How to Keep a Man Hooked! You Won't Struggle Around Men Once You Understand This

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					How to Keep a Man Hooked! You Won't Struggle Around Men Once You Understand This

By Russell Jackson

If you like a man at a party then simply gawk at him awkwardly or rush towards him with open
arms, will only frighten him and drive him away. The key is to get his attention and ensure that
his curiosity and desires are awakened within his body and soul.

Here are some key tips on how to hook a man and reel him in with a glazed smile on his face.

Use body language to arouse his curiosity. You can work your magic even without
approaching the man that you like. Conduct a few cat scans over his body by looking casually at
him even as you let your eyes linger over him for that that fraction longer. In addition, make sure
to flip your hair as you look away with a twinkle in your eye. These moves will arouse his
curiosity and he will now make a move to find out who you are even as he gathers enough
courage to approach you.

Build a halo of confidence around you. Most men might get intimidated by confident women
but secretly their desires peak when they observe a woman with a halo of confidence around her.
Radiate confidence and maintain a smile on your face as you mingle with other people around
you. Your confident demeanor will draw the man towards you like a bright light in front of a
love-struck moth.

Converse intelligently with him. If your dream man approaches you then quickly gauge his
wavelength while finding out about topics that interest him. Match your wavelength and
converse intelligently with him. Do not babble about jewelry, make-up or any other girl-talk but
instead initiate a debate if you can on a topic that interests both of you. This will get him in an
animated mood but more importantly will enable him to realize that you have brains too, and this
will drive the hook of love firmly into his heart.

Bond with his friends and family. Once your guy has taken you out for a few dates and
introduces you to his friends and family then make sure to happily bond with them. Your man
will notice your effort and will be hooked that you care enough to make him happy by bonding
with people that he cares about. Do not force your dream man to take sides by preventing him
from meeting his friends or family as this will only alienate him while showing you in bad light.

These tips will ensure that your man notices you, gets attracted to you and simply picks up the
hook of love and plunges it in his love-filled heart before getting reeled into your life with open

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