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Tips on Choosing Table Linens For a Wedding


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                                       Tips on Choosing Table Linens For a Wedding
                                                               By Kim Hawkins

    There are so many decisions to be made when planning a wedding. You have to make a guest list,
find a place to have the wedding and reception. You have to pick bridesmaids and groomsman and the
list of things to do goes on and on. One of the most important things that you must do to decorate for
your wedding reception is to pick out table linens. Table linens can set the whole theme of the
reception. You can pick bold table linens or you can pick more subtle, elegant table linens. You may
need square tablecloths, round tablecloths or even chair covers or sashes. Here are a few tips on how
to get the most from the table linens that you choose.

 The first thing you must do is decide where you are going to have tables that need to be covered and
what kind of tables you are going to have. Are some going to be round and others rectangle? Are you
going to have the guest book at the actual wedding sitting on a table that needs covered? What about
the dining tables at the reception or the cake table and even the table that the DJ will have his radio
equipment on. Do you want all those covered in table linens? Do you want your chairs covered in
fabric or maybe a sash around the backs of the chairs? If you do, you need to plan for all those item to
be covered with fabric in your budget.

 The next thing you want to do is check with your caterer if you have one or your wedding coordinator.
These two people can definitely help you make the right choice when it comes to picking out table
linens. The catering service makes a huge contribution to how the tables and chairs are going to look.
They may have some great ideas on colors or arrangement of the tables and chairs. Wedding
coordinators can probably direct you to a great wholesale website or store where you can buy all of the
table linens and chair covers in mass quantity for much cheaper.

 There are thousands of different types of fabric to choose from and probably just as many colors. If
you are on a limited budget, the best thing you can do regarding table linens is shop around and try to
find your tablecloths at a wholesale shop. This would be a huge savings in cost. You can get a lot of
fabric for a cheaper price by doing this and if you have several different sized tables, shopping
wholesale is definitely the way to go.

 You can also look at flea markets or online auctions for table linens. The only concern with doing this
is that you may not be able to find enough of the same kind of table linen that you need to cover all
your tables. If you are going for a more whimsical or eccentric looking wedding and you don’t want

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them all to match, the flea market and online auctions are very good places to get table linens,
otherwise look for wholesale shops or websites to get your tablecloths, and chair coverings.

 You can have lots of fun decorating with all sorts of fabric table linens. Pick what suits you best and
enjoy your big day!

Kim Hawkins is the president of Wholesale Event Solutions, an online event supply company serving
wedding planners and also open to the public. At you will find a large
selection of elegant wedding centerpieces and supplies, including wholesale tablecloths and linens.

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                                    New and Unique Ways to Use Wedding Linens
                                                           By Janet Ireland

Wedding linens do indeed bring style and colorful magic to wedding receptions. People across the
world use linens to create stylish fashion and atmosphere that guests can enjoy during the wedding
reception. For some people, this can be a problem since they do not want their wedding to look like
everyone else’s. There are a few ways to use wedding linen rentals in new, interesting, and unique
ways. By using these newer and more unique style ideas, you can be sure your wedding reception will
be visually appealing.

Layering Linens on Tables

 Layering material on the tables with multiple wedding linens is a great way to get creative with you
wedding linen rentals. Most all reception setups have a single tablecloth for each guest table. However,
by using multiple table linens in different colors and textures, you are adding a different design element
to the reception. This creates depth in your design, and looks great on tables.

Using Colors and Table Linens to Designate Tables

 Different colored table linens as part of your wedding linens can be a great way to use linens in a new
and unusual way. Everyone has attended a wedding reception with every table looking the same.
However, by using different colors for table linens, you are creating an interesting and new design
aesthetic to your reception.

Chair Cover Styles

 Many people do not realize that there are different ways to use wedding linen rentals as far as chair
covers are concerned. Just like table linens, chair covers can be different heights and styles. To create
different looks, some people prefer to rent chair cover linens that cover only part of the chair with a
portion of the legs exposed. Others may want to cover the chair completely. Some want the chair cover
to stop at the floor, while others may want it to pool at the bottom with extra fabric. A way to make it
different is to have huge, billowing, draping chair covers instead of the tighter style of chair covers. Get
more information about wedding linen rentals by visiting

Accessories on Chair Covers

 By adding accessories to chair covers, you can change the design of your reception to actually
incorporate the colors of the chairs. Whether you are using ribbons, simple fabric, bows, real or
artificial flowers, you are adding a design that many people do not find at wedding receptions and
presumably a style setup that will be remembered for years.

Using Colors and Chair Covers to Designate Tables

 You can use accessories on the chair covers to designate certain tables. Using wedding linen rentals
to designate different tables gives you an opportunity to play with color in a way that is not done too
often. By changing colors, you are adding depth to your design.

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 While everyone seems to use wedding linens for their wedding reception needs, it is fun to try to find
different ways to use the linens to enhance the design of the reception. By simply thinking out of the
box, you too can have unique and new ways to use wedding linens. Start researching more about
wedding linens for your big day by checking out

Janet Ireland writes wedding decorating articles for Magical Party, a premier
Internet resource to help you accent your special day with the finest wedding linen rentals.

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