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Southern Oregon - Oregon Tourism


									 Southern Oregon
Visitors Association
  Jul 1, 2009 - Jun 30, 2010

       Draft May 22, 2009
          Region Geography

(images removed for email)

   SOVA’s Marketing Region   RCMP Region 5
      •Jackson                •Jackson
      •Josephine              •Josephine
      •Klamath                •Klamath
      •Lake                   •Lake
      •Douglas                •Douglas (inland)
      •Coos                                   RCMP Region 1
      •Curry                                    •Douglas
          Region & Visitor Characteristics

SOVA’s mission has always              With the data we have collected,
featured an intra-regional             we can identify many
approach, driven not by political      characteristics of the Southern
necessity, but by the way people       Oregon visitor: educational
actually visit Southern Oregon.        attainment, length of stay, average
                                       daily spending, activity interests,
SOVA research clearly shows how        and dozens of other attributes.
people explore the region and
where they come from. SOVA’s           Generally, Southern Oregon’s
marketing focus has always             tourism businesses continue
reflected these marketing realities.   targeting their marketing efforts to
                                       visitors traveling south to north,
For the past 20 years the region       looping from the valley to the south
has been defining ―Southern            coast to the high country.
Oregon‖ as a diverse destination
that stretches from the Wild Rivers    Northern California is the ―bull’s
Coast to Oregon’s Outback.             eye‖ for marketing.
          Organization Description

Established 1984

Three chief characteristics
    •A ―Pay-to-Play‖ Funding Structure
    •A Regional Vision
    •A Commitment to Cooperative Marketing

 Since its inception, SOVA has generated more than $8.0 million dollars for
 Southern Oregon visitor marketing; all of these funds were raised directly
 from SOVA’s marketing partners through advertising and marketing fees.
                           We run lean & mean.
We concentrate on marketing that has a direct return on investment (ROI) to
  our partners: businesses, convention and visitor bureaus (CVBs), and
               destination marketing organizations (DMOs).
         Regional Plan Development

The RCMP (Regional Cooperative         The 2009-2010 RCMP continues to
Marketing Program) allows SOVA         embrace marketing opportunities
to depart from a strict pay-to-play    where RCMP funds can be
structure, and to invest in programs   leveraged by matching investments
                                       by local businesses, CVBs, trade
that could pay long-term benefits to   associations, and other marketing
tourism in the region, such as         partners.
research, public relations, niche
marketing and Internet marketing.      The 2009-2010 RCMP explores
                                       print-Internet, radio, Web 2.0, new
The 2009-2010 RCMP calls for           partnerships, and other methods
continued funding of these and         that are extremely important in the
other programs.                        success of tourism in Southern
                  Organization Information

Staff                                                   Marketing/RCMP Committee
        Carolyn S. Hill, CEO                                Bob Hackett - Chair
        (541) 552-0520 /                   Oregon Shakespeare Festival
        Office location: 673 Market St. Medford OR 97504    (541) 482-2111 /

Independent Contractors                                   Roberta Kress - Review Subcommittee
     Marketing, Sales & Program Development               Rogue Regency Inn & Suites of Medford
     Mark Dennett                                         (541) 770-1234 /
     Dennett Consulting Group
     (541) 488-4925 /

        Public Relations/Trade Shows/Training                                 Key Vendors/Contractors
        Sue Price                                                      Research: DCG Consulting (Eugene)
        Southern OR Marketing Consultant                                    Internet: News-Register (Salem)
        (541) 890-5472 /                                      Internet: Scarab Media (Ashland)
                                                                Internet/SEO: (Portland)
        Design & PR                                                       Fulfillment: Pronto Print (Medford)
        Jeff Jones                                                                Kiosks: (Talent)
        Jeffery Jones Marketing & Advertising                         Design: Petretto Design (Jacksonville)
        (541) 488-0178 /
               Board of Directors

The SOVA Board of Directors is comprised of four representatives from each of the seven counties in the
Southern Oregon marketing area. These 28 positions, plus one public lands representative, brings our total
Board to 29.
Officers of the Board as of April 2009
      •President: Craig Ackerman, Crater Lake National Park
      •Past-President: Amy Richard, Oregon Shakespeare Festival
      •Treasurer: Bruce Hoevet, Rogue Regency Inn & Suites
      •Secretary: Anne Jenkins, Medford VCB
      •President-Elect: Katherine Hoppe, Coos Bay/North Bend VCB
In addition to private industry representatives, our Board of Directors includes the primary DMO contacts in
each county. Each plays an integral role in developing marketing programs:
            Medford VCB – Anne Jenkins
            Roseburg VCB – Jean Kurtz
            Ashland VCB – Katharine Flanagan
            Grants Pass VCB – Kerrie Walters
      High Country
           Klamath County (Discover Klamath) – Todd Kepple
           Lake County Chamber – Keith Barnhart (representing)
      South Coast
           Gold Beach Promotions Committee -- Elizabeth Kuljis
           Bandon Chamber – Julie Miller
           Brookings Chamber – Les Cohen
           Coos Bay/North Bend VCB – Katherine Hoppe
           North Bend Visitors Center – Barb Dunham
            Communications & Outreach

•   Industry enewsletter

•   Annual Marketing Symposium

•   SOVA Annual Report

•   Press Releases

•   Intra-Regional Travel & Presentations

•   RCMP Task Force/Marketing Committee Email Updates

•   RCMP on SOVA Industry/Partner Website

•   Detailed Reports to Travel Oregon

•   SeeSouthernOregon – Unique URL

•   Meetings of the RCMP Task Force/Marketing Committee
            SOVA RCMP Task Force/
            Marketing Committee
A Quick Look @ the businesses and            Gold Beach Promotions
   groups represented on the SOVA            Roseburg VCB
   RCMP Task Force/Marketing                 Roe Outfitters & Flyway Shop
   Committee… this is just a partial list:
                                             Discover Klamath
Crater Lake Lodge/National Park              Roseburg VCB
Umpqua Valley Winegrowers Assoc              Coos Bay/North Bend VCB
Southern Oregon Winery Association           Brookings Chamber of Commerce
Ashland Bed & Breakfast Network              Ashland Gallery Association
Running Y Ranch Resort/Ridgewater
                                             Southern Oregon Winery Assoc
Oregon Shakespeare Festival                  Oregon Caves National Monument/NPS
Britt Festivals                              Seven Feathers Hotel & Casino Resort
                                             Ashland Bed & Breakfast Assoc
Jacksonville Chamber/Visitors Center
ScienceWorks Hands-on Museum
                                             About 30-40 participants in all; anyone can be
Ashland Chamber of Commerce                     involved. Meetings are announced via
Ashland Springs Hotel                           industry enewsletter. Plans, budgets,
                                                reports, and collateral are all placed on
Troon Vineyard                                  SOVA’s industry website,
Medford VCB                           
Grants Pass VCB

•   Five strategies are featured in the Region 5 RCMP for the
    period July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010.
•   Each is consistent with strategies identified in previous plans.
•   Specific goals/tactics within each strategy are described on the
    following pages.
•   The five strategies are:
        1.   Training
        2.   Research
        3.   Internet Marketing
        4.   Niche Consumer Advertising
        5.   PR/Trade Shows/Outreach Marketing
             Strategy 1: Training

Program Name    Customer Service Training
Discipline      Classroom Instruction
Program Desc    Via partnership with area DMOs, offering classes throughout the
                region. Program customizations like secret shopping, MUST SEE
                collateral, funding matrix by county to ensure equitable allocation,
                leverage of RCMP dollars by private and public partner

                Two Class Options
                In a continuing effort to encourage great customer service
                throughout Southern Oregon, SOVA is offering two 2009/2010
                Customer Service Classes. The first 350 attendees are funded by
                RCMP dollars. The funds are allocated amongSouthern Oregon
                counties, based on the amount of lodging tax collected per region.
                One class is designed for the front line staff, the other for your
                management staff. Both have been proven to be enlightening and
             Strategy 1: Training, cont.

Program Desc       Class One - Creating a Service Foundation
                   65% of customers do not return to your place of business because of one
                   person. Do you provide your staff the tools to assure the customer will return
                   and tell others? This is the best insurance that we can have to not only
                   survive these tough economic times, but to grow your market.

                   Class Two - How to be a Customer Service Coach
                   What is your Customer Service Culture? Is your business based on
                   exceptional sales and service-oriented people who embrace their mission,
                   build on it, and continually innovate while acting as "brand ambassadors?
                   Service is not a is an attitude. Bring personality to your
                   organization by establishing service themes and standards.
Target Audience    Frontline workers in hospitality industry.
Geographic         Southern Oregon
Key                DMOs; major attractions; Travel Oregon; corporations (golf
Partners/Regions   courses, retirement communities, Harry & David, OSF, et al).
                   Region 5 + South Coast
              Strategy 1: Training, cont.

New Program or   Repeat.

Measurement      Train at least 300 employees in this program year.
Budget           $8,000
              Strategy 2: Research

Program Name       Research.
Discipline         Visitor research.
Program Desc       Longwoods Research.

Target Audience    Audience to be researched=consumer. Audience for whom
                   research is conducted=industry.
Geographic         Visitors to Oregon.
Key                Travel Oregon.
New Program or     Repeat.
Budget             $5,000.

Measurement        Travel Oregon.
             Strategy 3: Internet Marketing

Program Name      Internet Marketing
Discipline        Content development, search engine optimization, Web 2.0.
Program Desc      Extends work   in niche consumer advertising by designing websites
                  tied to campaigns, allowing specific trackthrough and advertising
                  accountability and measurement.
                  Adding social networking features, Web 2.0, video, animations,
                  blogs, photography, Flickr & other sites and blogs. Offer opportunities
                  for consumers to create content. Other innovations are generally
                  designed to appeal to larger cross section of consumers and to keep
                  site fresh and relevant. Add to our rights-released photo library and
                  story archive to meet huge demand for information to travel writers
                  and consumers.
                  Develop suggested drives/itineraries online as animated maps, for
                  leisure travel market, both domestic and International.
                  Suggested itineraries for FIT and tour group market, both
                  International and domestic, as animated maps.
                  Streaming video from Travel Channel Europe and Southern
                  Oregon DVD project done in partnership with economic
         Strategy 3: Internet Marketing, cont.

Program Desc       Oregon Uncovered:
                   Link to YouTube videos, Blogposts/social media postings, and streaming
                   itineraries on Tour Operator Websites where applicable
                   Promote via consumer and industry enewsletters

Target Audience    Consumers; travel writers; PR professionals; meeting planners;
                   tour and receptive operators, both domestic and International.
Geographic         Consumer , Tour and Group Planners, Travel Writers.
Target             Mostly domestic, some International.
Key                DMOs; major attractions; lodging properties; restaurants; any
Partners/Regions   hospitality-related business or organization; economic
                   development groups, vendors; Travel Oregon. Region 5 + South
New Program or     Repeat.
         Strategy 3: Internet Marketing, cont.

Measurement   Increased traffic, increased stickiness, addition of content,
              continuing implementation of Web 2.0 features, addition of
              photography and stories, increase traffic to partner websites.

              After introducing in 2008-09 myriad web 2.0 enhancements to the flagship site
              ( we observed the following:
              Time spent on site (ave)
                     •Jan-Dec 07 – 8:33

                     •Jan-Dec 08 – 13:24 – 60% increase from prior year

                            •Jan-Jun 08 – 9:27

                            •Jul-Dec 08 – 16:24 – 75% increase from prior six-month period

                     •Jan-Apr 09 – 17:38 – tracking to date at 31% increase from prior year

              For 2009-2010, our specific goals (within this general category) include:
                     •Increase engagement as measured by page views (ave) from 3 (which has

                     been a fairly constant number for several years) to 4
                     •Increase engagement as measured by requests for visitor guides (ave)

                     from 1575/month (08 rate) by 10% to 1730/month
                     •Continue to aggressively populate our Flickr site with photography.

                     •Maintain stickiness as measured by time spent on site (ave) above 14:00

                     •Double the amount of feature stories (these rotate among various

                     positions on the site) and YouTube videos – from 15 to 30.
                     •Increase by 50% followers on Twitter – from 340 to 500+

Budget        $10,000.
             Strategy 4: Niche Consumer
Program Name     Niche Consumer Advertising.
Discipline       Various advertising mediums (print, Internet, radio, et al) focused
                 on three defined niche markets:
                 1) Art, wine and culinary travelers.
                 2) River recreation travelers (rafting, fishing, jetboating).
                 3) Golf recreation travelers.
Program Desc     Extends   the work of previous years by focus on defined
                 markets, and on the International market.
                 Continued effort aimed at creating a campaign that provides the
                 opportunity for businesses to support with a retail message and
                 to leverage RCMP funding.
                 Continue branding ads in key niche markets, add adjoining
                 retail ads to feature specific businesses in a niche area
                 (wineries, golf courses, etc). Supporting ads will be funded
                 through SOVA’s co-op format. Retail ads will ensure that direct
                 leads are generated for business follow up.
             Strategy 4: Niche Consumer Advertising, cont.

Target Audience    Consumer.
                   Mostly domestic, some International.
Details            Media plan follows.

Geographic         Largely Northern California; also Western US and Germany.
Key                DMOs; attractions; lodging properties; restaurants; any
Partners/Regions   hospitality-related business or organization; Travel Oregon.
                   Region 5 + South Coast.
New Program or     Repeat.
Measurement        See media plan.

Budget             $54,770 (RCMP) - $200,140 (SOVA/Partner) - $254,910 (Total)
             Strategy 4: Niche Consumer Advertising, cont.

              Media Plan (subject to change)
              Planning Period July 1, 2009 thru June 30, 2010

  Stats &            Program             Date       RCMP     Partner     Total
  Notes 1
 45,000 readers    Northwest Palate   Jul/Aug-09   $3,500   0          $3,500
 May/Jun 2009
  Jul/Aug 2009
    1/3 color
    .077 CPI
 40,000 readers    Wend Magazine      Summer 09    $3,500   0          $3,500
    1/3 color          (PDX)
High end outdoor
    .087 CPI
200,000 readers    America Journal    Summer 09    $2,500   0          $2,500
 ½ page color
 Travel & Wine
 summer issue
    .012 CPI
               Strategy 4: Niche Consumer Advertising, cont.

                Media Plan (subject to change) , cont.
                Planning Period July 1, 2009 thru June 30, 2010

   Stats &              Program            Date    RCMP        Partner     Total
   Notes 1
     Internet        Totally Bay Area   Jul-09    $20,000   $30,000      $50,000
  Expands SF
 market (07&08)
to San Jose mkt
impressions: 3.6
    .013 CPI
 520,000 readers     Horizon Magazine   Jul-09    $0        $22,000      $22,000
 Editorial feature        Special
issue, multi-page
    .041 CPI

 750,000 readers      Let’s Go Rving    Jul-09    $0        $12,620      $12,620
   ½ page RV
 Journal (fall 09)
½ page Highways
(Good Sam) (Aug
    .016 CPI
                 Strategy 4: Niche Consumer Advertising, cont.

                  Media Plan (subject to change) , cont.
                  Planning Period July 1, 2009 thru June 30, 2010
   Stats &                 Program             Date       RCMP    Partner     Total
   Notes 1
        2                Travel Oregon      Aug-09       $0       $6,000    $6,000
 (see footnotes)           Fall/Winter
  1,100,000               Via Magazine      Sep-09       $0       $11,280   $11,280
Winter 2009: SF
  and Sacto
   .010 CPI
700,000 readers         Sunset Magazine     Sep-09       $635     $9,620    $10,255
Travel Directory            (Sept)
Reader service
   .014 CPI
      Internet              Totally         Sep-09       $6,000   $10,000   $16,000
promotion w/ print
  ads SAC Mag
    1.5 million
     .010 CPI
400,000 readers            European         Nov/Dec-09   $2,000   $0        $2,000
    Plus Internet
campaign w/ possible
  print tie-in and/or   (America Journal)
     .005 CPI
              Strategy 4: Niche Consumer Advertising, cont.

               Media Plan (subject to change) , cont.
               Planning Period July 1, 2009 thru June 30, 2010
  Stats &            Program            Date       RCMP       Partner     Total
  Notes 1
150,000 readers        Oregon        Nov-09       $0       $10,000      $10,000
Free standing 4-   Bounty/Northern
    pg insert
    .066 CPI
        2          Travel Oregon     Feb-10       $0       $6,000       $6,000
 (see footnotes)     Magazine
   3.6 million     AAA Tourbook      Mar-10       $0       $13,000      $13,000
  Full pg color
Adjacent to CRLA
    .003 CPI
        2           Golf Campaign    Mar-Apr 10   $9,000   $0           $9,000
 (see footnotes)   (OR Golf Guide,
               Strategy 4: Niche Consumer Advertising, cont.

                 Media Plan (subject to change) , cont.
                 Planning Period July 1, 2009 thru June 30, 2010
   Stats &              Program             Date    RCMP       Partner     Total
   Notes 1
        2               Oregon Trip      May-10    $0       $17,000      $17,000
 (see footnotes)         Planner

700,000 readers       Sunset Magazine    May-10    $635     $9,620       $10,255
 (Sufficient to            (May)
   .014 CPI
     Internet         Totally Portland   May-10    $0       $7,000       $7,000
     5 million
    .0014 CPI
    2.5 million       Madden Pre-Print   May-10    $5,000   $30,000      $35,000
Full pg advertorial
                      Newspaper insert
     .014 CPI
              Strategy 4: Niche Consumer Advertising, cont.

              Media Plan (subject to change) , cont.
              Planning Period July 1, 2009 thru June 30, 2010
  Stats &         Program            Date       RCMP          Partner     Total
  Notes 1
450,000 readers   Map (Crater     May-10       $0         $6,000        $6,000
   .013 CPI       Byways)
100,000 copies    Oregon Wine     Jun-10       $2,000     $0            $2,000
   1/3 color      Country Guide
   .020 CPI
          Strategy 4: Niche Consumer Advertising, cont.
          Media Plan, cont. (subject to change)
          Planning Period July 1, 2009 thru June 30, 2010

TOTALS & FOOTNOTES                                 RCMP      Partner     Total
                                      Totals:      $54,770   $200,140   $254,910
  1   •Additional details about each advertising
      program are available.
      •All programs include Internet component

      (in some cases, the program is Internet-
      only without a print element).
  2   Travel Oregon program. Metrics
       Strategy 4: Niche Consumer Advertising

Past creative…
(images removed for email)
       Strategy 4: Niche Consumer Advertising
Past creative…
(images removed for email)
       Strategy 4: Niche Consumer Advertising
Past creative…
(images removed for email)
       Strategy 4: Niche Consumer Advertising
Past creative…
(images removed for email)
          Strategy 4: Niche Consumer Advertising, cont.
2009-2011 Positioning

Positioning Statement
Southern Oregon offers the ultimate road trip with a diversity of natural and
authentic experiences, unmatched in Oregon, filled with value, spirited
people, world-renowned attractions, and diverse landscapes.

Unique Selling Propositions
•World-renowned attractions: Rogue River, Steens Mountains, Umpqua
River fly fishing, beaches, Bandon Dunes, Crater Lake, Oregon
Shakespeare Festival
•Passionate People: authenticity, rural pride, funky friendliness, connections
•A Rich History: Jacksonville, tribal history, Applegate Trail
•Quality and abundance of scenic byways
•Diversity of natural experiences: wild rivers, fishing, whitewater adventures,
mountains, lakes, sunny weather, artisan foods/culinary, emerging wine
      Strategy 4: Niche Consumer Advertising
2009-2011 Creative Approach
(images removed for email)
      Strategy 4: Niche Consumer Advertising
2009-2011 Creative Approach
(images removed for email)
          Strategy 5: PR/Trade
          Shows/Outreach Marketing
5.1: PR / 5.2: Trade Shows / 5.3: Outreach Marketing

Program Name      Strategy 5.1: PR.

Discipline        Content development, relationship building, coordination, itinerary
                  planning and implementation.

Program Desc      •Develop regular proactive press releases and travel writer newsletters;
                  establish network of press contacts; attract small conferences and
                  meetings of travel writer groups (e.g. IFWTWA – International Food &
                  Wine Travel Writers Association); develop high quality video and
                  photography; respond to queries and communicate opportunities to
                  •Create, coordinate, host, and otherwise engage fully in frequent travel
                  writer trips, FAMs, NTA receptions, and other activities that surround
                  this nucleus. The investment is leveraged by comps acquired from
Target Audience   Media representatives, writers and editors.

Geographic        US (with concentration on NW and California); International
          Strategy 5: PR/Trade Shows/Outreach Marketing

Strategy 5.1: PR, cont.
Key Partners/      Media; Southern Oregon DMOs; Travel Oregon; Maxwell PR.
New Program        Repeat.
or Repeat
Measurement        Frequency & placement of stories, particularly on the web ,
                   quantifiable results via FAM requests in response to enewsletter,
                   interest or requests for further information by writers from
                   desirable publications, niche market publications, popular blogs
                   or online travel sites; increasing ability to respond quickly to
                   short turnaround opportunities for stories, events entries, photos,
                   video, and more.
           Strategy 5: PR/Trade Shows/Outreach Marketing

Program Name      Strategy 5.2: Trade Shows.

Discipline        Coordinate consumer and group/International show
                  opportunities. Identify the appropriate and useful level of
                  participation by our regional reps to avoid duplications and
                  ensure that the investment is worthwhile.
Program Desc      •Identify trade show opportunities that are the proper fit for our customer
                  base, niche markets, geographic target, and budget.
                  •Coordinate regional brand presence at shows by developing buy-in
                  opportunities with partners and creating a proven and effective
                  cooperative approach.
                  •Focus on three-five consumer shows/yr in Northern California and LA;
                  focus on two International shows/year (Pow Wow and Go West).
                  •Develop a strategy for increasing domestic tours through a regional
                  participation model for NTA. Research on past tours to Southern Oregon
                  (and possible future).
Target            Consumers in target domestic markets; International visitors;
Audience          group and FIT planners.
          Strategy 5: PR/Trade Shows/Outreach Marketing

Strategy 5.2: Trade Shows, cont.

Geographic        Northern California; International.
Key Partners/     Southern Oregon DMOs; attractions; lodging establishments;
Regions           RDMOs (COVA, et al); other marketing associations; Travel

New Program       Repeat.
or Repeat
          Strategy 5: PR/Trade Shows/Outreach Marketing

Strategy 5.2: Trade Shows, cont.

Measurement       •Increasing interest and participation by partners.
                  •Year-on-year participation in certain shows allows us to measure
                  increasing familiarity among consumers with the ―Southern Oregon‖
                  •Increasing relationships with group tour and FIT and contacts developed;
                  ongoing commitment to exceptional quality in producing favorable image
                  of Southern Oregon.
                  •Quality and number of leads generated via shows; success in partnering
                  with other RDMOs to create stronger, more singular Oregon experience,
                  particularly at upscale, large consumer shows.
                  •Increased website visits to specific sites tied to the show.
                  •Bookings by participating partners.
                  •Increased website traffic and contacts to participating partners in the
             Strategy 5: PR/Trade Shows/Outreach Marketing

Program Name        Strategy 5.3: Outreach Marketing

Discipline          Create opportunities for partner involvement via research, FAMs,
                    and matching grants. Provide limited funding to smaller firms to
                    cover travel costs to niche market trade shows (wine, golf,
                    outdoor recreation); International market shows; or to fund
                    special projects.
Program Desc        Develop relationships with regional contacts by coordinating
                    travel writer FAMs, conducting research (e.g. visiting sites,
                    developing itineraries), and overall seeking to ensure an
                    equitable exposure for all areas throughout the region in the
                    products we create for PR and Trade Show uses. Additionally,
                    provide matching grants to support grass roots marketing efforts.
Target              DMOs and marketing partners throughout region.
              Strategy 5: PR/Trade Shows/Outreach Marketing

 Strategy 5.3: Outreach Marketing, cont.
Geographic        Southern Oregon marketing partners creating consumer
Target            marketing campaigns (matching grants).
Key Partners/         Southern Oregon DMOs; attractions; lodging establishments; RDMOs
Regions               (COVA, et al); other marketing associations; Travel Oregon.

New Program           Repeat.
or Repeat
Measurement           •Maintaining strong relationships with DMOs throughout the region and
                      beyond; ability to respond quickly to opportunities on behalf of all areas in
                      this region and to pass along those opportunities, leads, and so on; ability
                      to help fund projects which leverages the RCMP money even further.
                      •Projects that receive a favorable response are those which demonstrate a

                      commitment to cooperative marketing. A budget that illuminates additional
                      funding sources (public, private, grants, et al), and which thereby leverage
                      the RCMP investment, are also favorably considered. Projects considered
                      for funding must fall within RCMP guidelines.
Budget                $40,000
(strategy 5.1, 5.2,
5.3 combined)

                  Strategy          RCMP       Partner/SOVA    Total

1   Training                          $8,000          $1,500      $9,500
2   Research (Longwoods)              $5,000             $0       $5,000
3   Internet                         $10,000        $15,000      $25,000
4   Niche Consumer Advertising       $54,770        $70,000     $124,770
5   PR/Trade Shows/Outreach Mktng    $40,000        $25,000      $65,000
    (includes Pow Wow)
    Fulfillment                      $20,000                     $20,000
    Admin                            $10,000                     $10,000
                                    $147,770        $111,500    $259,270

2008 Disbursement=$176,509
Less 20%=$141,207

From Travel Oregon: Please provide a list of cuts you had to make in plan due to the budget
By area/program and amount. We are trying to get a view by region of where the budget is impacting programs

           Strategy                                  Likely Impacts                              Amount
Training                     Fewer classes, therefore fewer (as many as 200) front line             $2,000
                             hospitality workers to receive classroom training. Unable to
                             maintain this strategy at present investment levels.
Research                     We had hoped to engage in some additional research this                $2,500
                             year into advertising accountability especially for our Internet
                             marketing programs. Had to cut this from the budget.
Niche Consumer               Budgeting about ½ of previous year’s plan. Fewer messages             $37,000
Advertising                  for our destination out there in the marketplace. Removal of
                             ―opportunity fund‖ and reduction in International consumer
PR/Trade                     We will likely cancel a program (and the contract for services        $10,000
Shows/Outreach Mktng         to create it)—the development of a long-lead newsletter for
                             travel writers. The contract covers other services relative to
                             FAMs, public relations, media relations. Allocating less for
                             matching grants.
               Contact Information

       Southern Oregon Visitors Association

                Mailing Address:
        PO Box 1645 / Medford, OR 97501

                Office Location:
      673 Market St. / Medford, OR 97504

    Phone (541) 552-0520 / Fax (541) 552-1073

Industry website:

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