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									Jazz for Kids: 10 Exciting Lessons for use in your piano studio


Now available, the first original publication from ilearnmusic.com founder, James Berry

 Jazz For Kids: 10 Exciting Lessons for use in your piano studio

      This 32-page guide will show you how to incorporate concepts of improvisation, chord
structure, blues scales, and jazz standards as part of your traditional methods.  This guide is
not meant to take the place of other traditional methods, but suppliment your lessons with
jazz.  Kids love jazz and it is important that teachers know how to teach it.  This guide will take
you through 10 lessons that start very easy and gradually get harder to challenge students to
listen and immerse themselves in a whole new world.  It allows them to explore the piano and
figure out the chord changes of the jazz standards we all know and love.  It is recommended
that teachers also purchase supplimental recordings and books listed in this guide if you don't
own them already.  Also included is a 15-track CD for you and your student to play along with.*

 A kids-only book will be available soon, but for now the teachers guide is more than enough to
get you and your student started on playing jazz. 

 Editions available for purchase:

    Jazz for Kids pdf instantly in full color ($9.99)
    Print out the mail-in order form

 For a free preview, check out lesson 1, available here as a pdf file for free!   Enjoy!

 * CD is only available with mail-in form
 ** No minimum purchase required


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