How Do I Get a Guy to Like Me? Do This and You Won't Ever Struggle to Make a Guy Like You by writeronline101


									How Do I Get a Guy to Like Me? Do This and You Won't Ever Struggle to Make a Guy Like

By Russell Jackson

Creating impressions is very important in order to get a person to like you. Here are a few ways
to create that good impression and to get a man like you almost immediately!

Wear a warm smile
A smile says a lot. Wear a warm and friendly smile. Men take to women who have smiles that
reach their eyes. You want him to feel comfortable in your presence and a smile could be the
perfect ice breaker.

Don't get too personal
Its natural that you want t know all about him but don't go all out and try to get a lowdown on his
personal history. Probe with discretion and he will respect the fact that you are trying to respect
his privacy. Do this and see how he begins to warm up to you.

Be a keen listener
Make him feel like he is with a woman who is interested in what he has to say. Instead of going
on about your views on everything take a moment and hear him out. This will give you an
opportunity to know him better and have a better conversation as well.

Talk sense
If you feel that talking about the latest fashion trends is going to get him interested in you then
you couldn't be more wrong; unless he is either gay or from the world of fashion. So spare him
the agony of listening to another "female" conversation and get out if you can't do better. Try
talking about things that both men and women find interesting and you shall be a winner. Talk
sports and you'll have hit home run!

Don't look desperate
The moment you make a man feel that you are looking for a relationship he is going to pick up
his socks and run. In order to get him to like you he has to see you as a confident and self assured
woman who knows what she is doing. He is complete by herself and doesn't need a man to
complete her. The minute you become the prize he gets interested and begins to like you more.

Be naughty but nice
You must have heard that good girls go to heaven but bad girls have all the fun? Well take a little
bit of both and see how he begins to like you. His interest levels will soar the minute you become
the "prize" that he has to work for.

Have fun
No matter what you do if you make a man feel like you are forcing yourself to have a good time
you are done for. So go with the flow of the evening and have a great time. Make him see what a
fun person you can be and see how much he likes you after that.
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