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					To choice engagement rings for weddings can be a daunting task. What is the perfect type of ring
for your fiancee? What is fashionable and why is that so? How do you pick all the different kinds
if you do not know what you are looking for? This guide will explain many different cuts of ring
in order to help.

The color, style, and size of the ring is all very subjective. You should know what type of metal
and gem your girlfriend likes before you propose. That said, the most classic and timelessly
fashionable rings are on silver, white gold, or platinum bands. This is because something silver
in color can look shinier and matches with more.

Diamonds are also the classic stone for the same reason. They have more sparkle and will go
with any outfit. Because they are such a popular stone, a diamond ring is often synonymous with
an engagement. If you get a colored stone, people may not realize that it is intended to be an
engagement ring. It also signifies a less expensive ring. Diamonds are rare due to a very
controlled market. Other stones are less so. That said, sometimes smaller colored stones can be
used to supplement a diamond.

One ring that should be widely ignored (unless your girlfriend specifically says she likes it) is the
pear shaped diamond. These are the most commonly ridiculed stone cuts. They are better suited
for earrings and necklaces because they hang correctly. They just look odd on a ring and the
setting is not as secure.

The best stone shapes are circular, square, and emerald cut. They are the most basic shapes that
would not draw any negative attention. Emerald cut means a more rectangular shape than square
cut. It fits more oblong on the finger, heading from one knuckle to the other. Many women like
them because it implies a bigger stone. You can see into the depths of the diamond better and
makes it look larger than it really is.

Oval rings are a slightly better option than pear shaped ones. It is like you take a circular
diamond and pull it from either end, stretching it out. A marquis cut is another option, too. In this
case, you take a pear shaped diamond and have it be pointed at both ends instead of rounded at
one. It bulges in the middle slightly and, like the emerald style, goes more from knuckle to

There are other things to think about apart from the cut of the stone--though this IS the biggest
part. Does your girlfriend want a solitaire ring? This means a ring with just one single stone.
Some women like it because it means more attention is drawn to that particular stone. It also
means the stone can be bigger, since other smaller jewels are not purchased. Some like the three
stone ring with two stones flanking the major one. Others like diamonds all around the whole

You should also think about engraving. Do you want any sentiment written on the band? How
much do you want the wedding bands themselves to match each other and match the engagement
ring? Is this all going to fit into your budget? Both the engagement ring and the set of wedding
rings should be bought at the same time or at least fashioned to compliment each other.
Top Tips for Selecting the Best Cut for Your Engagement Ring
Diamond engagement rings represent love and promise. And usually these rings are worn for
lifetime hence each and every guy wants to purchase a best and wonderful diamond engagement
ring for their beloved ones. Buying best diamond means that the diamond which you have
chosen for your ring must have admirable clarity, ideal cut, colour and carat, these are all the
things are considered. But among all these, Diamond cut is the very important factor as it decides
the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond hence it is very necessary to choose the best cut for
your engagement ring.

Here are some tips for selecting the best cut for your engagement ring.

Select a diamond with highest sparkle

If you need the best diamond for your precious ring then you have to select the diamond with the
most excellent sparkle and in that case you must decide on for white diamond with round cut.
And make sure that it has the grading of top clarity. Forever keep in mind that if you will go for
other cuts then the amount of sparkle reduces because of the dissimilar faceting. And you must
also remember when you are looking for best sparkle that you must keep away from emerald cut
because it has the smallest amount of sparkle.

Certification of diamond

Usually the diamond cut refers to shape and excellence of diamond. And always keep in mind
that the guarantee of diamond shows the quality of the cut and grades it as deprived, very good,
good excellent, pale and perfect. And the diamonds which are graded as admirable or ideal are
most precious diamonds and are considered the best cuts contrast to others.

Select a Diamond cut which represents your personality

Usually round cut is very popular choice but if you want a cut which can represent your
personality then round cut is not the best option for you. In this case fancier cuts are great option
such as emerald, marquise, heart and trillion.

Consider preference of your partner

Selecting an excellent cut for your engagement ring is all about personal admiration and always
remembers that you are the only one who can choose the best cut for your ring. Before to
selecting your shape of the ring you must make sure that your loved ones will love to wear. It is
very necessary to choose your ring according to your partner's choice since at last he/she has to
only wear the ring and hence he/she should be comfortable with it.

Always keep in mind that if you will remain these few points in your mind then only you will
have the best cut for your engagement ring.
Engagement Rings- Symbol of New
Engagement is the beginning of entering the new part of life and everyone wants to make it
memorable for lifetime. When the marry-to-be couple exchanges their rings, it is considered as
the most exciting part of the whole event. It not only keeps the couple mesmerized, but also
makes them centre of attraction. At that time, eyes of all the attendees are on the rings of the
couple they exchange. Apart from this, an engagement ring is also more than just a jewelry item
that also shows your love and commitment towards your spouse. This is the main reason; people
prefer to buy beautiful and eye-catching rings; however cost doesn't matter for them at that time.

When it comes to the engagement rings, the first choice is rings embedded with diamond. For
that special moment, diamond engagement rings have been the hot favorite of people for a
longtime. Diamond with its perfect clarity and glitter brings happiness and joy in married life.
Apart from this, by offering a beautiful and eye-catching ring you can make this event
exceptionally pleasing for your spouse. Engagement rings are available for both men and
women. Depending on your requirements and budget, they are available in an assortment of
styles in different prices.

Yellow and white gold, platinum, silver are some of the precious metals people prefer to get the
diamond embedded in the rings of these metals. Previously, only white diamonds were
embedded in the rings, but now in this fashion conscious era, people prefer also prefer colored
diamond in different cut and shapes. For diamond rings, you must also keep in mind cut, color,
clarity and carat of the diamond. Before purchasing or placing your order for a beautiful
engagement ring, you should make sure that you are getting the right ring according to her
choice. You should also keep in mind her ring size because it helps you to select the right ring.

Today, with the growing demand of engagement rings, numerous jewelers and jewelry stores are
selling them online at economical prices. These stores also provide you detailed information
about the rings as well as other jewelry items you purchase.

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