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					     Students Taking Action
    Now: Darfur (S.T.A.N.D.)
 and genocide intervention net
   Structure: Core group and general body
   One large group that will split into
    subcommittees for each individual event
    (such as fundraising, lobbying, publicity,
    event set up,…)
   Media contact, community groups, religious
   Raise awareness around town
   Raise money for survivors in refugee camps
   Establish a media contact, establish contacts with
    local officials (school, community, religious, etc…),
    Find local sponsors for events
   Increase community participation
   Designate one person to send out emails, one person
    to keep up with current events and STAND updates.
   Plan first event (Lobbying day, vigil, rally, benefit
   Over 400,000 INNOCENT civilians killed since
    2003, 500 continue to die a day
   Over 2.5 million Darfurians displaced
   Over 4.5 million are hungry
                      and more than 250,000
                      survivors are living in make-
                      shift refugee camps, still
                      fighting for their lives, a
                      large number children
   Increased attacks on refugee camps
   Tension between Chad and Sudan
   Darfur Peace Agreement-, 2006
   Increased tensions as Sudan declared they
    will refuse the presence of UN troops
   AU declared it will end its mission on Sept. 30
   Rival rebel groups continue to fight
   DC to Darfur lobbying weekend in Washington and
    HR 723 (No flying zone in Darfur, 173 million dollars,
    NATO bridging force)
   HR 723 has gained 50 co-sponsors since that
    weekend plus Congress granted an additional 173
    million dollars to the African Union.
   Needed legislation-international support, need for
    accountability, funding, UN troops
   Problems-China and Russia have political and
    economic interests in Sudan, lack of funding and
    international pressure, easily swayed AU troops, size
    of country v. size of AU, no protection and horrible
    conditions for refugees, possible war with Chad
   Disease and malnutrition
   Over crowding
   Lack of water, food and medical attention
   Orphans            Attacks
                      Limited access
                      for aid
                      Lack of
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       AT UNC
   Dinner for Darfur
   Spotlight Sudan

                        Weekly Vigils
                        Lobbying days (call ins,
                        letter campaigns, email
                        power hours)
   Holocaust museum –
                      YOU DO THE MATH
   5             AM, a typical day begins in a refugee camp. Women must leave the
                 camp to retrieve water, where they are often brutally attacked, whipped, and
                 raped. Men do not go because they would be killed. Sometimes, it is the
                 children who must go.
   110           DEGREES is the typical daytime temperature in the shade-less camps
   200,000       REFUGEES currently living in camps
   30            NEW refugees enter each camp every day
   1,000         NEW refugees enter each camp per month
   ½             of the CHILDREN in the camps have no access to any education
   3,500,000     HUNGRY people due to the Darfur conflict
   2,500,000     CITIZENS displaced from their homes, villages torched by the
                  Sudanese military and Janjaweed
   20,000        INHABITANTS per refugee camp
   300,000       MORE predicted by USAID to die from lack of food, the death toll of
                 children due to malnutrition is especially predicted to increase
   432,329       DISPLACED in West Darfur
   320,906       DISPLACED in North Darfur
   233,138       DISPLACED in South Darfur. The rest are in Chad.
   10,000        DEATHS per month
   70,000        DEATHS from disease and hunger alone, once refugees are in a camp
   400,000       DEAD, and counting, from the Darfur conflict
                 (there are 27,000 students at UNC. Multiply our campus by 15)
WE STOPPED ADDING. Any number beyond 0 is a number too many.
              WE SHOULD CARE
   “The bottom line is that genocide is the worst
    thing that humans can do to each other. It
    tears at the fabric of humanity. And the only
    way that we here, in the US, can assert our
    own humanity is to stand up to genocide, even
    a distant one. To look the other way as babies
    are tossed onto bonfires, because of their skin
    color and tribe, is an abdication of our own
    citizenship in our species.”
                 -Nicholas Kristof: A Response on Darfur
            Ashley Kroetsch,

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