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                                                     Tips For Planning a Wedding
                                                                By David Beart

   Planning a wedding is certainly exciting. It can also be overwhelming for many couples. Even the
prospect of planning a small wedding can entail a number of details. Organization is the key to
ensuring that everything flows smoothly.

 Where should you start first? The first detail that must be decided upon is the date. This is essential
because it may help you to determine other details, such as the availability of venues for the reception
and the ceremony.

 After you have determined the date for the wedding, you may be tempted to begin booking sites for
the ceremony and the reception. Before you do this, you will need an idea of how many people to
expect. This means that you will need to begin planning the guest list. While you should not expect
everyone on the guest list to attend, you should plan for approximately two-thirds of your guest list to
be present.

 Once you have settled on a date and you have a basic idea of the number of guests to expect, you will
need to give some thought to location. Just as with anything else, location can be critically important.
Consider the time of the year when the wedding will be held as well as the number of people the venue
is able to accommodate. You should also consider whether it will be possible to hold the wedding
ceremony and the reception at the same site or whether you will need to book separate locations.

 At this point you may wish to give some consideration as to whether you will hire a wedding planning
or a wedding coordinator. A full wedding planner is another expense to consider, but you may be
surprised to learn that you can actually save money through hiring a professional wedding planner due
to the fact that they are typically knowledgeable out different venues, vendors, pricing, etc. In addition,
hiring a wedding coordinator can help to ensure that everything goes smoothly and relieve some of the
stress during this important time of your life. If you feel that your budget really cannot extend far
enough to hire a full wedding coordinator, then do consider hiring a day of the wedding coordinator to
oversee things on the all important day. Even a close friend who is well organized, but not part of the
actual wedding party, can fulfill this role.

After you have settled upon reception and ceremony venues, if you have not already given thought to
who will be in your wedding, it is time to address this matter. Even if you are planning a small wedding,

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you will generally need a maid or matron of honor and a best man. You may also wish to have
additional bridesmaids and groomsmen. Other possible wedding party members include flower girl(s),
ring bearer(s) and candle lighters. If the wedding is to be large you might also consider ushers. Larger
weddings may also include junior bridesmaids.

 Contact each individual personally and allow sufficient time for them to check their schedule and
ensure they will be available not only for the wedding but also for any other additional functions that
may be associated with the event, such as the rehearsal dinner. You should also be prepared to
provide them with an approximate amount of money they will need to spend for clothing, etc. This
matter becomes even more important if you are planning a destination wedding or if it will be an out of
town wedding and they may need to travel to the wedding location. If you are able to do so, you might
consider assisting financially with these costs.

 Another important matter that will need to be attended to is the catering. Consider your budget in this
matter and the time of day when you are planning to schedule the wedding because this may impact
your catering budget. For example, if you plan to hold your wedding in the evening then you may need
to set aside a larger budget for a sit-down dinner. On the other hand, if you plan a mid-afternoon
wedding then you may be able to save money by holding only a light buffet.

 Once you have reserved the sites for the ceremony and reception, chosen your bridal party and
handled the catering, there will still be several other tasks that will need to be addressed, depending on
the complexity of your wedding. These tasks may include:

• Selecting music

• Selecting wedding dress

• Choosing bridesmaids’ dresses and tuxes

• Lining up a photographer

• Choose and order invitations

• Book venue for rehearsal dinner

• Choose and order wedding cake

• Order decorations-flowers, ribbons, etc.

 Remember that although planning a wedding can take a lot of time and energy, it can also be a lot of
fun. Rely on anyone who is willing to help and do not be afraid to delegate tasks to others. There is no
need to do it all on your own. By carefully organizing the planning of your wedding, you can be
confident that everything will turn out just as you have planned.

David Beart runs the . The site contains articles that cover marriage
advice, raising children and relationships.

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                                              Tips For Planning A Small Wedding
                                                     By Diane Crawford

 Planning a small wedding can be somewhat different from planning a larger one, but a nice result of
planning a small wedding is lesser costs and confusions on that special day. Before planning a small
wedding though, you'll need to define specifically what you mean by "small". For some people, a small
wedding is just ten or fifteen of their closest friends and family. For others however, a small wedding
includes at least 50 people.

For the sake of this article, we'll consider planning a small wedding to mean planning a wedding which
will have 20 people or less. This makes things much easier to plan and pull off without a hitch, plus it
can really help you keep your wedding budget low too!

Small Wedding Food Tips: When planning a small wedding of just 20 guests, you don't usually have to
worry about having a catered meal. Family members can get together and create a home cooked meal
for your wedding reception instead, or you can make arrangements to have the meal at a local favorite

If you'd rather have the meal catered anyway, you can still do so of course. Simply find a caterer who
specalizes in smaller events, and work with them to plan the details for your own small wedding

Small Wedding Ceremony Tips: When planning a small wedding, you have many options for creative
ceremonies. You can for instance, simply make arrangements to have your wedding ceremony in a
small local chapel you've always adored, or get a permit from your county or city to use a pretty
gazebo in your local park.

In fact, when planning a small wedding you can actually choose to have the ceremony at your home, a
friend's home, or maybe the family home you grew up in. Since there won't be too many people in
attendance, it's easy to fit the wedding ceremony in a variety of places that aren't practical for larger

Some people prefer to have their small weddings in unusual places too. A couple of four wheel drive
enthusiasts for example, might plan a small wedding which involves driving to the top of a mountain
and having the ceremony overlooking a beautiful lake or canyon.

Small Wedding Reception Tips: Planning a small wedding makes the reception planning much easier
and less expensive too. You could for example, simply plan to have your wedding reception at a friend
or family member's home. You could have the wedding reception at a local park, or you could simply
have everyone gather together at a favorite club for the reception too.

Keep in mind though: Just because you're planning a small wedding does not mean you have to go
super low budget. Small weddings can be "done up" in the very same way larger weddings can.
Planning a small wedding can still involve having gift registries, elegant invitations and thank you
notes, formal ceremonies and celebrations, and all the trimmings of food, wine and spirits too.

So if you're planning a small wedding yourself, first think about how small that wedding will be. Then

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decide whether you want the wedding to be unique, creative, or traditional. From that point it's just a
matter of setting your budget, then planning your small wedding!

For even more tips on planning a small wedding, and wedding planning in general, Please visit:

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