Writing to Persuade - PowerPoint by sdfwerte

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									Writing to Persuade
     Paper 1 – Part b – 15%
          45 minutes
    Marked on writing skills
Writing to persuade- the
•   Plan – 5 minutes
•   2 sides A4 – 5 Paragraphs
•   Use persuasive language
•   Use connectives to start paragraphs.
•   Use interesting sentences.
      Persuasive Language Choices
•   Rhetorical Questions
•   Emotive Language
•   Range of sentences
•   Use ‘you’ and ‘we’
•   Alliteration
•   Rule of three
•   Perhaps an attempt to shock the reader
•   Imperatives
•   Repetition
 Look at the persuasive
    language used to
describe the I phone on
     the next page.
Ever wanted perfection? Ask Apple.
Apple’s new
I phone offers beautifully designed
and amazing
technology – available to you now!
Improve your life and your
reputation overnight. The I phone
offers amazing design, state of the
art technology and a lifestyle all in one
amazing piece of kit. Buy one today
and make your life: perfect!
    Achieving the best Results

• Present material powerfully BUT
  don’t be ridiculous – the reader has
  to believe you are believable.
• Don’t insult.
• Politely acknowledge other viewpoints
  but politely persuade to your
• Present them with evidence that
  might persuade them.
    Get a better grade…
• Plan your answer
• Write carefully rather than just writing loads.
• Clear paragraphs that coherently flow.
• Powerful opening paragraph
• Clear conclusion.
• Use a range of sentences.
• Use a range of punctuation.
• Try to use some big words – evidence of extended
• Check your work carefully.
         Build Persuasion
•   Can you imagine…?
•   We should all consider…
•   I am sure you will agree …
•   Some people may think …
•   I have no doubt that …
•   It would be useful to consider …
       Other Connectives
•   Firstly
•   Furthermore
•   Moreover
•   Another important point is
•   In addition
•   However
•   Despite
•   Finally
•   In conclusion
                Purpose = To Persuade

    Write the text of a
  speech for an assembly
 persuading the school to
 start a campaign against
                ALWAYS = 5 minutes to plan
    Powerful Conclusion.                             Strong Introduction:
    Summarise what you’ve said.                      Start with Rhetorical Question.
    Persuasive language choices.                     Persuasive Language Choices.
    One word sentence.                               Explain what your speech is about.

                               5 Paragraph Persuasive essay
Recognise objection
and persuade
                                                              First persuasive point.
                                                              Expand with anecdote &
                                                              facts and figures.
                       Another persuasive point.
                       Expand with anecdote &
                       Facts and figures.
    Write a powerful
introduction – Have a go!
• Hello and thank you for coming.
• Start with a rhetorical question.
• Now use some negative emotive words to
  describe waste – perhaps in pattern of 3.
• Explain what your speech is about.
• Check sentences make sense and are
   Leave at least 5
minutes to re-read and
   check your work.
 This could move your grade up a

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