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					                                                                     District Advisory Committee
                                                                                   (DAC) Meeting
                                                                               6:30 pm – 8:00 p.m.
                                                                    Serna Center Community Room

                                            March 9, 2010
Call to Order
Wanda Yanez, DAC Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Latisha Lawson.

Agenda was reviewed by Wanda Yanez. The only changes were the additions of two announcements.
Alex Visaya added budget community meetings and Latisha Lawson added Building Healthy
Communities. Motion was made by Alex Visaya, seconded by Jon Renfrow and carried unanimously to
approve the agenda.

Motion was made by Jon Renfrow, seconded by Alex Visaya and carried unanimously to approve the
minutes from the last meeting with the addition of Jon Renfrow from Golden Empire and Jennifer Garcia
from the Home Visit Project as attendees.

Roll Call
 Attendees were determined from the sign-in sheets. The following
 schools/departments and community members were represented:

  AB Health Professions                  Alicia Washington
  AM Winn                                Cynthia Schafer
  Bret Hart                              Joan Phillips
  California                             Beth Herse
  Camellia Basic                         Emiliano Hernandez
  Capital City                           Alex Visaya, Jr.
  Cesar Chavez                           Gladis Gonzalez
  Community                              Annette Thompson
  DAC: Chairperson                       Wanda Yanez
  DAC: Secretary                         Sara Myers Bisler
  David Lubin                            Sara Myers Bisler
  District: Budget                       Gerardo Castillo
  District: Parent Services              Crystal Vang
  District: Parent Services              Manuel Guillot
  District: State and Federal            Wanda Shironaka
  Edward Kemble                          Laura Villegas
  Elder Creek                            Renee Lu
  Elk Grove Unified School District      May Fong
  Fruitridge                             Ed Hart
  Genevieve Didion                       Maria Sullivan
  Golden Empire                          Jon Renfrow
  Hiram Johnson                          Susan Aten, Latisha Lawson
  Hubert Bancroft                        Shane Sawyer
  James W. Marshall                      Dwayne Bradley
  John Cabrillo                          Jacqueline Antolin
  Joseph Bonnheim                        Rebecca Statton

DAC Minutes
March 9, 2010
  Mark Hopkins                            Laura Reed, Gabriel Ortiz
  Mark Twain                              Darlene Anderson, Grace Saldana
  Nicholas                                Selena Arriaga
  Oakridge                                Vince Xiong
  Parent Teacher HVP                      Jennifer Garcia
  Peter Burnett                           Virginia Rios Nunez
  Phoebe Hearst                           Joe Sison
  Pony Express                            Emily Bacchini
  Sam Brannan                             Nancy Garcia
  Susan B. Anthony                        Leng Vue
  Sutterville                             David Ross
  Tahoe                                   Jennifer Garcia
  Theodore Judah                          Chuck Czajkowski, Corrie Celeste
  Washington                              Cyndi Salazar
  William Land                            Patty Fagalnifin

Schools Absent
The following schools were unrepresented: Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, American Legion, Bowling
Green Charter, Caleb Greenwood, Caroline Wenzel, CK McClatchy, Clayton B. Wire, Collis P.
Huntington, Crocker/Riverside, Earl Warren, Engineering & Sciences, Ethel I. Baker, Ethel Phillips, Fern
Bacon, Fr. Keith B. Kenny, Freeport, Hollywood Park, HW Harkness, Jedediah Smith, John Bidwell, John
F. Kennedy, John Morse Waldorf, John Sloat, John Still Elementary, John Still Middle, Kit Carson,
Leonardo do Vinci, Luther Burbank, Maple, Marian Anderson, Martin Luther King, Jr., Matsuyama, New
Technology, OW Erlewine, Pacific, Parkway, Rosa Parks, Rosemont, Sequoia, Success Academy, Sutter,
The MET, Washington Art & Science, West Campus, Will C. Wood, Woodbine

Unfinished Business
ConApp Signature Vote: Joe Sison explained that each year the DAC Chair is asked to sign the ConApp
to indicate that parents were given the opportunity to provide feedback on the document. Last year, DAC
specifically requested more time for input prior to the ConApp being sent. Joe stated that although the
district has been working hard to include DAC, the group was not provided an opportunity to give
feedback. Therefore, we now must choose between signing the document to show partnership with the
district or not signing the document. Joe asked for discussion on the topic.

Jon Renfrow asked if the group was satisfied with the level of involvement by the district. Joe, answering
for himself, replied, “yes.” When asked what the repercussions of not signing might be, the group was told
that there were none. The signature just shows that the district is making a good faith effort to share
information with DAC. Darlene Anderson stated that the district needs to make even more of an effort to
include parents as community partners and allow oversight. She reminded the group that the formula used
last year resulted in inequitable funding between state and federal funded schools.

It was pointed out that the funding formulas have been changed for 2010-2011, and the district is now
looking at allocations for next year. Graciela shared a conversation she had with Mary Shelton, head of
State and Federal Programs, who proposed beginning conversations at the next DAC meeting regarding the
first part of ConApp which is due in June.

The issue was put to a vote, and by a margin of 13 to 11, the decision was made to sign the ConApp.

DAC Bylaws: Nancy Garcia presented two options for finalizing DAC Bylaws, Either the body can
review and approve the Bylaws one article at a time, or hold a “Bylaw Convention” where anyone wanting
to provide input can attend and the entire body can then vote the entire set of Bylaws up or down. By
majority vote, the decision was made to hold a Bylaw Convention.

DAC Minutes
March 9, 2010
Parent/Student/Teacher Compact Best Practices: Manuel Guillot presented information on developing
a school compact, which is a contract outlining responsibilities of each party: parent, student, and faculty.
The compact is a written commitment indicating how all members of a school community agree to share
responsibility for student learning. Title I schools must jointly develop, with parents, a compact that
     • How all will share responsibility for improved student achievement
     • How school and parents will build and develop a partnership to help children achieve the state
     • How schools and families will communicate.
To be most effective, the goals in the compact should be as specific as possible. For example, an older-
style compact might state a goal as “Have high expectations for all students,” while a newer compact would
state “Build a relationship with the family of ever student in my class.” Some tips for developing an
effective compact are:
     • Keep pledges at about equal length
     • Have no more than 10 items on the list
     • Don’t patronize parents
     • Offer clear guidelines
     • Use the compact at parent-teacher conferences
     • Revisit the compact each school year

Census 2010: Diana Rodriguez, Area 5 School Board Member, presented information on the US census.
She pointed out that school funding is based on census information, so it is critical that everyone be
counted. Each resident is worth $1,600 to $1,700 in federal funds. A family of 5 accounts for $80,000
over 10 years. In the United States, 64% of the population was counted in the last census. 67% of
Californians and 55% of Sacramentans were counted. This means that our funding was 45% less than it
could have been, if all citizens had been counted. March 20 is a Day of the Census rally at the Capitol.
Diana encouraged schools to use ConnectEd or school events to spread the word about the importance of
completing the census forms. Material is available in 40 languages at Questionnaire assistance
centers will be opening soon. The Superintendent will send a letter to all Principals with suggestions for
how to encourage participation.

         Budget meeting will be held at Kit Carson March 11
         PTA State Convention will be held at the end of April and first week of May in Sacramento
         Building Healthy Communities is a 10 year initiative for schools and community organizations in
         zip codes 95817, 95820 and 95824. To apply for funds, see the California Endowment website.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05
   • Next meeting will be April 13, 2010 from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
   • Free dinner and childcare is provided before the meeting about 6:15 pm.

DAC Minutes
March 9, 2010

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