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Minutes of Denton Parish Council


									   Minutes of Denton Parish Council Meeting Monday 8th October 2007
                    at 7.30pm in Denton Village Hall

Present: Cllrs. Crush, Geeson, Mrs Grinter, Hiley, Hollyer and Sir B. Welby.
Also present Mr Carpenter (District Councillor) and PCSO Mark Barr (who was
called away before the meeting closed).

Acceptance of apologies Mr Chapman will arrive later.

Declaration of interest in items below.
  Cllrs. Hiley and Grinter grant to PCC churchyard mowing.
  Cllr. Hollyer planning application Sycamore Cottage.

Agree minutes of meeting 21st May 2007 these had been circulated and were
agreed a true record after the item under Councillors Reports was changed
from "Cllrs. Sir B. Welby and Crush declared an interest in this matter as one
cottage, unaffected by the work, adjoined land of the Welby Estate." to Cllrs. Sir
B. Welby and Crush declared an interest in this matter as one cottage, affected
by the work, adjoined land of the Welby Estate."

Report on any matters arising
      Best Kept Village results and judges comments had been circulated.
      Annual Return has been signed off by Moore Stephens Auditor.
      It was reported that doors have now been installed in all the Blyth

Correspondence some previously circulated agree action on any items.
  LCC Highways advise of road closures details posted on village notice
  Lincs. Assoc. Local Councils AGM Saturday 27th October 10am Horncastle
  College cost £18.50. No one to attend.
  SKDC will in future pay precept by BACS bank detailed have been supplied
  - noted.

Planning Applications agree any comment
Decision:     110 Church Street - approved + Sycamore Cottage - approved.

   The Chairman raised concern that planning applications are circulating too
   slowly and comments are not being submitted.

Items for newsletter - A draft newsletter had been distributed with the agenda.
This was approved with the addition of a call for a volunteer to fill the remaining
councillor vacancy.

Request from PCC for churchyard mowing grant.
Receipts for £317.15 have been submitted letter to meeting. Budget for 2007-08
£300, grant paid last two years was £300.00. It was agreed to make a grant of
Review of Clerk's salary for 2007-08 (national pay agreement still not reached
LAPC report that some councils have made their own decision. The clerk
indicated that he was happy for the matter to be deferred.

Agree charge to Denton Parish Charity for services of clerk.
It was agreed to make a 3% increase. A charge of £173.00 (for 20 hours) for

Financial Matters The bank balance stands at £2,647.05 (at 30/6/2007)

   Agree the following payments
666762 SKDC (uncontested election costs)                    31.00 No VAT
666763 Moore Stephens (Audit fee 2006-07)         50.00 + 8.75 VAT = 58.75
666764 K. Brockway (half year salary 410.50 06-07 rate)    410.50
666765 Denton PCC (grant towards mowing costs)             300.00
These were agreed for payment.

Councillors reports
Cllr. Chapman reported that Woolsthorpe PC have also raised concern about
the dip in the culvert and will not oppose the road closure.
The Chairman read out a letter from LCC, dated 5/10/2007, giving an update
on the A607.
Mr Chapman reported that he had a meeting with LCC Highways and the Police
but had no more to report than what had been reported in the papers. The
driver involved in the fatal accident was not at fault, speed was not an issue.
The coroner did call for a proper bus stop. Mr C will be watching with interest a
petition by Great Ponton for a 50mph limit on the A1. Cllr. Crush said there was
no longer evidence of vehicles leaving the road as most of the fence had
already been demolished by previous incidents. LCC will be replacing reflective
posts with flexible ones, this is an admission by LCC that vehicles are still
leaving the road.
PCSO Mark Barr left meeting in response to a call to an incident on the A607.

It was suggested and agreed that a change of approach be made with a call for
a street light on the triangle and a layby constructed for the buses to pull off the

Cllr. Hollyer reported on a training evening he had attended at Colsterworth
which provided useful new information and reminders of existing procedures.

Cllr. Geeson reported on a recent chance meeting outside his home with PCSO
Mark Barr. While they spoke they noted the speed of traffic on the Main Street
and the actions of some drivers to slow down and even buckle a seat belt when
they observed the PCSO.

Date of next meeting       Monday 3rd December 2007
The meeting was suspended while the Denton Parish Charity meeting took
place to allow for a report from PCSO Mark Barr.

The meeting was formally closed at 8.45.

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