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  Trailblazer District of the Longhorn Council

Sponsored by the Meadowbrook United Methodist Church

  Approved by the Troop Committee, January 26, 1999
                              Revised Edition, August, 2005

Table of Contents

Welcome and Introduction

The Charter Organization and History of Troop 12

General Troop Organization
Registration, Fees, and Dues Permission Forms and Medical Forms Fundraisers

Special Functions
Court of Honor
Summer Camp Scout Show
Scout Sunday
Merit Badge College Garden Run

Scouting Spirit
The Uniform and Troop 12 Uniform Policy
Uniform Bank Discipline
New Members and Guests Parents' Spirit

The Parents' Role
Troop Committee
Assistant Scoutmasters and Merit Badge Counselors Transportation

Rank Advancement and Merit Badges

General Information Fees
Troop Equipment
Personal Equipment Summer Camp Equipment What Not to Bring

Knives, Axes, Saws, and Other Sharp Objects

Alumni Association

List of Additional Handouts

                              Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to World Famous Troop 12, Boy Scouts of America.
This handbook is designed to help the new Scout and his parents get started smoothly
in Troop 12 and also to be used as a continual reference throughout the Scout's troop

These are some of the goals of Troop 12:
1. Develop leadership and initiative for boys.
2. Develop mental, moral and physical fitness.
3. Have a meaningful and learning outdoor experience. 4. Encourage good citizenship.
5. Help each Scout advance toward the Eagle rank. 6. Have fun I

In short, "help boys become honorable men." B.P. (Baden Powell, founder of Boy

This handbook was written keeping these goals in mind for the benefit of all Scouts in
the Troop. Scout and parent should take the time to read this handbook thoroughly. If
you have any questions, please feel free to ask the Scoutmaster or any of the Assistant
Scoutmasters (ASM).

                 The Charter Organization and History of the Troop

Meadowbrook United Methodist Church sponsors Troop 12 and Pack 12, a Cub Scout
group. The sponsor provides the Scout Hut and pays for the utilities. We are very
grateful to have such nice facilities for our meeting place. The Troop keeps in contact
with our sponsor through the Charter Organization Representative, a member of the
church who serves on the Troop Committee.

Troop 12 is one of the oldest continuously active troops in the United States. It was first
chartered in 1920; just 10 years after Boy Scouting came to America, to the First
Presbyterian Church in Fort Worth. In 1926, the troop moved to Sycamore Heights
Methodist Church. With the merger of Sycamore Heights and Sagamore Hill churches
into Meadowbrook Methodist Church in 1928, the troop moved to the new location.

The present Scout Hut was built in 1965 and is one of the finest facilities in the
Longhorn Council. Refurbished during 1983, the Scout Hut was dedicated to the
memory of Robert W. Seeman, longtime Scouting Coordinator with our sponsor.

At one time, Troop 12 had close to 100 Scouts in its membership and divided into 2
Troops; Troop 12 and Troop 512. Over the years, Troop 12, Troop 512, Explorer Post
12 and Venture Scout Ship 12 have produced over 147 Eagle Scouts and served over
10,000 boys.

Registration, Fees and Dues

The first step in joining the troop is registration with the Boy Scouts. The proper form is
available upon request from the Scoutmaster. The form must be filled out and signed by
a parent. A pro rated annual fee of $11.25 (including accident insurance) must
accompany the registration form and all should be tumed in at the next regular meeting
of the troop. Check with a troop committee member for the exact total at time of

Scouts must re-register every year and pay the membership fee. We strongly
encourage subscribing to "Boy's Life" magazine ($10.80 per 12-month subscription).
This periodical is filled with games, stories and program ideas.

Patrol dues vary somewhat, but, in general, they run about $5.00 per month, or $60.00
per year. Dues paid monthly are due at the first meeting of the month. If you choose to
pay the dues annually, there will be a $5.00 discount, making the annual dues $55.00. If
dues are not paid up to date, the Scout will not be allowed to attend the next campout or
advance in rank. Dues are used to purchase advancement patches for each Scout and
general troop operations.

Note: Troop 12 policy states that a Scout will not be excluded from Scouting activities
due to an inability to pay. The Troop will attempt to provide aid to any Scout who has
difficulty in paying dues or other scouting fees. A Scout can do small jobs around the
Scout hut to repay the troop.
Permission Forms and Medical Forms
In order to assure immediate medical attention in case of an emergency,
permission/release forms are required from every boy before he may attend his first
campout. These forms should be updated and initialed at the beginning of each
calendar year.

Updated Health and Medical Forms must be filled out each year for Scouts and adults
attending summer camp. Personal Health and Medical Record, Class 2, is for Scouts
and requires a physical examination by a doctor within the last 36 months. Personal
Health and Medical Record, Class 3, is for adults and requires a physical examination
by a doctor within the last 12 months. Both of these forms will be handed or mailed out
approximately 3 months before summer camp. They should be turned in at least one
week before the beginning of summer camp.


We usually have two or three troop fundraisers per year, in addition to the council's
popcorn sales and canned food drive.

Help from the parents is critical to our success in fundraising. Money earned from these
activities is used to upgrade or purchase equipment and supplement troop operations.


Troop 12 conducts regular troop meetings every Monday night from 7:00-8:30 pm. A
Scout is "courteous" to others by being on time. The Senior Patrol Leader (SPL), the
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL), and the Patrol Leaders run the meetings and
should be respected by all Scouts.

To the first time observer, meetings may look a little disorganized, but keep in mind
meetings are mostly run by the Scouts, planned by the Patrol Leader's Council in
advance. This is one way the boys learn leadership and how to work with others.

Scouts are expected to bring their Boy Scout Handbook and to proudly wear their
uniform according to the uniform policy under "Scout Spirit" in this handbook. Meetings
usually begin with a game and then progress to the flag ceremony, announcements,
                                           skill instructions and demonstration, patrol
                                           meetings, patrol competition game and a
                                           closing ceremony. Our meetings are intense,
                                           but there is always time for the Scouts that
                                           have questions.

                                           Each meeting has an assigned patrol to set
out the chairs at the beginning of the meeting and to clean up at the end of the meeting.
They are called the Service Patrol. Each meeting has an assigned patrol to handle the
program or theme of the meeting, the games to be played, and the competition. They
are called the program patrol. Planning is required before the meeting to make sure
everything is ready.

The Scouts may need to arrive earlier than usual or leave later than usual when they
are in the Service or Program Patrol. Parents are welcome at meetings to observe and
visit with the staff.

                                    Special Functions

Court of Honor

In general, the badges of achievement and rank advancement are given to the Scout as
soon as they are earned. However, our troop has a Court of Honor every three months
where achievements are formally recognized. The Scouts see this as a special
ceremony and really want their family and friends to attend. Parents, family members,
and guests should make every effort to attend these occasions (small children are
welcome too).

                           The Court of Honor takes the place of a regular Monday night
                           meeting and begins at 7:00 pm, usually lasting about one
                           hour. Refreshments are usually supplied by the Service Patrol
                           for that meeting. Please be on time. Scouts are required to
                           come in full uniform as explained under "Scouting Spirit" in
                           this handbook.


Camporees are district-wide campouts, held once per year, where Scouts compete as
patrols in a series of scouting events such as fire building, signaling, lashing, knot lying,
etc. This is a good chance for the troop to show off what the Scouts have learned
through the year. This campout is always a lot of fun and should not be missed. Troop
12 has always shown strongly at camporees.

Summer Camp

                        Summer camp is a weeklong campout that is the biggest event of
the year! Advancement opportunities, swimming, merit badge advancement, hiking,
exploring, canoeing, bonfires and intense Scouting Spirit are just parts of the adventure.
All scouts should make plans to attend. There is also a night set aside for parents to
visit the camp.

Scout Show

The Scout Show is a very large event where the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts of the
Longhorn Council set up booths to show scouting skills to the public and each other.
Some of the booths include camp cooking demonstrations, pioneering, backpacking,
beanbag games, camp equipment, and personal equipment. Troop 12 sets up a booth
most years and we have won "Top Exhibit" awards many times.

Scout Sundav

            Held in February every year, the scouts attend church services at
            Meadowbrook United Methodist Church as a group. We also open the
            services with a flag ceremony Scout-style. Not only do we get to show
            ourselves to our sponsor, but also get the chance to thank them for their

                           Merit Badge College

                           Every January, the Scouts have the opportunity to attend
                           Merit Badge College. This event takes place on two
                           Saturdays during the month. The Scouts sign up for
                           particular merit badges ahead of time and then are given the
                           instruction and time necessary to complete the requirements.
                           This is an excellent way for Scouts to earn up to three merit

Garden Run

During the B.G. Squirrel10K Run held at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden in November of
each year, Troop 12 volunteers to serve in the refreshments barns after the participants
have completed the event. The Scouts are able to earn service hours, which are
required for rank advancement. This is one way that the troop encourages good
                                    Scouting Spirit

The Uniform and Troop 12 Uniform Policy
The uniform makes the Boy Scout Troop visible as a force for good and creates a
positive youth image in the community. Scouting is an action program that show's each
Scout's commitment to the aims of Scouting. The uniform provides a way for Scouts to
wear the badges that show what they have accomplished. Troop 12 requires Scouts to
have a uniform within a month of joining. If a Scout does not have the means to
purchase a uniform, the Troop will attempt to provide one through our uniform bank or
other ways.

                            Some small patches, epaulets, etc. may be purchased
                            within the Troop. Others must be provided by the Scout,
                            either through the uniform bank, the Scout Shop, or other

Parts of the Official Uniform

Boy Scout/Varsity Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet

General Appearance. (20 pts)Allow 4 points for each: (1) good
posture; (2) clean face and hands; (3) hair combed; (4)
neatly dressed; (5) clean fingernails.

Headgear. (5 pts) Four styles: (1) visored cap; (2) field cap; (3) red beret; (4) broad-
brim hat. All members must wear one of the headgear chosen by vote of the troop/team.
Varsity Scouts wear blaze and brown visored cap.
Neckerchief and Slide. (5 pts) Insignia at back should be right side up and centered.
Fold long edge over several flat folds to about 6 inches from tip of neckerchief. A tight
fold prevents gathering around the neck and is more efficient than rolling or twirling.
Draw neckerchief slide over ends and adjust to fit snugly. By vote of the troop, ends
may be left hanging loose or tied in a slipknot. The neckerchief is optional to the troop.

Shirt. (15 pts) Official long- or short-sleeve tan shirt with red or blaze
epaulets, or khaki shirt without epaulets. If the troop/team votes
not to wear neckerchiefs, shirt may be worn with the collar open
and the Boy Scout bolo tie may be worn, if desired. On new shirts
with collars, the troop/team has the choice of wearing the
neckerchief over the turned-under collar or under the open collar.

Belt. (5 pts) Khaki with BSA insignia on brass buckle or official
leather with international style buckle, worn only if voted by the
troop/team. Skill awards are worn only on the belt.

Pants/Shorts. (15 pts) Official, Khaki, Pressed.

Stockings. (5 pts) Khaki color socks to match pants. With shorts,
official long stockings turned down just below the knee. Garter
tabs are not worn with new long stockings that have red tops.

Shoes. (5 pts) Leather or canvas, neat and clean.

Registration. (5 pts) Current membership card or temporary certification on person.

Insignia. (20 pts) Correct placement left pocket, 5 points; right
pocket, 5 points; left sleeve, 5 points; right sleeve, 5 points.


Troop 12 Uniform Policy

1. Memorial Day - Labor Day Regular Troop meetings:
Uniform for meetings shall consist of Scout socks, Scout
shorts, Scout pants or blue jeans, Scout belt, and a Scouting
T-shirt (preferably the Troop 12 pink and black t-shirt), and,
optionally, the BSA cap or the Troop 12 hat.
This is called a "Class B" uniform.

2. Labor Day - Memorial Day Regular Troop meetings:
Uniform for meetings shall consist of the same as #1
with the following changes: the khaki uniform shirt will
be worn. Only Scout pants or Scout shorts are allowed.
The pink and black neckerchief is optional. BSA caps or Troop 12
hats will be worn. Scout T-shirts are not acceptable (see exception in #7 below).
This is called a "Class A" uniform.

3. Court of Honor

Uniform for Court of Honor and other formal events shall consist of Scout socks, Scout
shorts or pants, Scout belt, khaki Scout Shirt, Troop neckerchief-and the Troop hat.
Merit badge sashes, Order of the Arrow sashes, Twin Arrow beads, Religious emblems
and other awards are optional, but highly encouraged.

This is called a "Full Class A" uniform.

4. Campouts

When going to and from the camp site, wear the proper uniform as described above in
#1 and #2 for the proper time of year. In camp, dress will usually be informal. "Class 8"
uniform is encouraged.

5. Uniforming for special events may be prescribed by announcements or newsletters.

6. The Senior Patrol Leader (SPL), the Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders (ASPL), the
Troop Guide and Junior Assistant Scoutmasters may wear the same kind of distinctive
hats which can be different from those of the rest of the troop. These hats will display a
patch with the Scout insignia and indication of position.

7. For the meeting following a campout, Scouts may wear "Class B" uniforms any time
of year.

8. Scouts failing to appear in uniform will explain their situation or reasons to the SPL. If
the SPL, in counsel with the Scoutmaster, decides that the Scout does not have a valid
reason for being out of uniform, the Scout will be asked to call his parents to bring it. A

second uniform offense will result in a disciplinary action as well as an informal
conference with one of the adult leaders, the Scout and/or his parents.

Parents are encouraged to support the Scout in keeping his uniform complete and up to
date. The positive feedback from a job well done as symbolized by the awards a Scout
earns can be lost if not immediately and proudly displayed. Parents are encouraged to
learn the symbolism of each award as their son earns it. This interest and enthusiasm
supports the Scouting Spirit and the Scouting program.
Uniform Bank

The Troop maintains a bank of clean used uniforms for those who would like to be
thrifty. Pants and shirts are available for $5.00, a fraction of the original cost. Please ask
about sizes available. The Troop always needs your contribution of outgrown uniforms
to expand our bank to benefit others. If a larger size is available within the bank, you
can trade in your smaller size for the larger size. The Trailblazer District Office also
maintains a uniform bank with many more items if the Troop is unable to provide a
required size of item.


Because the Scouts generally run their own program and must organize a variety of
activities for a large number of people, cooperation with the Scout leaders by each
Scout is extremely important. Occasionally, the Scouts forget their responsibility and
must be reminded by the Scout leaders (Scouters). If the occasion should arise that an
individual Scout cannot support the program and live up to his Scout Oath to such a
degree that other Scouts cannot enjoy the activities, the parents of the offending Scout
will be asked to intercede on the Troop's behalf. If this occurs, the parents are asked to
take immediate action in support of the Senior Patrol Leader and the Scoutmaster in
order to rectify the situation. Scouters cannot leave Troop activities of any kind to
transport an offending Scout home. Parents will be asked to pick up their son from a
meeting, a campout or special event immediately. In order for a Scout to return to the
Troop after being asked to leave, a parent must meet with the Scoutmaster and assure
him that some type of constructive, corrective measures have been taken.

In addition to the foregoing, the Troop may, from time to time, create their own
disciplinary system, under counsel from the Scoutmaster or other adult leaders. In this
event, the system will be implemented only by majority vote of the Troop and only after
the system has been described in detail to all Scouters, parents and committee

New Membership, Guests

The Scouts are encouraged to bring their friends to any Troop
meeting as a guest. We are always happy to welcome possible new recruits. New
Scouts can join the Troop anytime. The only requirement is that the boy is at least
eleven (11) years old.

Parents’ Spirit

Parents should become familiar with the Scout Oath, Law, Motto and philosophy when
their son becomes a Boy Scout. Support these principles at home goes a long way
toward developing the Scouts of Troop 12 into the future leaders of our community.

                                   The Parents' Role

The Troop needs parental support at all levels. Here are a few ways that you may
support the program:

Troop Committee

The Troop Committee is made up of interested people of the Charter Organization,
interested parents of Scouts, and other interested adults. It functions much like an
executive board to the Troop. The Committee establishes the policies within which we
operate. It is responsible to the Charter Organization and has many specific
responsibilities, including the creation and updating of this handbook, and the job of
recruiting the best adult leaders and Scoutmasters.

The Committee generally has officers and meets once per month at the Scout Hut.
Parents are welcome to participate in any committee meeting with your thoughts and
comments. Parents are encouraged to register as committee members. There is a small
annual registration fee with the Longhorn Council.

We ask that, whenever possible, Scouts and small children not be brought to the
meeting so that business can be handled quickly and candidly.

            Assistant Scoutmasters (ASM) and Merit Badge Counselors

                  The ASM's take over when the Scoutmaster is
                  absent. They also handle specific responsibilities
                  of the Troop as assigned by the. Scoutmaster.
                  Additional Scouters and Merit Badge Counselors
                  are always needed. For Scouters, you must get
                  approval of the Troop Committee and pay the
                  $11.25 registration fee for 1 year. For Merit
                  Badge Counselors, there is no registration fee,
                  but a form must be sent to the District office for

Troop 12 has the luxury of enough ASM's to assign one to each of the Patrols. Check
the Patrol Roster for the Patrol ASM if questions or problems become unmanageable by
the Patrol Leader or Senior Patrol Leader.


               Parents will be asked to take turns providing
               transportation to and from events, the grocery store,
               etc. The Scouts in each Patrol should give parents
               ample warning of these needs and thank you for this
               support. The BSA requires anyone who transports
               boys to be over 18 years of age and carry proper auto
               and accident insurance including Personal Injury
               Protection (PIP).

                      Rank Advancement and Merit Badges

As the Scouts participate in the Scouting program, various awards, patches, badges
and beads are awarded. The Scouts are very proud of these symbols of achievement

                  and like to display them. Troop 12 has a long
                  history of success within the Longhorn Council
                  because we gear our outdoor and meeting
                  programs toward the principle of First Year-
                  First Class. We know that the boys will stay
                  with the Boy Scouts longer if they feel they are
                  accomplishing something. Patrol meetings are
                  almost always dedicated to rank advancement.
                  All campouts give the Scouts the opportunity
                  to advance.

                Individually, Scouts may need parental support to accomplish
                Scouting projects or merit badges, but parents, unless an ASM,
                cannot sign off advancement like they did in Cub Scouts. Only Scouts
of higher rank, ASM's, and merit badge counselors may sign off advancement. A
Scout's rank advancement is confirmed by a counseling session with the Scoutmaster
and a Board of Review. Boards of Review must be completed at least one week before
a Cour1 of Honor.

Only the Scoutmaster may give Scouts approval to work on merit badges. The Scout is
expected to decide for himself which merit badges he is going to tackle and contact the
merit badge counselor.
The Scout is older and more responsible by the time he gets to the merit badge stage
and must pace himself because the adult leadership will no longer push as hard for
advancement. This is one way that Scouting develops character.


General Information

                             Troop 12 has an active outdoor program which includes
                             one campout per month, 12 months per year, fair or foul
                             weather. We meet at the Scout Hut on Friday evening or
                             Saturday morning, load equipment, and take off to our
                             destination. We return to the Scout hut at a prearranged
                             time on Saturday or Sunday, unload equipment, and head
                             for home. Parents, please be on time to pick up your son at
the Scout hut.

Each campout has a theme or a Scouting lesson and plenty of opportunity for
advancement and fun! The Scouts will need parental help for equipment, supplies,
transportation or finances to support their activities. The Troop invites all parents to
camp with the boys. Tents and cooking equipment for adults is provided by the Troop if
you have made reservations to attend. The Scouts enjoy having their parents participate
in this way since adults have their own campsite and can enjoy the great outdoors with
their sons in a .separate but together" way. The Scouts sleep with their patrol and have
a policy of only two per tent, no matter what size the tent is. If the number of Scouts in
a Patrol is odd, the Patrol Leader tents alone and all other Scouts share.

The fees for weekend campouts are usually just for food. Sometimes we may have
small additional charges for the use of campgrounds or swimming pools. These extra
fees will be announced before the specific campout. We can usually keep the costs
down to $2.50 per meal per camper. For example: Saturday - breakfast, lunch, dinner,
and Sunday - breakfast equals 4 meals. 4 x $2.50 = $10.00 total per person.

Patrols are usually responsible for their own food and
divide the cost among the members attending the
campout. The Troop requires a commitment from each
Scout and Scouter by the Wednesday night of the week of                            the
campout. It is difficult to provide for extra Scouts that may
show up on the day of the campout because the food has
already been proportioned and purchased. Likewise,
when a Scout signs up to go on a campout and changes                               his
mind, he must notify the Patrol Leader by Wednesday of                             the
week of the campout or he must pay the cost of food purchased for him. This policy
provides a measure of protection for each Scout because every Scout will eventually be
responsible for food purchases as part of his advancement program. Scouts and
Scouters are welcome to show up on the day of the campout without reservations if they
provide their own food and perhaps their own transportation if space is limited.

Campout fees must be paid on or before the departure date for the campout or the
Scout will not be allowed to go. This policy seems harsh but solves the problem of hard
feelings over money between Scouts as well as adults.

Troop Equipment

With over 85 years of existence, you can imagine that the Troop has lots of equipment.
We maintain a Troop trailer for transporting our equipment, such as water jugs, heavy
duty grills, Dutch ovens, ice chests, etc. to the campsite. The Troop has enough tents
for all Scouts to sleep 2 per night, however, Scouts may bring (and be responsible
for) their own tents.

The Troop has a "chuck box" full of cooking and eating equipment for each Patrol
and one for the adult group. The Patrols are expected to keep their chuck boxes and
other assigned equipment supplied and in good shape.

Naturally, there is always the problem of equipment being lost or broken. Scouts do not
take any Troop equipment home because it is hard to remember to return it. If Troop
equipment has found its way somewhere other than the Scout hut storage area, it is
important to work together to return it immediately so that our resources are not
expended to replace equipment that is merely misplaced. Parental support is important
in these areas because equipment is often transported in family cars. All Troop
equipment is marked with the Patrol name or the word "Adult" and "T -12."

Even with equipment we have now, the Troop is always looking for more because of the
large number of boys we have. Particularly needed are the consumable items such as
paper towels, rope, foil, flour, paper plates, etc. Contact the Troop Quartermaster for
any donations or for a current list of needs.

Personal Equipment

The first rule here is MARK IT! The Scout's name and "T -12" should be on all his
clothes and equipment. Just the nature of a campout mixes personal equipment
together with other Scout's and troop equipment. This rule goes a long way in solving
one of the biggest campout problems.

The Scouts provide their own sleeping gear, clothing and personal hygiene equipment.
The "Official Boy Scout Handbook" has an excellent list of appropriate camping
equipment. Cooking gear is supplied by the troop. The Scouts try to limit the volume
and weight of the personal gear that they carry. As a general rule, a weekend campout
requires no more personal equipment than can be comfortably carried in a backpack.
The sooner a Scout purchases all his outdoor equipment, the more comfortable his Boy
Scout experience becomes. Camping equipment does not necessarily need to be the
Official Boy Scout brand. Good sources of reasonably priced equipment can be garage
sales and Army/Navy stores. Backpacks and other equipment are available to loan from
the troop on a first-come-first-served basis. Make your requests to the troop
Outdoor/Activities Coordinator. Throughout the year, we also discuss ways to make or
purchase equipment during troop meetings.

Summer Camp Equipment

Summer Camp is 6 days long and requires much more personal equipment and
planning. The Troop provides guidelines for equipment as the time approaches.

What Not to Bring

                    The Troop has strong feelings about radios, iPods, electronic
                    games, cell phones and other items inconsistent with the Scouting
                    program. If one of these items is found on a campout, the
                    Scoutmaster will take the item and return it to the Scout after
                    consulting with the parents upon return to the Scout Hut. The adult
                    Scouter in charge of the campout will carry a cell phone and
weather radio to monitor weather and alert parents of any change in plans.

BSA rules state that liquid fuel and propane equipment such as lanterns and stoves can
only be fueled and lit by adults. Scouts will be instructed in the use and hazards of such
equipment before they are allowed to use it at a campout.

Knives, Axes, Saws and Other Sharp Objects

                                The Boy Scouts have an interesting and simple system
                                of safety with woodworking equipment such as knives
                                and saws. The system requires that Scouts receive
                                training and successfully demonstrate the safe use of
                                these tools before they are allowed to use and carry
                                them. When the Scout completes this training, he is
                                issued a "Totin' Chip" card.

                                 No fixed blade knives will be carried. Sheathed axes or
hatchets will be carried only with the consent of the Scoutmaster. Bow saws require a
blade guard.

Alumni Association

As of May, 2005, Troop 12 has an Alumni Association. This evolved from our 85th
Anniversary banquet, where boys from four generations intermingled together. As of
January, 2006, our Alumni Association Director is Jim Marshall.

List of Additional Handouts (available upon request)

Adult leader Roster

Troop Committee Roster

Patrol Rosters

Merit Badge Counselor List

Troop 12 Permission I Release Form

Longhorn Council Medical / Physical Form (required for summer camp)

Scout Application

Adult Registration Form

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