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									  IIT JEE 2010 Solutions Key and Answer Keys

Lacs of students across the country will be participating in the IIT JEE
2010 to be held on 11th of April. IIT JEE 2010 aspirants will not have
to wait 46 days to find out whether they made the cut. Subject experts
at www.TCYonline.com will solve the IIT JEE 2010 question
papers and host them on their website. Students will be able to see
the answer keys of the first phase of IIT JEE 2010 test on
www.TCYonline.com by 5 p.m. on the same evening. Solution
keys of the second round of IIT JEE 2010 examination will be
available on www.TCYonline.com by Monday morning.

Candidates appearing in IIT JEE 2010 exam can also avail of
unlimited free online tests on www.TCYonline.com. Aspirants also
have the option of generating free customized Mock Exams of IIT
JEE 2010 on the website by using the ‘Test Generator’ facility.
Another useful feature is ‘Challenge Zone’ in which the students can
invite and challenge friends in a mock drill for IIT JEE 2010.

In final preparation, aspirants can also take section wise tests for IIT
2010 Physics, IIT 2010 Math and IIT 2010 Chemistry question
papers. The section wise answer keys, along with a detailed report
on their attempt will be made available to them as soon as they finish.
TCY Analytics, the revolutionary analytics engine, will benchmark
each student’s performance against students from across the nation.

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