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                                                   Top Honeymoon Destinations
                                                         By James Gunaseelan

   Just as every couple is different, each couple has different ideas of what makes up their list of top
honeymoon destinations. The honeymoon is a tradition that can lead to some beautiful memories for a
newly married couple, but before those memories can be made, you of course must decide where to
go. If you find yourself lost for ideas for where to go on your honeymoon, the best idea for
brainstorming is to look at the top honeymoon destinations for other couples.

While there are plenty of Caribbean destinations for your honeymoon, Aruba is one of the top
honeymoon destinations due to its unique climate. Despite its location, the climate of Aruba is relatively
arid, and it exists outside the path that most hurricanes take when they're in season. Because of this,
travelers are almost guaranteed that they'll have a great honeymoon without a chance of getting rained
out. With such a guarantee, it's no wonder that Aruba is one of the world's top honeymoon

For those who want to celebrate their honeymoon in Europe, many of the top honeymoon destinations
are in Italy, and for good reason. With a rich history that goes back thousands of years, cities like
Rome still have ancient architecture in place, providing sightseers with plenty to view. Other cities,
such as Venice, provide beautiful, romantic canal rides that are perfect to celebrate a honeymoon. And
of course, it goes without saying that the wine and food you'll get in Italy will be wonderful, making this
a great place for your honeymoon!

If you're looking for top honeymoon destinations that are closer to home, consider Florida for your
honeymoon. While it's not quite as tropical as Hawaii, its location on the mainland makes it easy to get
to, and there are still plenty of beaches and attractions to go to. Whether you go for relaxation in the
Florida Keys or Cocoa Beach, there are plenty of places where you can get to the ocean. And if you
don't mind being around families, there's always the theme parks of Orlando for the young at heart. So,
if you want a great vacation without having to get a passport, look no further than sunny Florida. But no
matter where you decide to go, whether in the country or not, whether you go for sun and sand or for
history and culture, these three top honeymoon destinations are great places to look at when you start
your search for where you and your spouse want to go.

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James Gunaseelan writes for brahmins matrimonial portal

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                                  Winter Honeymoon Destinations
                                        By James Gunaseelan

 Though most people imagine their wedding as something that happens in spring or summer, a winter
wedding can be just as beautiful. But of course, with winter weddings come winter honeymoon
destinations, and the advent of colder weather and snow means needing to get creative about your
winter honeymoon destinations. However, whether you work to find somewhere that still has great
weather in the winter or find a destination that you can enjoy in the snow, there are plenty of great
winter honeymoon destinations out there. Here are a few:

Some winter honeymoon destinations like Venice, Italy, make for a beautiful honeymoon any time of
year, but the advantage of a winter honeymoon there is that you beat the crowds and the higher prices
you'd see during the busy season. Best of all, Venice only gets snow on a few days a year, so you'll
still be able to enjoy a romantic ride along the canals without getting buried in white powder.

If you don't mind truly cold weather, then try some winter honeymoon destinations that use the cold as
an attraction. For instance, every year in Quebec, an ice hotel is erected for guests that want a truly
unique stay in a cold destination. With a movie theater and a chapel for those looking to also hold their
wedding in the cold, this ice hotel is a chilly way to start off your new life with your spouse! Another
great way to enjoy cold winter honeymoon destinations is with a cruise. Cold-weather cruises can be
an experience as unique as their counterparts from warmer waters. Take a flight to Alaska and enjoy a
winter cruise where you can watch stunning icebergs and glaciers, and enjoy your honeymoon in a
nontraditional way.

Still, some people want winter honeymoon destinations that are warmer, and it's understandable! A
break from the cold and snow is a great way to spend a honeymoon. For such a trip, Hawaii is a great
destination, any time of year. With an average winter temperature of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit,
the tropics make a great place for you to celebrate a new marriage and to soak up a little sun while
your home is still under snow. So, give the sun and sand a go for your honeymoon! So whether your
destination is somewhere romantic, somewhere extra cold, or whether you go for warm waters, keep
an open mind and plan a great winter honeymoon.

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James Gunaseelan writes for brahmins matrimonial portal

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