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                                                   Unity Candles For Your Wedding
                                                               By Joe Palladino

   The purpose of planning an extravagant and perfect wedding is not only to make all of your dreams
come true but also to make sure that everyone will remember your ceremony and reception as
something truly unique, bonding, and loving. There are a lot of different ways you can promote this
type of atmosphere and feeling at your reception so that all of your guests will remember why they are
there together and what they are celebrating. First of all you can use wedding favors because that
shows everyone forever that your wedding really meant something special because each and every
single one of your guests brings them home.

There are a lot of other great ways to show the sincerity of the occasion. This includes things like the
cake, traditions surrounding the wedding, and the different kinds of things that everyone says at the
party (like toasts and roasts). However, did you ever think that you could find different kinds of
decorations to pout into your wedding reception that will really make the idea of love and unity pop? I
bet you never thought you could combine form and function so well.

Well, something great that you can use is a unity candle. Unity candles can really make an impression
on your guests and you will love having them at your wedding. These candles really represent the love
between you and your new spouse that forms the eternal bond of marriage. All of your guests will
appreciate this gesture of romance and the significance of the day will really shine through. The great
thing is that you can find a unity candle to fit into almost any kind of theme that you have chosen for
your party because they come in so many different styles, colors, and varieties that you will always
have something that you like. Unity candles are just fantastic keepsakes that you will have forever to
remember your wedding reception and the great times that you had there with you new spouse and all
of your guests.

Another way to make these candles fit into your theme is to make sure the stand you buy will make
your decorations look perfect. You can find stands in different colors and styles. Particularly popular
styles include things that enhance the idea of love and the atmosphere of romance. These include
hearts, bride and groom, and other beautiful symbols that have always been used by people to
represent their feelings, especially on special occasions. You can really enhance the party buy picking
colors that mean something to you or that just go along with the color scheme that you have decided to
use in order to show off your personal style and decorating prowess.

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Unity candles can be lit and then saved to show everyone how much you really care or you can just
have them on display as a subtle reminder of your wedding vows and all the reasons you decided to
make those vows to your spouse.

Unity candles add that special touch to any Church Wedding Traditional Ceremony.

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                                            Wedding Essentials and Accessories
                                                               By Janet R.

The couple have decided that to be bound as one is what a romantic relationship is all about.
Everything is going great, the happiness and joy are unmeasurable...except for the planning and
preparation of the wedding ceremony. Planning and preparation for the wedding must under go a
certain process in which every aspect and detail of the ceremony has to be polished. Obviously, it's a
sort of challenge for the couple, this task is very tedious and sometimes frustrating. Although, in a way,
they are enjoying the process of preparation. Every couple wants to have a smooth and successful
wedding. Therefore, everything needs to be done according to the plan. From the wedding accessories
and decorations, attendees and church ceremony must be on couple's priority list.

 Wedding accessories and decorations are very essential in the overall appeal of the wedding.
Generally, these items are picked and used according to the theme of the celebration. Different
varieties of accessories and decorations are available world wide, and the main challenge is to choose
what is best to incorporate in your wedding theme. Though there are some accessories that are not
mandatory, having it anyway can make a big difference to the overall appeal of your wedding.

Here are some wedding accessories that are considered to be not really mandatory, yet adored by
most couple.

Unity Candles

 What is a Unity Candle? It is commonly used during a Christian wedding that symbolizes the merging
of two personalities into one, formed by the holy matrimony. The lighting of the unity candle is an
addition to the traditional wedding. Actually, the unity candle is a set of three candles. During the
ceremony, two taper candles with a large pillar – called the unity candle is placed in the center. Though
it can be an option to have or not to have this accessory, and it doesn't have anything to do with the
religious component. If the bride and groom opt for unity candle ceremony, it is commonly performed
after the couple's exchanging of vows, but before the official marriage pronouncement.

 There are different varieties of designs for unity candles. They also have different themes that can be
matched with different weddings. You may also find personalized unity candles, a good keepsake
option for the couple.

Wedding Cake Topper

 In a traditional wedding, a wedding cake needs to be present to further enjoy the celebration at the
reception. Wedding cake toppers are one of the most popular wedding cake decorations and
accessories. Like the unity candle, to use a cake topper is not mandatory. However, this can be a great
highlight to be seen on your cake. Most couples opt for personalized cake toppers to show both of their
personalities. Common cake toppers feature the couple in their formal wedding outfit. However,
different kinds of designs, themes and style are available today in most specialty stores.

 These are just few great wedding accessory options. There are still lots of wonderful wedding
essentials ideas you may choose to decorate your grand celebration such as wedding party favors.

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