York University by sdfwerte


									   York University

What about a trip to the
    Our day at the university
 Firstly we drew our student look alike. He
 was called Fred the Mathematics student
 he looked very strange but we edited him
 at the end of the day. It was really fun
 meeting the student Ambassadors.

York university
         Being an Osteologist
 Our first Science Session was about real human
   bones. We looked at a variety of bones, female,
   male, diseased and healthy.
We can tell what gender a skeleton is by looking at
   the hip bone, the brow ridge or the skull. We can
   tell how diseased it was by just looking at simple
It was really interesting.
York university
Lunch was very interesting, there was a wide
  range of foods such as vegetarian, oriental,
  roast dinner and Italian.

Dessert was fantastic well while it wasn’t on the
  floor! As Daniel spilt his dinner on the floor it was
  funny. We thought it was delicious. Apparently
  lunch was on him! (literally)
York university
               Duck Hunt
After our tasty meal, we went out side for a
  ‘’Duck Hunt’’. It was a fun quiz mixed in
  with a tour of the university. Vicky and
  Elizabeth (our student ambassadors)
  walked round showing us the dormitories
  and departments. Most of us enjoyed the
  Duck Hunt, despite the cold weather.
York university
          The Newts session
 The Newts was very good and the reason to
  learn such an interesting lesson was to save the
  endangered Crested Newt. Before the lesson we
  took a look at a very strange creature – a
  salamander crossed with a newt.
Then we tried to find out where to build the pond
  by using a ‘random number generator’ a die in
  other words.
York university
It was time to go and we really wanted to
  stay a bit longer. We enjoyed this day very
  much. Thank you for this opportunity.

By Daniel Fenwick & Emily Patterson

York university

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