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PH 1113-16 – General Physics I Laboratory


									                            Physics 116 Laboratory Syllabus
                                          Thursdays, 4:00 - 5:50pm

Lab Instructor: Brad N. Barlow                                  Office: Phillips 214
Tutorial Center Hours: Mon., 2-3pm; Fri., 10-11am               Office Hours: Wed. 9:30-10:30am
E-mail Address:

Textbooks:      Physics 116 Lab Manual (in UNC bookstore)                       [required]
                Data Analysis by William Lichten (in UNC bookstore)             [optional]


           Website for Section 444 []
            -- source of general information about the lab
           webLabs [] – source of online lab report forms
            and pre-lab assignments. Grades for reports and pre-labs will appear here (though this is
            not the official record of grades for the class).
           General lab website [] -- contains some information about the lab
            that may not be found on or linked to from my website such as:
                o   Guidelines for writing lab reports
                o   FitHaven Excel templates that can be downloaded for data analysis (Note: For access,
                    use the computer username and password shown below)
                o   Data Comparison Tool for analyzing experiment results with uncertainty
                o   News/Updates relevant to introductory physics lab students

Computer Lab Info: (for Physics 116 and 117 students)
                  Room: Phillips 245 Username: phys116                  Password:

Pre-Labs: Before an experiment is carried out, you must complete a pre-lab form found on the
webLabs site. The pre-labs will contain a set of simple questions concerning the experiment that
will greatly prepare you for the lab period. The pre-lab grade will count as 15% of the overall grade
for each experiment.

Lab Reports: There are nine experiments, and, consequently, nine lab reports to complete this
semester. Two of the reports should be formal written reports. The expected format for the formal
reports will be posted on Blackboard, along with the standard grading rubric that will be used for
the formal reports during the semester. Formal lab reports must be typed, except for equations and
figures, which may be handwritten. Lab reports are due one week after the lab was performed, at
the beginning of the following lab period. For the other seven lab reports, you will complete online
lab report forms on the webLabs system (after you sign up for use of the system) found at the
following link given above. The lab report grade will count as 85% of the overall grade assigned
for each experiment.

Late Report Policy: Late lab reports (without prior approval) will be accepted but will be subject
to a 10-point reduction per day they are late. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Lab Exam: A physics laboratory exam will be held during one of the lab periods near the end of
the semester. More information on the exam (along with a sample exam with solutions) may be
found on Blackboard.
Overall Lab Grade: 80% of your overall lab grade will come from the simple average of your lab
report scores; the remaining 20% will come from the lab exam. Once final lab reports grades are
turned in to the lab manager, these grades may be raised or lowered (as judged by the lab manager)
once compared to the averages of the other sections of the PHYS 116 labs. Moreover, your PHYS
116 instructor uses the lab grades given to him or her only as a basis for assigning lab grades in the

Honor Code: Below are some general guidelines one should keep in mind during the lab:

  -Students may:
        work together during the experiments, sharing data and results of calculations as needed
          to complete the experiment
        consult each other from time-to-time when writing lab reports to loosely clarify
          questions he or she may have about overall results of the experiment, style of the reports,
          length of the reports, etc.

  -Students may NOT:
        write lab reports together
        change their numerical results after consulting their partner’s results or the accepted
          values of said results
        copy any section of another student’s report/pre-lab and claim it as his or her own
        take another student’s report/pre-lab, re-word the report/pre-lab, and claim it as his or
          her own
        do calculations for their partners once the experiment has been completed
        work together on pre-lab assignments

Important Items to Bring to Each Lab:

          Completed lab report from previous experiment
          Data sheets (these come bundled with the lab manual)
          Ball-point pen to record your data
          Scientific calculator (one with statistical function would be ideal)
          Laptop computer with Excel for data entry and analysis during experiment (not required)

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