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					                                The Mirror
               The Newsletter of the Lakeland Art Guild, Inc.
                               January 2008
A Lakeland Art Guild Publication                                            Vol. 52. No.1
P.O. Box 353, Lakeland, FL 33802-0353                                      863-255-4956

January 2008 Program:

Grace Cromer: Composition and Design: What They Are and How They Affect
Your Artwork

Grace is a lifetime guild member who is retired from Lakeland High School where she
was head of the Art department from 1967 to 1981 and was even the Art teacher of at
least one of the guild members. She was the first in Polk County to teach Advanced
Placement classes in art. She graduated Wichita State University cum laude with a BAE
degree in 1966 and earned a Master if Ikebana while living in Japan for three years. She
was married to Col. Dan Cromer, an officer and a pilot in the US Air Force and has seven

She is a multi-media artist who prefers to work three dimensionally, but also enjoys
working in Oils, Watercolors, Acrylics and Graphics. She has won numerous awards
from local shows and galleries: including the Polk Museum of Art, Florida Southern
College-Melvin Art Gallery and Orlando Museum of Art. She is a member of Arts on the
Park, Lakeland Art Guild, Polk Museum of Art, and Florida Craftsmen.

The January 28th meeting begins at 6:30 with a brief social time to enjoy the company of
other artists. We will serve beverages and light snacks, and if you like you may bring
something to snack on. The business meeting begins at 7 p.m. and afterwards we will
have a time of learning with Grace. Afterwards we will vote on the artwork brought to
share by the guild members, so please bring in a piece of your artwork to share. The
meeting is held each month in the Magnolia Building at 702 E. Orange Ave., Lakeland,
FL. 33801. For more info, please contact Tara at 255-4956 or

Member Update

  The Lakeland Art Guild will be presenting the nominees for the 2008
          year Executive Committee and Board of Directors

We will be having an early vote at this meeting to bring the new Executive Committee
and Board of Directors into office one month early as this has been postponed from last
year. We have many positive changes coming and are eager to get started.
     Lakeland Art Guild January Show winners
                  are as follows:
                          Best of Show
                    "Never Alone" by Carol Frye

                            First Place
          Representational- "Noon Break" by Debra Bryant
 Non-Representational- "Trois Amis" (triptych) by Rowena Spersrud
   Sculpture and Crafts- "Oriental Theme" by Mary Lou Hartweg
Graphics and Photography- "Feather Bed" by Nancy Sykes Cockerham

                          Second Place
  Representational- "Stand Figure-Lit from Behind" by Joe Geiger
         Non-Representational- "Nest" by Janice Anderson
   Sculpture and Crafts- "Windows to the Sea" by Gregory Jones
 Graphics and Photography- "Night Blooming Cercos" by Les Twining

                           Third Place

       Representational- "Red Delicious" by Marjorie Lewis
   Non-Representational- "Can You Hear Me?" by Tara Milliken
          Sculpture and Crafts- "Whale" by Niki Larsson
   Graphics and Photography- "Hello, Goodbye" by Grace Cromer

                       Honorable Mention

            Representational- "Charlie" by Debra Bryant
      Non-Representational- "End of the Game" by Carol Frye
    Sculpture and Crafts- "Circle of Butterflies" by Niki Larsson
    Graphics and Photography- "Nancy's Garden" by Les Twining

                       Honorable Mention

           Peoples Choice- "Promise" by Brenda Poff Hill
                               Judges Statement

 Congratulations to the Lakeland Art Guild for presenting another excellent
   thought provoking show. The quality of the work is very high and it was
difficult to single out individual pieces for recognition. I looked for skill and
     creativity, above all, and found it at every turn. Thank you for this
                       opportunity. Sincerely, Sue Allen

I want to thank all of the people who helped make this show happen! Sue Allen was
    our Judge this year and what a fine job she did! I'd also like to thank Linda
McAllister, Joe Geiger, Pat Shaer, Carol Frye, Jan Anderson, Shirley Bernard, Niki
 Larsson and Dan Brawley....have I missed anyone? And all the people who entered
   the show...I'd also like to say thanks to our new members who showed...Debra
Bryant (won 2 awards), Les Twining (won 2 awards), and Linda Palmer. I put a link to
    the show winners on the LAG Events page and I also put a link to her Florida
                          Watercolor webpage there as well

                         Lakeland Art Guild Website!

The Lakeland Art Guild website is up and running! Please go check it out at .... It's not quite finished, but the artists are working on getting
photographs of their artwork done for their individual web pages. Remember, it's only
$10.00 per year for up to 6 pieces of artwork, your photo and bio, and, if you have one, a
link to your own website. That's a great deal!! I am a member (1st year) of the Florida
Watercolor Society-their webpage is $125.00 initially to set up and then $50.00 per year
to maintain., so it really is a great deal for our members.

Please keep checking it, bookmark it or save it as a favorite. I am going to be posting
Upcoming Art Events, Classes, and lots of other news there so we don't bog down our
members with email. Some of you will be jumping for joy at this news. I am getting
an average of 100 emails or so a week related to the Lakeland Art Guild. Of course, not
all of it is pertaining to upcoming art events or classes, but enough is to make it "too
much news" to send each out individually, so I am still going to get all your news out
there to the other artist's...but I will post it on our website and keep the emails down to a
minimum for email reading. This way we have the option of looking for upcoming art
events, and art classes, rather than being bombarded with them. If you want your event
posted, you may contact Tara Milliken at 863-255-4956 or
Thank you for your patience in the transition from snail mail to email. It can be both a
blessing and....a curse. Let's make it a blessing!
             FSC Opens Marcus and Winifred Burks
                     Student Art Gallery
Thanks to the generosity of longtime LAG board member Marc Burks, Florida
Southern College has a student gallery adjacent to the Melvin Art Gallery.
"I learned that this was wanted and needed and I could help," says Marc. "So I
Previously, Marc endowed an art scholarship at FSC in honor of his late wife, Dr.
Winifred Burks, a talented watercolorist and art professor. Her work can be seen
in the Polk Community College library. This donation for the student gallery, which
was created in empty office space on the west side of the Melvin Gallery, also
allowed for renovation of the Melvin Gallery. The grey carpeting has been removed
from the walls which are now white and improvements have been made to the
lighting, heating and ventilation systems. When you hear that an interesting
artwork is on exhibit in the Burk Gallery, you know the "rest of the story."

                             Thank you, Marc,
                          for this exemplary gift
                     to the college and the community

This is an article to download about the artist Judi Betts and it comes to us from Pat Shaer
who spoke to a representative from Daniel Smith, Pat Shaer spoke to her on the phone
and we are adding them to the Links page on our website. The representative Pat spoke
to is Connie Cagley, and she went and looked at our website and was very pleased, both
with our website and with us wanting to put the Daniel Smith link on it as well. I am
delighted to put both the article here for you to download and the link on our website.
Thank you Pat for your thoughtfulness, this is exactly what we are looking for in the
coming year....we need to build good relationships, advertise each others
accomplishments, and share generously and from the heart our art with the community
and with each other. We need to work with other art organizations in the area and help
our artist's find the resources they need for art supplies, available classes, exhibitions,
shows, paint-ins, paint name it! Let's make it a really great year for the art

Connie Cagley @ Daniel Smith Artists Materials
PO Box 84268 Seattle, Washington 98124-5568
(800)426-6740 ext #342 or

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