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How to Create RSS Feeds Easily - with this Simple Guide


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How to Create RSS Feeds Easily - with this Simple Guide ! by Lakhya Phukan Creating Rss feeds is easy ! Follow these simple steps to create feeds of your site. 1) Decide which page(s) you want to use as feed. Usually such pages qualify which contain the latest updates on product or service information of that site. Remember that requirements vary from site to site. Decide your own feed carefully. 2)Open notepad and write down the following lines: <? xml version="1.0"> <rss version="2.0"> <channel> <title>[channel title]</title> <description>[channel description]</description> <link>[channel link]</link> <item> <title>[item title]</title> <description>[item description]</description> <link>[item link]</link> </item> [more items here] </channel> </rss>

3.Replace [channel title] with your site title. 4.Replace [channel description] with your site description. 5.Replace [channel link] with your site url. 6.Replace [item title] with the title of the page you want to show up as feed . 7. Replace [item description] with description of that item page. 8. Replace [item link] with the url of the item page. 9. Repeat steps 6 to 8 to create multiple items for your feed and replace [more items here]. Save the file with extension .rss or .xml (there are other extensions also , but for beginners it is best to keep it simple). Now use this tool to verify that your feed is ok to use. Once it is verified to be ok , upload the file to your server. Thats it ! You are now ready to distribute your content to anyone who thinks it worthy !! Note: A fuller version of this article is available at About the Author Lakhya Phukan is the webmaster of Hedir Web Directory. Join Hedir Forums to discuss RSS and other internet marketing issues. Do you have a website? Submit Site to Hedir Web Directory. Brought to you by: Chris Eckart is a consultant and huge fan of a web hosting company that provides the highest quality hosting, exceptional support, straightforward pricing, a custom website creation tool, and they give 8% of every hosting dollar they take in to grassroots environmental initiatives!

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