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					Main GUI:

Save Profile    - save/update profile.
Delete Profile - deletes selected profile
Clear          - clear selected items list
Save to file - save selection to file (for use in silent installation)
Start          - start installation
Reboot        - reboot computer when finished installing
AutoLogon - if reboots are required, ask for autologon password. Currently
2000/XP only.

Configuration is stored in .ini files. There is one ini file for each Windows version
(95,98,ME,NT4,2000,XP). Program detects Windows version and loads apropriate
.ini file.

Global settings:
Global settings are stored in config.ini file (it is not required and you can safely delete
NonSelectable = character
        Any item starting with character specified here will be not selectable
        Use for logically breaking list into sections. Empty items "[]" are also not
        Default – none
RebootTimer = number
        Seconds before reboot. Default is 60
AdminWarning = 0/1
       If user is not administrator on local computer - display warning (0/1). Default
is 1
LogFilePath = path
       Path where log file is stored. Default is TEMP folder. No trailing backslash
(c:\windows – ok, c:\windows\ - not ok)
WindowMode = Minimize/Maximize/Hide
       Minimize/Maximize/Hide launched applications. Defult - minimize.
ProgressType = 1/2
       Progress window type. 1-old style, 2-RunOnceEx style. Default 1.

Local settings (for selected .ini file only):
DefaultProfile = Profile_name
       Profile to automatically load when program is launched
Append = path/CD
       Path to append to Run/RunWait/MSI/REG commands
               CD – append kTool’s folder to path
               Path – append specified folder to path
Append = \\\public\install

RunWait = programs\program.exe
will launch: \\\public\install\programs\program.exe

Progress style 1

Progress style 2
Maximim capacity is 18 items. If you selected more, it will automatically scroll down.
Things you can control are description and context. To do it put these commands in
ini file:
Context = text („Installing Graphic Applications” in screenshot)
Description = text     („Applying Registry Settings” in screenshot)

[Adobe Illustrator]
Context = Installing Graphic Applications
Description = Installing program
RunWait = Illustrator_Setup
Description = Adding Registry Settings
REG = illustrator.reg
Description = Copying Files
DOS = copy something
Description =
Note that description and mini progress bar are shown only if there is three or more
comands in current section.

Run = command                               Run a command and continue
                                            [Acrobat Reader 6.0 Basic]
                                            Run = AdbeRdr60_enu.exe -p"-s /v\"/qn\""
RunWait = command                           Run a command and wait for it to exit
                                            [Acrobat Reader 6.0 Basic]
                                            RunWait = AdbeRdr60_enu.exe -p"-s /v\"/qn\""
DOS = command                  Run command prompt command and wait for it to
                               [DOS Test]
                               DOS = dir c:\ >>c:\test.txt
                               DOS = copy d:\file.txt c:\file.txt
MSI = command                  Run *.msi (Windows Installer) file and wait for it
                               to exit
                               [MSI Test]
                               MSI = file.msi" /qb REBOOT=Suppress
                               MSI = Microsoft Virtual PC 2004.msi" /qb
REG = command                  Add *.reg file to registry
                               [REG Test]
                               REG = tweak1.reg
                               REG = tweak2.reg
WaitProcess = process_name     Wait for process to terminate. Process name is
                               shown in Task Manager.
                               [WaitProcess Test]
                               Run = notepad
                               WaitProcess = notepad.exe
WinWaitClose = window_title    Wait for window to close.
                               [WinWaitClose Test]
                               Run = notepad
                               WinWaitClose = Untitled – Notepad
Reboot                         Reboots the computer.
FileExist = file_name          Checks if file with given name (and optionally
FileExistVersion =             version) exists.
condition_filename             Valid conditions are: <, >, =, <> ,<= ,>=
FileExistAction =              If file exists and and FileExistAction = Skip, next
skip/skipsection               command is skipped.
                               If file exists and and FileExistAction =
                               SkipSection, all commands in current section are
                               FileExist     = c:\windows\explorer.exe
                               FileExistVersion = <=6.0.2900.2180
                               FileExistAction = Skip
                               RunWait         = notepad
FileNotExist = file_name       Checks if file with given name does not exist.
FileNotExistAction =           If it does not exist and FileNotExistAction = Skip,
skip/skipsection               next command is skipped. If FileNotExistAction
                               = SkipSection, all commands in current section
                               are skipped
Folder = foldername            Process entire folders with similar files (like
FolderCommand =                registry tweaks or hotfixes).
RunWait/MSI/REG                Example
FolderFiles = file_extension   [Registry Tweaks]
                               Folder = c:\install\regtweaks
FolderSwitch = switch          FolderFiles = reg
                                      FolderCommand = REG

                                      Folder = c:\install\somefiles
                                      FolderFiles = exe
                                      FolderSwitch = /silent /reboot=0
                                      FolderCommand = RunWait
                                      every reg file in regtweaks folder will be added to
                                      every exe file in somefiles folder will be launched
                                      with "/silent /reboot=0" switches

Command line options:
       Silent installation:
       ktool.exe file.ini [profile] [reboot_mode]
       If profile is specified – only items in that profile will be installed. If not –
everything in specified file will be installed.

        To launch GUI for any file:
        ktool.exe /GUI file.ini

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