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					Textile Digital Printing

    Industry Overview

   Rapporteur : zhang tao
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       Reporting Contents

•   The living condition of the textile industry
•   Traditional printing techniques and
•   The development and promotion of digital

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 ⅠThe living condition of the textile industry

• Textile industry is the pillar industry of China's national economy. It
  has long been at the low end of the global industrial chain division
  of status, forming a "big but not strong" industrial pattern.
• 1) External 30% -40% of the high degree of dependence
• 2) A high degree of labor-intensive, more than 2,000 enterprises
  above designated size printing and dyeing, the annual printing and
  dyeing cloth 50 billion meters, industrial output value of 200 billion
• 3) The textile industry sector's total energy consumption accounted
  for 4.3%, cod emissions by 1.3 million tons, second only to paper,
  in the second industry, pressure on the environment is very grim.

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• 4) In 2008, printing and dyeing industry, the overall
  production, sales, profit growth has declining, the growth
  of import and export is also very evident decline.
• 5) COD emission limited (case, blue-green algae in
  Taihu Lake events), raw material prices are going up, the
  textile trade into the ecological era of competition (for
  example, the EU's reach code).
• 6) After the termination of quota control in 2009, China's
  garment exports are increased, but the low-end
  competition is evident, the profit is still very low, so
  upgrad the industrial and increased value-added
  products has been pressing.

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Ⅱ. The traditional printing techniques and equipment

Textile Printing in essence refers to the partial shading techniques can
be divided into: cloth printing and garment piece (including clothing)
printing, belonging to the textile dyeing and printing industry. The cloth
printing companies mostly have a good foundation and strength, and
products exported in large quantities,also is the leader in printing
industry, garment pieces (clothing) printing is different, the majority of
small scale, weak base, a few well-equipped, most means of production
was incomplete, most of them sell to domestic market, a few for export,
low level of technology, the overall strength is not strong, but has rapid

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  1, Printing technology and machinery

(1) Flat screen printing machine
Due to the diversification of the market, the varied varieties
 of printing, small-volume trend is clearly accelerating, in
 terms of economic, flat screen printing has its advantages,
 and any orders of less than 1,000 meters, the costs of flat
 screen printing is lower than rotary screen printing.

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A typical flat screen printing machine:

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Flat screen ink screen making machine:

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  There are a number of derivatives flat
         screen printing machine

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Ring printing machine:

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However, there are some manual platen printing in
 the market:

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(2) Rotary screen printing machine
Rotary screen printing machine developed an effective
system, efforts to reduce the waste of fabric and color
paste, off-register.Using a laser beam alignment and
positioning of screen proofing. Zimmer's rotary screen
printing machine uses AC servo motor system, thus
eliminating the errors because of the traditional gear gap or
driveshaft torque distortion. Netherlands Stork company
rely on the use of direct-driven or non-level hierarchical
mesh ring motors, and installed sensors in the top of the
machine in order to ensure synchronization of the
conduction band and the screen, the technology for the
Stork's patent, referred to as the BPMS.

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           Rotary screen
           printing machine

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Rotary inkjet screen printing machine

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(3) roller printing
Because the engraving process complex and demanding
high-volume, currently only has application in some areas,
such as disperse printing.

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At present,most digital print machine used
      home market is the following:
 The company of printing                   The most popular equipments
 Textile Machine                           M1336 Flat Screen Printing Machine model
 Japan toshin Company                      Ichinose Super 7000 lFlat Screen Printing Machine
 Ruishibuse Company                        Magno PTINT Flat Screen Printing Machine
 South Korea Dae-Hyun                      DH99000 S Flat Screen Printing Machine model
 Taiwan Qizheng Company                    KEYCHENG(for shortKC model) Flat Screen Printing
 Taiwan Fuyuan Industrial                  (AsKMe)flat screen(Elliptic type printing station)printing
 Shanghai pacific audelyIS company         SHANGHAI-IS Bar magnet type rotary screen printing
 Holland Stork company                     RD-IV Rotary screen printing machine
 Holland stork coompany                    RD-DD model and pegasus rotary screen printing
 Germany MBK company                       2020G model magnetic rod rotary screen printing
 Audelly Zimmer retascreen                 Rotary screen printing machines
 Audelly IS company                        Rotary screen printing machines

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Above collectively referred to as traditional printing method
printing, the printed pattern over the following figure:
typically 8-12 chromatography, some less, a simple pattern,
the lack of hierarchy.

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  Ⅲ The development and promotion of
          the digital printing
Digital printing technology along with the constant development of
computer technology evolving a set of mechanical, computer,
electronic and information technology as one machine of high-tech,
the production process is simple to say that through a variety of digital
tools such as: scanning, digital photos, images, or dealing with a
variety of computer generated digital images entered into the
computer, and then color separation printing via the computer system
processed by a dedicated RIP software through its jet printing
systems, all kinds of special dyes (active, scattered, acid, paint) Direct
print to the a variety of fabrics or other media, and then processed and
processed in a variety of textile fabric to obtain the necessary variety
of high-precision printing products..

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The world's first ink-jet printing machine is in 1987 appeared
in the ITMA (international textile machinery exhibition of ink-
jet printing machine), the carpet of ink-jet printing machine
products for the first generation. In 1991, the ITMA German
hannover exhibition display tech-density Dutch company
using reactive dyes ink, resolution for 360 ~ 720dpi and
production capacity is 4.6 m ² / h wide digital printing
machine, is the second generation product and application
in Europe.

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Fabric and dye compatibility icons
                Acid             Activity     Dispersion   Paint

Nylon           ■(Recommended)   Instead of                ○
Fiber                                         ■            ■

Silk            ■                ○                         ○

Cotton                           ■                         ■

Cotton/Fiber                                               ■
Viscose/Rayon                    ■                         ■

Linen                            ■                         ■

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Digital Printing Samples

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                The questions?
and the disadvantage of the digital printing?

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     1,Acitivity digital printing
Equipment, mainly the conduction band-type peace
desktop digital printing machine digital printing
Honghua the vega, openning source rainbow, DGI's
SG-1608DS, Reggiani's Dream are used Spectra
heads, macro China's low-speed machines 1600,
Dosun, dts mainly roland740, Mutoh 8000/1604,
Mimaki jv33 modification of such machinery. There is
also Dopont production Artistri, Stork produced by

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       Equipment :
 Flatbed digital jet printing

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Conduction band-type digital jet printing machines

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Reactive dyes printing mainly concentrates in South and
East China where they have textile background region.
Because it needs before and after the process of co-
ordination to facilitate orders. For the fabrics, mainly
cotton, silk, linen, etc. (There are also similar to the
Zhejiang Gross, Shanghai Changsheng by printing
means transfer activity of the cold, cold pad-batch hair
color application, which also involves the inkjet proofing,
as its printing process mainly printing, process is still
exploring, a temporary moratorium on discussion).

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Less active than the development of pre-dispersed slowly,
mainly due to the high cost of fabric, before and after the
treatment process complication , continuous printing
defective rate, low machine production, there are some
market reasons:
(1) A long-term tradition of the big single-based printing
plant disdain for processing of small orders. Though
proofing is an important part of orders, the imperfect color
management causes them to think digital color proofing
can not be consistent color with the traditional printing.

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(2) Some digital proofing-based enterprises are difficult to
have a big development, because they can not carry the
date of delivery of large order, defective rate requirements.
(3) long-term market default makes flower design, color
separation designed around the traditional printing, 4 color
separation, 8 chromatography, or 12 chromatography, to
personalization, color transition, few brilliant flowers, large
market demand, but the transition will take some time.

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          Development Trends:

With the digital printing speed faster, before and after
the treatment process maturity, as well as lower costs,
which have gone. It will appear the following: 1. Some of
the traditional printing enterprises invest a certain
amount of equipments as digital printing workshops, and
even digital printing factories, accepting orders. 2. In the
textile market, there are some specializing in digital
proofing enterprises which become a professional link in
a market segment.

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            Way of Promotion

Around the textile, garment regions, fabrics concentrated
market, followed by digital printing equipment, and
channels maintaining a high level contacts, equipment
and materials as well as mature program promotion
become the focus of the following work.

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       2,Disperse Dyes Printing
Dispersion (thermal transfer): It has a largest market share in digital
printing currently, and mainly polyester fabric (Although there are
also some production of cotton, Budd-Chiari modifier, limited to hair
color, light fastness, etc. haven’t been mature enough, let it pass).
There are following several aspects: 1. Inkjet Printer enter the
mature stage, with the heat transfer materials mature, the market
subsequently is opened, the country has a great market, less need
for industry conditions, as long as advertising, business gift needs,
of course, involve the textile and garment, then east, south
proportion is slightly higher, followed by North China. 2. Low cost of
advertising materials, defective rate control, the cost is not high.

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     Production Methods Comparision
There are wo kinds: thermal transfer and direct injection disperse,
the fields are mainly advertising, gift making, textile and garment.
Transfer and direct injection disperse have a certain inventory. The
advantages of transfer: equipment requirement simple, printing paper
operation convenient. The disadvantages of transfer: supporting flat
ironing machine, roller transfer machine cover an large area, and
cost is restricted by ink and paper. The advantages of disperse direct
injection: Saving paper costs after machine transformed, pre-sizing
penetrant such as dual-permeability effect of slurry can be achieved.
The disadvantages of disperse direct injection: There are not good
methods to the knitted fabric, and in the apparel industry should be
washed generally, but flags not.

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            Promotion methods

• Disperse marketing need to pay attention to the following
 • 1. Transfer needs matching paper, good color
 reproduction and good transfer rate.
 • 2. Disperse direct injection, and different fabrics choose
 a suitable slurry sizing to satisfy different customer needs.
 • 3. Note the alternative of low season and peak season,
 there are some large-scale impact of the activities, hidden

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       Mainstream Equipment:
Mainstream model is: roland 540/740, mutoh
8000/900c/1604/1618, mimaki jv4/jv5/jv33, as well as
the epson7800/9800/11880 series models, nova 750
and so on.

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         3:Paint Digital Printing

Paint process is most simple in these processes, and direct printing
of all material, processes short, high light fastness. The main
problem is color saturation, as well as fastness, so it has to use a
special rip software, control channel, and drop size, as well as post-
processing fastness problems. Marketing should be NOTE: color
management, and post-processing fastness problems. Because of
its product features, it has a great advantage in the clothing
proofing and some textile market, such as curtains, T-shirts, as well
as some pieces printing.

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Common Models

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Hongjie injection

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           Promotion methods

• Binding sale for manufacturers
 • Advanced Business District
 • Tourist attractions of digital direct-injection franchise
 • Printing brand chain stores (T-shirt Country
 • Network diy custom would be a good marketing
 approach, in particular, the popularity of e-commerce,
 internet marketing to bring down the cost and shop
 developed rapidly.

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    4. Acid Dyes Digital Printing
• Acid
• Equipment and reactive dyes are same
• Acidic because of its narrow scope for the fabric, silk,
nylon, fur, etc., in the application, cotton and silk are
generally active, specialized to do fur, wool sweater,
nylon printing is relatively small. I believe that in these
areas, based on their hair color bright, high-grade
printing quality, with the digital printing technology
mature, there will be great progress.
• Promotion methods: In addition to the long-term
publicity, for some high-grade silk (han sun textiles),
sweater manufacturer (Erdos), swimwear factory
focuses on the development, I believe there will be a
great market space.

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