Physics Formula Chart Physics Pre AP Physics Formula Chart

					                Physics & Pre-AP Physics Formula Chart
     (Equations surrounded by a box denote they are used by Pre-AP Physics only)

            dt                          Vf  Vo                 w  mg
       va                          a
            t                             t
     vf  v0  at                     T  1/ f                      J  Ft
   d  v0t  1 at 2                    f  1/ T                   mv  Ft
     t  2d / a           KE  1 mv 2                               p  mv
    vf2  v0  2ad
                              F  ma                               W  Fd
       m1v1o  m2v2o  m1v1 f  m2v2f                             Ff  Fn
Eff  (Wout / Win ) x100          Fd  mg sin                 Fn  mg cos
      PE mgh                         P W /t                  Fg 
          KEo  PEo  KEf  PEf                                     F  kx
     Fc  mv 2 / r                   ac  v 2 / r                 Fc  ma c
       v                          L  LoT                  Q  mC p T
      Q  mhf                       Q  mhv                   T  2
    T  2               cos  adj         tan  opp
                g                     hyp                adj
                                                    v  vo
 sin   opp                v  f           f  fo
                hyp                                 v  vs
                          1   1   1                  c
     f  nv                                   n
              2L          f do di                    v
                               dx            hi  d
n1 sin 1  n2 sin  2                         i m
                                L            ho d o
           kq                 kq1q2                 F
      F                   F                   E
          d2                   d2                  qo

      V 
          W                    V                  q
                           E                  I
          qo                   d                  t
                                            1   1   1  1
                                                     ...
      V  IR                P  IV          Rt R1 R2 R3

Rt  R1  R2  R3 ...         AB            V
     F  qvB                                   F  ILB
                         Physics Variables and Constant
Variable Pronounced        Means                       Unit or Value                     Abv
  a     a (lower case)     acceleration                meters/second/second or m/s 2      m/s2
  A     A (upper case)     area                        square meter - meter 2             m2
  B     B (upper case)     magnetic field strength     Teslas                              T
                           Earth’s magnetic field
  BE    B sub e                                        5.5X10-5 T                          T
  c     c (lower case)     speed of light              3X108 m/s                          m/s
  C     Coulomb            Charge                      6.24X 1018 electrons
  Cp    C sub p            specific heat               joules/kilogram degree celsius    J/kgoC
                           distance or
  d     d (lower case)                                 meter                               m
  di    d sub i            distance to image           meter                               m
  do    d sub o            distance to object          meter                               m
  E     E (upper case)     electric field              newtons/coulomb                    N/C
  F     F (upper case)     force                       newtons
  ƒ     f (lower case)     frequency                   Hertz (cycles or waves /second)    Hz
                           force in the direction of
  Fd    F sub d                                        newton                              N
                           the ramp
  Ff    F sub f            Force of friction           newton                              N
                           Force normal to the
  Fn    F sub n                                        newton                              N
                           acceleration due to
  g     g (lower case)                                 9.8 m/s2 on earth                  m/s2
                           universal gravitational     6.67X10-11 newton meter 2 /
  G     G (upper case)                                                                   Nm2/kg
                           constant                    kilogram2
  hf    h sub f            heat of fusion              joules/kilogram                    J/kg
  hi    h sub i            heigth of image             meter                               m
  ho    h sub o            height of object            meter                               m
  hv    h sub v            heat of vaporization        joules/kilogram                    J/kg
   I    I (upper case)     current                     amperes – coulomb/second            A
   J    J (upper case)     impulse                     newtons/second                     n/s
   k    k (lower case)     spring constant             newtons/meter                      n/m
   k    k (lower case)     Coulombs constant           9..0X109 Nm2/C2
  KE                       kinetic energy              joules                               J
   L    L (upper case)     length                      meter                               m
  m     m (lower case)     mass                        kilograms                           kg
  m     m (lower case)     magnification               (none, scalar)
   n    n (lower case)     number                      (none, scalar)
   n    n (lower case)     index of refraction         (none, scalar)
   p    p (lower case)     momentum                    kilogram meter/second             kgm/s
  PE                       potential energy            joules                              J
  Q     Q (upper case)     thermal energy              joules                              J
q    q (lower case)     amount of charge          coulomb                              C
qo   q sub o            test charge               1.60X10-19 coulombs                  C
 r   r (lower case)     radius                    meter                               m
R    R (upper case)     resistance                ohms                                 Ω
 t   t (lower case)     time                      seconds                              s
T    T (upper case)     period                    seconds                              s
v    v (lower case v)   velocity                  meters/second (m/s)                 m/s
V    V (upper case)     voltage                   joules/coulomb                       V
w    w (lower case)     weight                    newtons                              N
W    W (upper case)     work                      joules                               J
                        coefficient of linear
α    alpha                                        varies by material – m/Co
Δ    delta              change                    applies to the following variable
λ    lambda             wave length               meter                               m
μ    mu                 coefficient of friction   (none, scalar)
                        ratio of diameter to
π    pi                 circumference of a        3.14159…
φ    phi                magnetic flux             tesla meter2 - Weber                Wb

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