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Web Design is Worlds Apart from Printing by Florie Lyn Masarate When designing for the web, keep in mind that you are not designing a printing project. That is why what appears good in your website is not necessarily the same as when it is printed. If you are the designer, this is what you should explain to your customers. You will be doing them a big favor in letting them know early on that what they have in their layouts will not be the same when it is put on their websites. Although there are programs that ensure website design to look as close to print as possible, they do not duplicate it exactly. So what must you do when you are faced with this kind of situation? The solution is to work with your customers. Not just for them but by them. Realistic expectations. Since you are the designer and you know better, share what you know. Tell your customers upfront that you cannot exactly create what they want if they seem too unrealistic for you. Educate them on the web design considerations such as maintenance and download speed. These factors are more important than the fancy graphics and other elements they want in their site. It is your task to explain these things to them. Have your customer set up a portfolio. Your customers should have a portfolio they should give you. But they should know that what they have planned out in their portfolio is not really what they will see in their websites. Even if there are talented designers who can come close, they will not really put the exact portfolio into the designs. And creating one good design is also not a representation of your skills. That would be seen later on when the site starts working. Know what software and applications your customers are using. They not be the same as yours. This is very vital when making your designs. The pages will look way different when you do them in the applications you have when your customers have another. When building web pages, the things mentioned above are very important. You will see its effectiveness once you test it with any browser available. Nothing like having a website that has one consistent and polished look whichever way you see it. It should not look good on a certain browser and look bad on another. About the Author

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