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a wholesome discipline
To honour or revere as a
supernatural being or power or
as a holy thing; to adore with
appropriate acts, rites or
Supernatural being = God
What sort of being is our God?

     Dictating Loving
      GOD?     GOD?
IF we trust Jesus and choose to believe in a
loving God, then love cannot be a one way
street and to get the full benefit we will
need to return that love.
Hence the first great commandment:
“Love the Lord your God with all your
heart and with all your soul and with all
your mind and with all your strength.”
How can we return God’s love?
One way is to acknowledge our dependence on God and

                   BE GRATEFUL!
                        Give thanks for:

                         Our lives
                         Our Skills
                Our material well being.
     We can look on everything as a gift from a loving God.
Are we critical about how we use:

Our lives. How do we use our time?
Just for our own pleasure doing the things we like?
Or do we do things for the benefit of others?

Our Skills. Do we keep them to ourselves?
Do we encourage others to develop their skills or do we
look upon others as challenging our position?
Do we use our skills to benefit others or just ourselves?

Our material well being.
Do we look upon our wealth as a gift or our right?
Do we look upon our wealth as something to be shared?
Do we differentiate between our needs and our wants?
Are we prepared to discipline ourselves to
  “honour God with appropriate acts”?
       We can do this by offering
                Our lives
               Our Skills
         Our material well being
             to his service
   Unless we do our worship is empty.
If we subject ourselves to this wholesome discipline,
we too will become whole as we will be obeying the
second great commandment to:
         “Love your neighbour as yourself”.
Then we will truly be able to:
    “Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness”.

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