; How to Make Him Love You? Here Are the Tricks Which Will Make Him Love You Like Crazy
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How to Make Him Love You? Here Are the Tricks Which Will Make Him Love You Like Crazy


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									How to Make Him Love You? Here Are the Tricks Which Will Make Him Love You Like Crazy

By Russell Jackson

It makes one wonder why there are still so many single women around. If only they would take
notice of the small things, they will realize that men would easily fall in love with them. In
reality, most men do not rely on their animal instincts when looking for the right woman. What
women fail to consider is to work on their good points instead of the bad ones.

A good example is a vain woman. Vanity usually turns off a man. Of course, beauty still counts
but it does not always ensure true love. To make a man fall in love with you, it may help to
follow these simple tips.

They say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Now, that doesn't mean a woman has
to be the best cook to win a man. All a woman has to know is what type of food tickles his
palette. Men usually love greasy food. You may be on a diet and indulge only on greens, but if
you show him you're willing to try different kinds of food with him, makes a huge difference.
Who knows? You might even like it.

Show him some tender loving care. Giving him a good massage after a hard day's work will
certainly make him feel pampered. Preparing his bath is another sweet way of showing your
main man love.

Share the same interest. You may not agree with his hobbies but knowing a little something
about it is enough to show how much you appreciate him. Golf may not be your thing and you
don't have to learn the sport to connect. It's enough to listen to his stories to let him know you
appreciate the things that are important to him. It's not meant to impress him but to give him the
message that you're smart enough to know his interests. Remember, the more you expand as a
person, so does your relationship.

Not all men are crazy about curves. You may be a bit on the heavier side but there is a good
chance that your man likes those love handles. Most men I know think plump is sexy too. Those
extra padding may make them feel a little better about their own bellies.

Lastly, be natural. Letting your true self out can be a major turn-on. Don't worry for not being
ladylike at all times. This will help him see you as a real person and not just someone who shows
him just one side of the coin.

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