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                              Tips on Designing Bridesmaid Dresses For Beach Weddings
                                                By Sarrah Beaumont

   Many a bride has found that designing bridesmaid dresses present a challenge worth taking. You
have to consider many factors like differences in skin tone, body and face shape as well as personality
when designing a fairly uniform bridesmaid dress that will make all the bridesmaids happy. You will
soon find that choosing your own bridal dress for your beach wedding was a breeze, pun intended,
than choosing the bridesmaid dresses!

 Fortunately, you can keep these helpful tips in mind when deciding on the bridesmaid dress that all
your beautiful ladies in waiting can wear with smiles on their faces to rival the radiance of the sun
during sunrises at the beach.

Weather Conditions

 Depending on the location of your beach wedding, weather conditions will vary. For example, if you
get married in Florida, you can either experience a subtropical climate or a true tropical climate
depending on what region of the Sunshine State you are in. And there is also a difference between
being married on the lakefront and on the riverfront.

 Thus, you must design the bridesmaid dresses according to the prevailing weather in the wedding
locale. If you get married during the autumn, be sure to include wraps to shield your bridesmaids for
the cold. If you tie the knot in summer, then tube tops and spaghetti straps are excellent ideas.

Dress Construction

 The bridesmaid dresses must be made of materials that are breathable, skim the body gracefully and
present a picture of ethereal beauty. Ideal textiles for this purpose usually include cotton blends, silk,
satin and chiffon. Rich fabrics such as wool and velvet have absolutely no place in a beach wedding!

 Also, you have to ensure that the dress construction allows for the abovementioned ideal textiles to
flow smoothly over the bridesmaids' figures. Think of the images of sea goddesses rising out of the sea
with their flowing garments moving with the wind and you get the idea - no stiff corsets and whalebone
skirts please!

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Beach-y Length

 Have mercy on your bridesmaids. Their bridesmaids' dresses must allow them freedom of movement
in the sand and sea. Of course, they are not expected to take a dip but at least they should be able to
walk without restraint on the soft sandy beach!

 Thus, the length of the bridesmaid dress must be ankle-length at most. Knee-length is ideal although
you also have to take into consideration the wind conditions as you don't want your bridesmaids to be
holding on to their skirts to prevent peep shows from happening. Not everybody wants to be Marilyn
Monroe, after all.

Minimal Embellishments

 When it comes to beach weddings, the less embellishments on the dress, the better. You have to
avoid formal details like beadings and sequins because these do not belong on the beach. Instead, opt
for natural-looking embellishments like thin ribbons and subtle lace overlays, maybe even a corsage
instead of a bouquet.

 Again, designing bridesmaid dresses present a challenge for most brides. But with beach weddings
less formal and more casual, your life as a bride will become so much easier.

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                                      Top 6 Color of Choice For Bridesmaid Dresses
                                                          By Sarrah Beaumont

Bridesmaid dresses, to the dismay of so many bridesmaids the world over, has a limited spectrum of
colors to choose from. All thanks to the earnestness and the solemnity of weddings, bridesmaids
cannot wear deep mourning purple, jet black, any variations of white, chocolate or mud brown, plaid,
stripes or animal prints.

 So what are the colors suited for that occasion? What are the traditional shades when it comes to
bridesmaid dresses? Bridal boutiques everywhere could assert that these are the top ten color of
choice in bridesmaids dresses’ fabrics:

1. Peach

 Who could not fall in love with the youthfulness, playfulness and sweetness of peach? It is the color
that best signifies bridesmaids. Sweet, dazzling and charming. You could stay in church for a month
and try to count how many weddings actually have bridesmaid dresses in peach. Why is peach one of
the most favored colors? For one, its shade is timeless and elegant. It is one of the dress shades that
withstood the test of time. Second, it is sunny and uplifting. Who could resist to smile upon seeing
peach bridesmaids dresses?

2. Pink

 I’m talking light, soft pink. The baby’s blanket kind of pink. Not the sharp, loud pink most teenagers
opt to dye their hair with. The light pink shades represent sweetness and love. Why else would
Valentines Day cards have a generous touch of pink? Why else would wedding cakes have
hear-shaped toppings in pink? Simple, because pink represents sweet, sweet love. Isn’t that what
weddings are all about?

3. Red

 Not ruby red or blood red, mind you. A lot of bridesmaid dresses are within various shades of red. It
could be maroon, or rose red. Either way, red signifies, more than anything, love. Love is exactly the
reason why we have weddings in the first place. Red also signifies courage. Cynics say it takes
bucketfuls of courage to take a walk down the aisle.

4. Blue

 Blue, as a wedding theme, and as bridesmaid dresses, is not at all surprising. Blue, after all,
represents loyalty and faithfulness. You will be needing tons of that in marriage. The various shades
of blue are also extremely pleasing to the eyes. Maybe because it reminds us of blue skies and sunny
days and glorious walks along the park.

5. Yellow

 Yellow actually represents infidelity. But that belief held by thousands did not hinder yellow from
creeping into wedding ceremonies. A lot of bridesmaid dresses are in variants of yellow. Why? For

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one, yellow is youthful. Yellow is also cheery, sunny and very uplifting. To sum it all up, yellow brings
smiles. So why should it be banned from being worn as bridesmaid dresses?

6. Green

 Green, the color of hope, life and a fresh new start. No other color best represents weddings that this.
 Green is arguably the most widely used wedding motif since the turn of the century. After all, it best
describes what weddings are all about –- hope, life and new beginnings

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