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Top 5 Ideas For a Wicked Wedding


									                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                               Top 5 Ideas For a Wicked Wedding
                                                             By Karen Sullen

   Go ahead, express yourself! Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life, and it
should be all about you—even it that means going against the norm. It should rise above tradition to a
place where your lifestyle and personality are the guides to planning a wonderful wedding day. Yet,
many of the wedding magazines, websites and blogs are filled with only one type of wedding style with
sugary-sweet tips that are just oozing with flowers and femininity, forgetting that everyone is not exactly
the same. If too much frou-frou just won't do or you're a slightly quirky, off-beat bride who's looking for
something different, nontraditional and out-of-the-box for your ceremony, here are a few ideas to help
create the theme wedding of your dreams (and maybe even your nightmares.)

 Mustache Weddings: For brides and grooms who walk just a little bit off the beaten path, a vintage
wedding accented with mustaches can add a whimsical touch to the celebration. Always generating a
laugh or two, just imagine your bridesmaids coming down the aisle wearing a lovely mustache. Or use
them after the wedding for a fun group photo of the guests. No matter what the age, everyone will
definitely appreciate this unique wedding favor. And in keeping with the vintage theme, your
groomsmen are sure to appreciate the gift of an engraved pocket watch.

 Medieval Weddings: Celebrate the fact that you've found your Sir Lancelot with a trip back to medieval
times. A castle or stately manor would make an lively location for your medieval matrimony as the
bridesmaids are dressed in velvet gowns and the groomsmen clad with cloaks and armor. Forget the
flowers, and add a special touch with lanterns as a bouquet alternative for the bridesmaids. For a
glowing wedding at dusk, place wine-bottle candelabras around the room to accent your candlelit
ceremony. This would also make an excellent choice for a Celtic or Irish wedding—almost like traveling
to a castle in Ireland.

 Vampire Weddings: You can have a bloody good time with a vampire-theme wedding. Imagine
drinking Vampire's blood (red wine) at the reception and giving fangs as wedding favors. With a kiss on
the neck (instead of the lips), you and Count Dracula will begin your new afterlife together. Be sure to
use a horse-drawn vintage hearse as your getaway car. Of course, everything needs to be in the color
red. The color of love makes a excellent bloody backdrop for this wicked-wedding idea. Since many of
your guests might not approve of your unique wedding theme, you could always give silver cross
bookmarks to ward off evil spirits (or use as a dagger for unruly guests.)

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Bride of Frankenstein Wedding: If this is your favorite horror movie, why not use it as a theme for your
wedding? Offer foaming beverages from chemistry beakers along with a cake topped with likenesses
of the monster and his mate. Complete with lightening bolt wig for you and Frankenstein mask for him,
your guests will be in for an electrifying treat, especially if Mother Nature highlights your wedding with a

 Halloween Wedding: October 31st has long been a favorite for couples seeking a ghoulish good time
for their wedding. Whether you're into all things Gothic or just want to scare up some fun for your
special day, Halloween is an excellent day for a wedding. Replete with tons of imagery and inspiration,
it's easy to plan this type of wedding in ghastly venues, like a cemetery or a haunted house. As an
unusual twist to the traditional fall wedding, invite your guests to come in costume and end the night
with a howl at the moon just for fun!

 While these alternative wedding themes may be perfect for you, your guests may not agree with your
choice. However, you must keep in mind that these are your family and friends we're talking
about—the ones who know you best. If you've always walked on the wild side or they've always
considered you to be a little off center, the fact is that they'll be disappointed if you don't inject a little
surrealism into your special day. So go ahead and have fun planning the wedding of your dreams!

Karen Sullen is a writer for My Wedding Favors where you can shop for wedding favors and bridal
shower favors.

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                                     Summer Wedding Theme - Some Tips For You
                                                               By TM Lung

More couples are going for the option of hosting a summer wedding nowadays. One of the reasons is
that these couples do not want to stick to the traditional options. It is very true that a summer wedding
can be an extremely romantic one. You can also make your summer wedding a unique one. As a
result, you would also like to pan for a summer wedding. However, do you know how you can plan for
such a special event?

 You will have quite a number of choices when your summer wedding theme is concerned. You will
need to have a theme before you can plan for your wedding. You will make all the decision concerning
your wedding based on your wedding theme. The wedding theme will actually form the framework for
you to plan for your wedding.

 When you are thinking of your summer wedding theme, you can first of all search for some ideas on
the web. You can search it in Google or Yahoo and you will easily find a lot of ideas. As you may know,
there are a lot of bridal magazines there. You will also be able to find a lot of ideas from the bridal
magazines. Sometimes you may find sections devoted to summer weddings in the magazines. As a
matter of fact, a summer wedding is usually linked to the idea of an outdoor wedding. As a result, you
will expect that a summer wedding will be a more informal one.

 The first thing you may think about your summer wedding will probably be a beach wedding. As a
matter of fact, most people will go for the idea of a beach wedding when a summer wedding is
concerned. The beach will become a beautiful backdrop for your wedding. As discussed, the event will
probably be a more informal one. Even the children can enjoy your wedding. They can play in the
beach in your event. You can even make your wedding dress informal. There are a lot of different
choices for you when you are searching for your beach wedding dress. You may even hire a gown
designer to design a new beach wedding gown. This will certainly make your gown a totally unique
one. In order to match the idea of beach wedding, you can prepare a lot of seafood for your guests. Of
course you will need to consider your budget before you make this decision.

 You may also host an outdoor in a garden. It will be even more perfect if you can have this event in
the garden at your home. Of course it will be less formal when compared with a beach wedding. You
can also decorate your venue such that it match the garden theme. As a result, you will use a lot of
elements such as bird cages when you are decorating your venue.

 The above ideas are only some of the ideas you may consider. You should be creative so that you can
create your own summer wedding theme.

TM Lung is a wedding invitation designer. His works can be found from
He runs a blog on weddings and you can find some other wedding tips

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