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					               Water Framework

  International Conference on
 Measures, Costs, Institutiona and

IWA   Water Association          Ireland
         Session 1 - Measures

Paul Reiter, IWA
Vitally important to determine objectives for implementation.
Brian D’Arcy, SEPA
Priority issues to be regulated including surface water runoff, SUDS
Anna-Grete Blankenburg, Norway
MORSA catchment pilot project.
Catherine Pike, DEFRA
Non-agricultural sources of diffuse pollution.
Tony Maguire, Dublin City Council
EU Floods Directive and floods impacts
Peter Shipper, Netherlands
Groundwater problems and measures.
             Session 2 - Costs

Kevin Andrews, DEFRA
Economics and the WFD, ‘Dance in 3 steps’.
Kieron Callaghan, EHS (N.I.)
Six part Cost fectiveness Analysis proforma.
Jean Le Roux, SEPA
Integrate Economics as part of the process.
Dr. Dietrich Borchardt, Germany
Selection of cost effective measures crucial to WFD objectives.
Sue Scott, ESRI.
The Polluter Pays Principle.
Sean Blacklocke, CDM, Conference Vice-Chair
Pollution control costs and public policy.
        Session 3 - Institutions

Professor Geoffrey Gooch, Linkopings University
Institutional co-operation with the WFD. ‘Representality’
Dr Francis Jacobs, EU Information Office, IRL
Issues of particular sensitivity. Legally binding nature of the WFD.
Dr. Eleni Chouli, CEREVE, Paris
Management of storm water - case studies. SUDS.
Ray Earle, Coordinator ERBD
New River Basin Water Authorities must be seriously considered.
Norbert Cremers, MoTPW&WM, Netherlands
Implementation of the WFD is guided by NBW and NPD.
Martin Booth, E.A., UK.
Stakeholder engagement and RBD Liasion Panels.
   Session 4 - Communications

Helmut Bloch, European Commission
Ireland performs well in implementation deadlines. RBMP.
Dr Eric Mostert, Delft University
Public Participation (Art.14) WFD. ‘Encourage active participation’.
Sergy Moroz, WWF Europe
PP not just communication/information, must be meaningful.
Sinead O’Brien, Coordinator SWAN
‘Opening Pandoro’s Box’, NGO’s an untapped resourse.
Dr. Joachim Bley, MoE, Germany
PP integral part in RBMP in BW.
Dr. Colin Greene, Middlesex University
Stakehilder engagement, social relationships, justice matters, standards.
               Session 5 -
        Decision Support Systems
Dr. Ken Irwin, Trinity College
Linking knowledge to policy.
Dr. Michael Bruen, UCD
‘Systems approach .’ to decision Making.
Dr. Myron Rosenberg, CDM
RBMS specially designed to meet WFD requirements piloted by ERBD.
Professor David Kay, University of Wales
‘Microbial Source Apportionment’ measurement of pathogens in water.
Dr. Melanie Mewes, Helmholtz Centre of E. Research
BASINFORM method for setting up PoM’s to meet WFD requirements.
Joost Icke, Netherlands
‘WFD Explorer’ interactive tool.
       Discussion Panel & Close

Panel Members:
Dr Geoffrey Gooch, Dr. Colin Green, Dr. Ken Irvine, Dr. David Kay,
Dr. Myron Rosenberg, John Sadlier DEHLG, (Chairman)
Discussion led by Dr. Harriet Emerson, Conference Facilitator.
‘Talking Wall’
Duncan Stuart, RTE Presenter, EcoEye
Value of water, effects on the environment and bio-diversity, need for
public awareness
Ray Earle, Conference Chairman
Closing Remarks.