susan S. Johnson                              Lila Watumull Sahney
Angie Connor                     HMSA                           Central Pacific Bank                                     Linda K. Johnsrud                             Michael C. Savala
Ann & Dougal Crowe
The Wallace Alexander
                                 Mary K. & Richard S. Hollier June & Reginald Chambers
                                 Louise K.Y. Ing                Neill A. Char                          Pikake Circle
                                                                                             (donors of $250 to $499)
                                                                                                                         Sally Kanehe
                                                                                                                         Russell Kato
                                                                                                                                                                       Maureen Schaeffer
                                                                                                                                                                           & Alan Price
                                 Merrill Johnston               Jenny W. Choy                                            Elizabeth Kent                                Mai Ly Schultz
     Gerbode Foundation          Judy & Bill Kern               Sachi & Brad Coates        Marjorie Able                 Mark K. Kikuchi                               Dana & George Seberg
Ruth Goodsill                    Michael H. Kita                Catha Lee Combs            Bliss Acoba                   Laurie Kim                                    Lauren Sharkey
Pegge Hopper                     Malcolm D. Lau                 Communications Pacific     Amy Agbayani                  David B. Knight                               Lisa A. Shigemura
Ellen M. Koenig Fund             Linda & Creighton Lee          Corporate Environments     Janet & George Allan          Suzanne Kruppa                                Julie & Ralph Shohet
Maui United Way                  Bernice & Robert Littman           International, LLC     Jeanne Anderson               Louise M. Kubo                                Douglas C. Smith
McInerny Foundation              Vi Loo                         Cindy & Scott Crain        Amy Brinkmeyer Asselbaye David K. Lassner                                   The Jonathan Starr
James S. Myers                   Deborah Luckett                Janice Durham-Worthington Alexandra Avery                Peggy A. Latare                                   Foundation
The Robert C. & Helen               & Scott McCaffrey               & Richard Worthington  Joyce & Ray Baker             Hai Luen & James Leavitt                      Patricia G. Steinhoff
     F. Nichols Fund             Donna Z. Lum                   Denise & Bruce Ellinwood   Teresa J. Bill                Terese Leber                                  Candy Lei & Hayden
Patricia O’Kieffe, The John      Donald C. Mair                 Pamela Farrell             Harry C. Bittenbender         Neal Lebsack                                      Stephens
     M. Simpson Foundation       Nancy Makowski                 Jeff Finney                Marlene Booth                 Carol Mon Lee                                 Misako & Randall
Pettus Foundation                Margaret & Robert Marcus Wendy & Nick Fogelson            Mary & George Brandt          Peter J. Lenhart                                  Steverson
Planned Parenthood               Maui Contractors Women’s Roger W. Fonseca                 Arthur H. Bredenbeck          Mollye & James Lewis                          Gail & Lester Stiefel
     Federation of America          Auxiliary                   Geolabs, Inc.              Deborah Brown                 Diane Ley                                     Alexandra & Kelly Sueda
Jean E. Rolles                   Marian E. Melish               Carolyn Sue & George Goto Susan S. Brown                 Pamela Lorentz                                Wilma Sur
Bette Takahashi                  John V. Mickey                 Liz & Bob Graham           Georgine L. Busch             Mette W. Lyons                                Audrey Sutherland
The Harry & Jeanette             Nancy K. Molloy                Rhonda & Jeff Griswold     Samuel Caldwell               Coral Lee Mack                                Karen & Lance Takahashi
     Weinberg Foundation         Moonglow Fund                  John T. Harrison           Laurel Callahan               Leilani & Neal MacPherson                     Alexandra & James
One Anonymous                    The O. L. Moore Foundation Lori Hiraoka                   Marcia & Hugh Carman          Lois Magnussen                                    Tateyama
                                 Lucas Morgan                   Mike Imanaka               Johnny Y. Chang               Karen Mason                                   Tides Foundation
                                 Dorothy & Phil Morris          Kim C. Iwamoto             Linley & Murray Chapman       Valerie & Earle Matsuda                       Patsy Tom
    Maile Circle
 (donors of $1,000 to $4,999)
                                 Roger W. Moser, Jr.
                                 Andrew Moss
                                                                John Snow Inc.
                                                                Angelica & Richard Kahle
                                                                                           David Cheever
                                                                                           Dorothy Chen
                                                                                                                         Barbara McBeath
                                                                                                                         J. Mahealani McClellan
                                                                                                                                                                       Sabrina R. Toma
                                                                                                                                                                       Carol C. Tomioka
                                 Lori E. Mott                   Andrew & Sharon Keith      Vanessa Y. Chong              David Bruce McEwan                            Jean M. Toyama
Yvonne Jaramillo Ahearn          George Nagayama                Mary & Harvey King         Yen Chun                      Joanellen & Richard McFee                     Christine & Steve Trecker
   & Neal Ahearn                 Robert Nathanson               Nancy & Pierre Kleiber     Gloria Jean & Stanley         Kathleen McIntyre                             Sharon & Thurston
Cynthia Ai                       Norma Nichols                  Duane Komin                   Chun Hoo                      & Barry Raff                                   Twigg-Smith
Alexander & Baldwin              David T. Pietsch, Jr.          Randall Kusaka             William G. Chung              Gilbert Mendelson                             Floraine Van Orden
   Foundation                    Laurel & Leonard Portner       Milton & Henrietta Kushkin Kimberly A. Click             Debra & Jeff Merle                            Arlene C. Walton
Carla S. Allison                 Shaunagh & Kenneth Robbins         Fund                   Clifford R. Colvin            Monte M. Mitchell                             Laura Warfield
Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing          Martha & Thomas Rosenquist Evelyn B. Lance                Jennifer Cooney               Neal Miyahira                                 Dana & Craig Washofsky
Mary J. Amundson                 Elaine E. Rossi & Dr.V.T. Leon Marilyn & Samuel Lee       Carol J. Coops                Margaret L. Montgomery                        Devra & Chuck Wathen
Joan Ashmore                     Dr. & Mrs. Alexander Roth April F. Leong                  Thomas Craven                 Barbara Y. Morgan                             Indru & Gulab Watumull
Marjorie C.Y. Au                 Nancy Seawahl                  Heidi & Eric Levora        Mary Crispi                   Sharon Moscovic                               Julie & Jaidev Watumull
   & John Morris                 Howard B. Simpson              Peter Lewis                Jane B. Culp                  Myrna Murdoch                                 Joel L. Weiner
Fred Baldwin Memorial            Reni Soon                      Judy & Dennis Lind         Dorothy J. Dale               Laurie Murphy                                 Michael G. Weinstein
   Foundation                    Susan & John Spangler          Victoria Logan Wright      Terry & Richard Day           Abigail P. & Irwin S. Murray                  John Michael White
Bank of Hawaii                   Mike Strada                    Adolf G. Mader             Peter Denman                  Cynthia C. Nakasato                           Carol Whitesell
Patricia & Gardner Bemis Fund    Paul Takayesu                  Joy M. Miyasaki            James F. Doherty              Jeffrey Napoleon                              Iris & William Wiley
Chris Campbell & Peter Bihari    Robert Taylor                  Anne Namba                 Jane Dukesherer               Elizabeth Young Norcross                      Susan Wilson
Vicky Cayetano                   Laura Thompson                 Pamela & Steven Nishi      Margie & Mike Durant          Sumi Oda                                      Reginald G. Worthley
Susan & David Chandler           Judy & Paul Warren             Gail & Dennis Nishihara    Laura Emura                   Susan & Robert Offermann                      Jane M. Wylie
Earl M. & Margery C.             Jhamandas Watumull Fund        Sheila O’Keefe             Cheryl S. Ernst               Zale T. Okazaki                               Carol Kikue Yamamoto
   Chapman Foundation            Victor Weisberger              Laura & Randall Okamoto    Eloise Feigal & Gene Bliss    Colette C. Ono                                Debbie Young
Rai Saint Chu                    Joan & Perry White             Laurice Otsuka             Rhoda Feinberg                Bonnie Ozaki                                  Jackie Young
   & Richard Turbin              Marci & Stephen Williams       Eleanor Fisher Pence       Pamela & Fred Ferguson-Brey Pac-Tech Communications                         Margery Ziffrin
Marilyn Ethel Crane              Colleen Wong                   Jacqueline Phillips        Beatrice & Robert Fitzpatrick    LLC                                        Janet & Stanley Zisk
Janie & Mark Davis               Lisa & Warren Wong             Cherye & Jim Pierce        Brenda Ford                   Gwen G. Pacarro                               Seven Anonymous
Stefanie Delmont                 Melinda Wood                   Diane J. Plotts            Kimberly Frank                Carolyn S. Pang
Jennifer Diesman-Sullivan
Dan Dudden
                                 Joseph & Vera Zilber Family Chimen & Rudy Podrat
                                    Foundation, Inc.            Edward J. Quinlan
                                                                                           L. Neil Frazer
                                                                                           Bessie I. Fukeda
                                                                                                                         Graham R. Parkes
                                                                                                                         Claudia Parola                                           Plus
                                                                                                                                                                        Donor directed gifts from
Marjorie & Duane Erway           Two Anonymous                  Valerie Ragaza-Miao        Christine S. Fukui            Kate S. Patterson
First Unitarian Church                                          Ann Rahall                 Barbara Gamer                 Patrice C. Perrin                            Aloha United Way
Foodland Super Market,
   Give Aloha Program                Lehua Circle               Bee & Robert Ramsey
                                                                Anne Rayson & Buddy Bess Mary C. & Thomas W.
                                   (donors of $500 to $999) William E. Remus
                                                                                           Janet Elaine Garcia           William Perry
                                                                                                                         Marjorie Pescaia
                                                                                                                                                                      Combined Federal
Carolyn Fraley                                                                                Gething                    Marion & Jeff                                Hawaii Island United Way `
Kent Giles                       Dana Alden                     Doris J. See               Lisa & Michael Gibson            Philpotts-Miller
Charmion & Charles Hardy         Diane & Norman Baker           Mickey Selwyn              Andrea Gill                   Barbra An Pleadwell
Every effort has been made to ensure that PPH Circle Donors are listed correctly. If you are listed erroneously, please accept our apology and let us know by calling 808-589-1156 ext. 225. Thank you.

                                                                                                                                May 2008 Planned Parenthood of Hawaii Newsletter                   3
        Haute Pink Party –
        A Fashionable Smash
                                                                                                    `                                                   Ann & Dougal
                                                                                                                                                        Crowe, Honorary
                                                                                                                                                        Chairpersons, and

                                                                                                                                                        guest, Vi Loo

   More than 360 PPH donors,                     of Hawaii’s young new designers.
guests and volunteers painted                        PPH presented the Bette
Waikiki PINK at the fabulous                     Takahashi Service Award to
Pink Palace of the Pacific – the                 recognize the support of the First
Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Friday,                  Unitarian Church of Honolulu.
January 25, 2008.                                    The evening was topped
   The evening started with                      off with a spirited live auction
sparkling pink wine and a pink-                  and music by Amber Ricci and
themed silent auction.                           DragonFly.
   A sumptuous dinner was                            More than $100,000 came
punctuated by a lively haute                     in to fund Planned Parenthood
fashion show staged by Valerie                   of Hawaii’s programs and
Ragaza-Miao and featuring some                   services. `

Mahalo to Our Silent Auction Donors                                                                Yvonne Jaramillo Ahearn, Event
Yvonne Jaramillo         Heaven on Earth Spa         Puu Menehune        Christina Pintor          Chairperson; Melinda Wood, President
    Ahearn                   Club & Cafe         Loco Boutique           Planned Parenthood        of PPH Board of Directors; and Bette            Charlotte Huszcza,
Anne Namba               Heidi’s Bread Basket    The Luckett Group          Federation             Takahashi                                       President of First

    Designs              Hilton Hawaiian             & PT Hawaii            of America,                                                            Unitarian Church of
Atlantis Adventures          Village             Malou Whitmore             National Board
                                                                                                                                                   Honolulu with PPH
Attitudes by Debra       Hilton Kauai Beach          Jewelry                of Advisors/
Marjorie C. Y. Au            Resort              Manoa Heritage             Coach/                                                                 Bette Takahashi Award
Alexandra Avery          Hilton Waikoloa             Center                 Alan Cummings/                                                         plaque
Baci Bistro                  Village             Marsha Nadalin             Whoopi
Gina Bailey              Hollywood Theaters          Salon & Spa            Goldberg
Bead It! Kailua          Honolulu Club           Martin and              The Plaza Club
The Bess Press           Honolulu Theatre            MacArthur              Hawaii
Sonia Blackiston             for Youth           Mary’s Toys             Laurel & Leonard
Bill Boyer, Mokulele     Rick Hoo, Parkside      Maui Divers of             Portner
    Airlines                 Salon                   Hawaii              Riches Kahala
Caesars Cleaners         Pegge Hopper,           Maui Prince Hotel       Patty Roque
Chanel                       Pegge Hopper            Makena Resort       Roy’s Waikoloa
Leonard Chow                 Gallery             Mauna Lani Resort at    Royal Hawaiian
Rai Saint Chu            Lanny Hughes                Kalahuipaa             Hotel
City Mill Co., Ltd.      Ice Palace              McKinley Car Wash       Sam Choy’s
Corporate                The Ilikai Hotel        Molokai Ranch              Diamond Head           Rai Saint Chu & Rich Turbin, Valerie & Joseph Miao, Lisa & Eric Schiff
    Environments         Indich Collection       Morgan Beret            Sea Life Park
    International, LLC       Oriental Rugs       Morning Brew            Sensually Yours
Dancin’ with the Sun     Louise K. Y. Ing            Coffee House        The Shack Hawaii Kai
    Greetings            INTO                        & Bistro            Shimbori Shack         Special Thanks           April Sugimoto, Beso        Bette Takahashi
Diamond Head             IONA Contemporary       Muumuu Heaven           Emily Sinnott          Jesse Arneson               Beso Print Ink & Joe     Colleen Wong
    Theatre                  Dance Theatre       The New Otani           State of Mind          Neal Ahearn                 Malina, Just Press       Trudy & Al Wong
Diamond Head             Iroquois Point Island       Kaimana Beach       Tobyp                  Eric Blackiston          Lorna Wood
    Winery                   Club                    Hotel               Under A Hula Moon      Jill Chen Loui                                       Event Committee
Double Tree Alana        Kahala Hotel            Sharman O’Shea,         University of Hawaii   Rai Saint Chu            Honorary                    Yvonne Jaramillo
    Hotel-Waikiki            & Resort                Holistic-Hawaii.       Athletics                & Rich Turbin         Chairpersons                  Ahearn, Chairperson
Andrea Gelber            Kapalua Land                com                 Valerie Joseph         Steve Crocker, Silent    Ann & Dougal Crowe          Dana Alden
Curt Ginther                 Company, Ltd.       Oogenesis Boutique         Boutique                 Auction Central                                 Marjorie Au
Go! Airlines             KariJane Threads        Pacific Beach Hotel     W Honolulu             Catherine Fiss           Advisory Committee          Sonia Blackiston
Gold’s Gym               Kayak Kauai             Pacific Marine             Diamond Head        Pegge Hopper, Pegge      Rai Saint Chu,              Laura Emura
Grand Hyatt Kauai        Kenny’s Restaurant          & Supply            Waikiki Aquarium            Hopper Gallery         Chairperson              Tiffany Hilton
Gyotaku Restaurant       Elizabeth Kent,             Company             Waikoloa Beach         Linda Ipsen              Pegge Hopper                Lori Hiraoka
Dona Hanaike                 Vested Interest     Pacific Pearl & Gem        Resort Marriott     Madison Kane             Louise Ing                  Valerie Ragaza-Miao
Shirley Hartley          Kuaiwi Farm             Pamper Me               Wailea Golf LLC        Maui Divers Jewelry      Carol Mon Lee               Judy Kern
Hawaii Opera             Kualoa Ranch            Paradise Cruise, Ltd.   Watanabe Floral Inc.   Lucas Morgan             Judy Lind                   Richanne Lam
    Theatre              Laser Skin Care         Park Shore Waikiki      Winston Myers          Valerie Ragaza-Miao      Deborah Luckett             Nani Loui
Hawaii Skin Cancer           Hawaii              Pearlridge Center          for Hair            Eric Schiff              Dorothy & Phil Morris       Sheila O’Keefe
    & Photodamage        Leighton Lam            The People’s Wine       Trudy & Al Wong        Warren Shon, Southern    Gwen Pacarro                Roy Venters
    Center, Inc.             Designs, Inc.           Shop                Melinda Wood                Wine and Spirits    Shaunagh & Kenneth          Kathryn Drury Wagner
Hawaii Theatre           Peter J. Lenhart        Pilates Training        Zippy’s Restaurants    Mei-hua Sinnott             Robbins                  Melinda Wood
    Center                   & Gail Takeuchi,        Center Hawaii       ZsuzsaB                                         Mike Strada                 Melanie Yang

                                                                                                                 May 2008 Planned Parenthood of Hawaii Newsletter        4
PPH Legislative Report

At the End of the Day…We Have a Choice
      The Hawaii State Legislature again                                                         in the public schools. This too was not
                                                        Annelle Amaral
failed to act on legislation requiring                                                           funded.
                                                        testifying at the
hospitals to discuss the fact that a rape                                                             This past session we testified
victim may become pregnant as a result                                                           against numerous bills that continue
of the rape, and to offer information                                                            to criminalize pregnancy by arresting
about the option of using emergency                                                              pregnant women who use drugs or
contraception (EC) as well as to provide                                                         arresting breast-feeding mothers who
the EC should the rape victim request it.                                                        abuse prescription drugs. Thankfully,
      They have again failed to codify the                                                       most of these bills died this session.
educational standard for sex education                                                                We are fortunate that this year is an
as factually based, medically accurate                                                           election year. It is a time to evaluate the
information for anyone teaching sex                                                              voting records of all of the members of the
education using state funds.                                                                     Legislature and assess whether they are
      Why? You wonder, did they run out            again, no action was taken. And why           deserving of our vote – and PPH’s political
of time? Did the legislation arrive too late       is this, you wonder? Apparently, some         action network will be doing exactly this.
for their consideration? Nope, both these          members of the House find it difficult to     We have the power to make a difference
bills passed out of the Senate last year           allow teachers to provide accurate sex        this September and this November.
and languished in the House waiting for            education. Rather, it would seem, they             At the end of the day, public policy
a hearing. So time was not a factor…it             like information that is “faith-based,”       can and should be representative of the
would seem that political will was….               inaccurate and misleading…as long as          best thinking of our legislators. At the
      With regard to emergency                     the federal government is providing the       end of the day, the laws of Hawaii should
contraception in emergency rooms, after            funds through the Bush “abstinence-           be reflective of an intelligent, meaningful
hearings and histrionics over religious            only-until-marriage” program. So our bill,    process of deliberation. At the end of the
exemptions for secular facilities, in the          which the Senate passed last year and         day, we should and do expect more from
end, the House delayed the passage of              should have been among the first to be        our legislators.
the bill on EC in the ER so as to make             considered, never got a hearing from               Now is the time to exert the power
it impossible to override a veto by the            the House in this session…and died a          of choice. For more information or to
governor.                                          quiet death of ignorance and apathy. In       participate in the PPH Action Network, a
      As for whether we should provide             addition, Planned Parenthood of Hawaii        501(c)(4) political action entity, contact
students with factually correct, medically         submitted a grant-in-aid to fund the          Annelle Amaral at or
accurate sex education in schools:                 expansion of our sex education program        808-753-1895. `

    Education & Training Programs                                           How Do We Know That Our Work Is
    continued from page 1                                                   Having an Impact?
    School in Ewa Beach and Washington Middle School                             Here’s a sampling of the some of the comments we
    in Honolulu. The support of donors has made it                          received from students at Washington Middle School:
    possible for PPH to present MPC to more than 600                              “The most important thing that I learned is to use a
    students on Oahu in the current school year.                            condom. I think it is important to keep you and your partner
          While we are just scratching the surface with                     healthy. And to keep yourself from making a choice that you
    MPC, the success of the program has garnered                            will regret.”
    enormous community support. As a result, Kokua                               “The most important thing I learned from Making Proud
    Kalihi Valley, Maui Youth and Family Services and                       Choices is how to say NO when communicating with my
    Hale Kipa will be joining PPH in providing MPC in                       partner.”
    the upcoming 2008-2009 school year. Now students                             “The most important thing I learned in this program was
    in five Hawaii Department of Education schools will                     that the best way to not get pregnant or get STDs is to stay
    have a greater chance of making positive, healthy                       abstinent. This information is important because I want to
    and proud choices for themselves, their families and                    stay safe.”
    their communities – thanks to Making Proud Choices!                          “The thing I liked best was the condom demonstration. I
    And thanks to YOU, our donors, who generously                           like hands-on demonstrations. In case my friends don’t know
    support PPH’s educational programs. `                                   how to use, them I could share my knowledge.” `

5    May 2008 Planned Parenthood of Hawaii Newsletter
        PLANNED                                                                                                        NONPROFIT ORG.

 PARENTHOOD                       ®                                                                                     U.S. POSTAGE

         W                                                                                                               Honolulu, HI
                                                                                                                       PERMIT NO. 106
 1350 S. King Street, Suite 309
 Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
                                                                                                           RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

                                                                                        Choice Art Show
   Save the Date – Friday, January 23, 2009                                                  The Pegge Hopper Gallery has called
                                                                                        for entries for a juried show of Choice Art
  Make plans to join Planned Parenthood of Hawaii and special musical guests            to benefit Planned Parenthood of Hawaii.
  as we return to the Golden Era of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in the beautifully         The show will include works from some
  renovated Monarch Room. Gala tickets and tables go on sale in October.                of Honolulu and Hawaii’s most talented
                                                                                        contemporary artists. It will open with an
                                                                                        artists reception on Thursday, November 13,
Your Economic Stimulus Check Supports PPH                                               2008, and will be featured at the First Friday
                                                                                        Art Walks on December 5, 2008, and January 2,
     During economic downturns, the         sexuality and their future.                 2009. All PPH Circle Donors are invited to
services of PPH are more important               How far will your check go?            a special holiday reception on Thursday,
than ever. When people are losing their          $300 will pay for a pelvic exam and    December 4, 2008, from 5 pm – 7 pm. Call
jobs or are unable to find employment       birth control pills for one year.           Sheila O’Keefe at PPH for more information or
that includes health insurance, they             $100 will treat a patient with         to reserve your space: 808-589-1156 ext. 225.
can still turn to PPH to help safeguard     genital warts or another STI.                    The Pegge Hopper Gallery is located
their health and avoid unintended                $50 provides one hour of               in Chinatown at 1164 Nuuanu Avenue. Call
pregnancies.                                medically accurate sex education.           808-524-1160 for more information about the
     Please consider turning some or all         Please use the enclosed envelope       Gallery or Choice Art show. `
of your economic stimulus check into        to help uninsured and underinsured
a reproductive health care stimulus         people in Hawaii.
package for Hawaii.                              Or go to and click        Aloha United Way Approves
     Or perhaps you would like your
economic stimulus to help support
                                            “Donate” on the upper banner. Choose
                                            method to give, e.g., “One-Time.” Look
                                                                                        Planned Parenthood
educational programs that will help         for “I would like to give to,” then click        Planned Parenthood of Hawaii is among
young people make safer, more               “Local.”                                    the local nonprofit organizations recently
informed choices regarding their                 Your gift will make a difference! `    recognized by the Aloha United Way to receive
                                                                                        donor designated gifts in the Fall 2008 United
                                                                                        Way Workplace Giving Campaign. PPH’s

   Need Volunteers!
                                        The PPH Education & Training                    designation code is 70210. Please use this
                                        Department is looking for volunteers to         number to ensure that your AUW donation
                                        be trained to give presentations on birth       comes to PPH.
   control methods, STIs, and who may wish to volunteer at outreach events. If               Just a reminder that PPH is also approved
   you are interested, contact the Education Department at 808-589-1156 ext.            for donations in the annual Combined Federal
   243 or email and put “volunteer” in the subject. `              Campaign and is a Maui United Way Partner
                                                                                        Agency. `