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					                          JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2009

ideas for           This man can
a new               make you look
                    better in 2009

Getting in Shape with Professional Help
Building a ‘Green’ House • Feeling Better
 can be a beautiful
  Local experts
 can improve that
face looking back
   in the mirror

               he New Year is often a time
               when we reflect on ways to
               make personal improvements,
               inside and out. And often, the
               inspiration for these resolu-
tions comes from our reflections — the ones
we see in the mirror.
   Local health and beauty professionals are
ready to help with whatever new look you
want to achieve in the New Year, with effec-
tive, lasting and safe options that even in
these tough economic times won't break your
   For those wary of the surgical knife,
there's Rejuvenation Medispa in Elizabeth-
town, where a variety of nonsurgical treat-
ments can help people improve their skin's
appearance. Products and treatments are
carefully selected by Dr. David Zoeller, a
board-certified physician for the past 22
years who was also formerly a chemical en-
   Combining these two talents, he is able to
cull through the many existing and emerging
skin care and nutritional supplement product
lines on the market today, choosing only
those he feels will deliver the best quality
and results, said Marketing Director Alice
Zoeller.                                         Dr. James K. Hargan performs a variety of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic treatments
   "There are millions of things out there       at his Elizabethtown facility, CosMedic Unlimited LLC.
and it's hard for the average keep
up with everything and analyze it," she said.
   Most over-the-counter skin care products      and in some cases are even cheaper than up-      tually good for the skin, Alice said. Free
contain 1 percent at best of active ingredi-     scale brands sold at department store coun-      Iredale makeovers are held quarterly for
ents, while creams and serums available          ters, she noted. While the products that         clients to familiarize themselves with these
through Dr. Zoeller contain up to 98 percent     work the fastest are predictably most expen-     products and learn new makeup techniques
active ingredients, Alice said.                  sive, there are a wealth of other options that   with no obligation to buy anything.
   "Obviously you're going to get much           provide good results over slightly longer pe-       The medispa also offers laser skin treat-
more benefit," she said.                         riods of time for less money, she said.          ments and hair removal, microdermabra-
   And concerning cost, the products avail-         One skin care and makeup line distrib-        sion, chemical peels, therapeutic facials,
able at Rejuvenation Medispa are compara-        uted at the medispa is Iredale, known            nutritional supplements, a full range of in-
ble to their over-the-counter counterparts,      worldwide for its mineral makeup that is ac-     jectible fillers and Botox. Any injections
                                                                                                                      Ashiatsu Oriental
                                                                                                                        Bar Therapy








Angela Smith, a technician at Rejuvenation Medispa, performs a makeover for Nancy Diaz of Elizabethtown.

are performed only by a physician, Alice said.
   Education is key to maintaining the effects of these skin treat-                 Your Locally Owned Window
ments, Alice said. That includes selecting products that are geared                and Door Installation Company
specifically to treat and protect the skin based on each client's skin
type and even the season, which in Kentucky can range from hot
and humid to bitter cold over a few months' time and can affect
skin differently. And if new products become available that would
be suited for a client's needs, medispa staff make the client aware
of the new product as a courtesy. However, Alice said the
medispa's clients aren't subjected to any high-pressure tactics to
buy any services or products.


   Credit cards are accepted, and for more expensive treatments,
payment plans can be arranged.
   "There are absolutely options for every budget," she said.





   Sometimes the benefits of surgical liposuction and lifts can be         # 
     "" ! ! #  ! " 
achieved with other less expensive or invasive treatments, said Dr.                  "   ! !   "   # ! #
James K. Hargan, medical director and cosmetic surgeon at                                           
CosMedic Unlimited LLC in Elizabethtown.                                                      "     !   
   Dr. Hargan and staff perform laser rejuvenation, laser photoreju-                                
venation and skin resurfacing treatments that can also provide dra-
matic, desired results in about 15 to 20 minute sessions.                        
   "The laser procedures, when you combine them ... you can have                 

more smooth, glowing skin," Dr. Hargan said. "(Clients) just want
their skin to look much nicer - if that's what they want then that's a                  


big benefit. They have more self confidence."
   Another popular treatment is with Juvederm, an injectible gel                                                            
and wrinkle filler that can blend away lines around the mouth and
cheek areas which can be used along with Lipodissolve, a series of                                                         

microinjections that dissolve away fat deposits and can be used to        


enhance definition on the neck and jawline, Dr. Hargan said.                                                        

   Using these together, "you can pretty dramatically change your                                                      

appearance in a positive way," he said.
   And with many of the procedures available at CosMedic Unlim-                        




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ited, a client can return to work the same day.
   Dr. Hargan is also able to guide patients to the                                     Debbie Claywell,
skin care products that will maintain their look,                                       an aesthetician at
including protection from the sun's damaging                                            Merle Norman
rays.                                                                                   Cosmetics & Day
   "That's always a huge factor," he said. "We re-                                      Spa, applies per-
                                                                                        manent makeup to
inforce that a lot during procedures."
                                                                                        shade a client's
   Other service options, among others, include
chemical peels, microdermabrasion and perma-
nent cosmetics.
   The office is specially designed to promote re-
laxation and put patients at ease, from the colors
chosen to the music selections, Dr. Hargan said.
Local anesthesia or even IV sedation can be used
as needed.
   "Their level of comfort literally, whatever
they'd like to have, we're able to provide that,"                                            Mortgage rates down.
Dr. Hargan said.                                                                              Home selection up.
   And there's no need to stress about payment -
Dr. Hargan accepts credit cards, offers 12-month
                                                                                          Window of opportunity open.
interest-free payment plans and extended financ-                                                                   Call
ing terms with reasonable rates.                                                                               Kathy Helm,
   Dr. Hargan said he enjoys helping people to                                                                  Realtor®
look their best and feel better about themselves,                                                                 today!
either through surgical or nonsurgical means.
   "I am able to use several different treatments
and protocols in many different combinations to
provide people with things that are effective and
provide good results with minimal down time,"                                                                   612 E. Dixie,
Dr. Hargan said.                                                                                               Elizabethtown
                                                                                         McMahan Co.
   Merle Norman Cosmetics & Day Spa
   In today's busy world, saving time is invalu-                                                        888-396-6115
able. One way to do that without skimping on                                              Each office independently owned and operated.

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  Looking good
  For more information about the products and services

  available to help you look your best in the New Year, visit:

         Merle Norman Cosmetics & Day Spa,

                   Rejuvenation Medispa,

                     CosMedic Unlimited,

one's appearance is with permanent makeup, allowing women to
have a flawless look without the daily effort.
    Debbie Claywell is an aesthetician at Merle Norman Cosmetics
& Day Spa in Elizabethtown, where permanent makeup has been
offered for more than a decade.
    The process is ideal for those who want to add convenience to
their lives or who may not be confident about their own makeup
application abilities, she said. Permanent makeup can be applied
on the lips, as eyeliner for the eyelids and to enhance the eyebrows      

either by applying a bit of shading to the existing brows or through
complete recreation.
    It does not involve tattooing, though sometimes it's mistakenly
thought of this way, Claywell said. Instead, it involves a different
type of pigment that is put into the dermal layer of the skin, and the
application instruments differ as compared to tattooing.
    During the roughly hour-long process, soothing music is played
in the room, and a topical anesthetic is used to eliminate discom-
fort, she said, and instruments are sterilized and individually
prepackaged for safety. A little puffiness is normal the first day
after the procedure, but cold packs can minimize these temporary
aftereffects, she said.
    For permanent eyeliner, the color chosen is based on a client's
skin tone and hair color, but black is by far the most popular
choice, she said. For lipstick, mauves are popular, but people often
bring in their favorite shade of lipstick to use as a matching guide.

Permanent lipstick also eliminates the problem some women expe-            
rience with their lip color creeping up into fine lines around their
mouth, Claywell said. And, other lip shades can be worn over the         

permanent color if a change is desired, she added.
    For those with sparse brows or ones that have fallen out due to
chemotherapy or other conditions, brow recreation can be the solu-        
tion. That's when a new, natural-looking brow is created on the
skin with permanent makeup.                                                
    "Brows are one of the most important features of your face be-
cause it does the framing for your face," Claywell said.

    Eyeliner enhancement costs $300, eyebrow shading $350, eye-           
brow recreation $450, and lip lining/shading is $350, she said.
Over time, due to sun exposure and other factors, touch-up visits         
may be required, usually after a year or two. The first touch-up is
free, with additional sessions $75 each if the original work was          
performed at Merle Norman, Claywell said.                                    
    The process isn't anything drastic, it just improves upon our ex-
isting attributes, and makes it more conscionable to dash out the            
door on a quick errand without first applying traditional makeup.
    "Permanent makeup just adds to what we already have," Clay-             
well said.
                                      — Shannon Leonard-Boone

                                                                             HARDIN COUNTY MAGAZINE • JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2009   15